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kaitpalen 272w ago
Who needs a feather boa when you've got an IV?

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Yesterday I had one of my clients come in for her semi-annual haircut, to which I noticed a weird heaviness and sticky buildup on her usual light and bouncy hair. She admitted to using only Pantene shampoo and conditioner for the past few months so I knew that was the culprit. I explained to her how cheap drugstore products use cheap ingredients and fillers like silicone to create the illusion of temporarily smooth hair, with the cost of a gross buildup that causes way more harm than good...example: silicone melts when you apply heat which as a result also melts your hair. She let me scrape a section of her hair to show her how gross that stuff really is.
My babe did a cool thing in our house 😍
I'll just sleep at the feet