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  Posted: Jul 30, 2012 4:49 PM FEED
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Dreaming about being back on the beach yesterday 🌺🌞 Nearly home from Leanne's hen do. Need to catch up on some serious Zzz's 😴
#cocktails #beach #seaview #albufeira #HenParty #shattered #portugal #hometime
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 3:54 PM
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Birthday card from my work peeps... #accurate 😂
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 2:06 PM
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Mystery birthday flowers at the office!🌺🌹🏵 Genuinely haven't got a clue who these are from?! But thank you whoever you are!

EDIT - MYSTERY SOLVED!!! @rosieeade
and @lizzieburch you absolute little gems!!! The message was hidden in the flower care instructions so I didn't spot it at a first look!! Love you so much girls xxxx 💝 #birthday #bouquet #flowers #feelingthelove
Booommmm! Action shot from Tough Mudder! I was so much better at this obstacle this year - made it up and over, over the horizontal wheel to the vertical wheel right at the end before coming off, unlike last year where I was off at the 2nd rung of the ladder 😂
#funkymonkey #toughmudder #favourite #monkeybars #progress #toughmudderlondonsouth #ocr #stronggirls
• T E A M W O R K • Running the race with my team, helping each other all the way, keeping the energy high and the singing even higher. So proud of you guys!
#team #teamwork #beargryllssurvivalrace #beargrylls #ocr #motivated #friends
Another Tough Mudder completed 💪 What did I learn? That running uphill in sticky mud wearing trainers that you've long since worn down any grip from is about as effective as trying to complete the course wearing skis - 10 x harder!! 😫😫 #toughmudder #lessonlearned
Oh hey shoulders, nice to see you 👋 Few stills from playtime yesterday. Just need to grow some woman balls and go for the higher wall!
SWINGING SATURDAYS 💪 Helped out a group who couldn't figure out the best way to get across these wall pegs.
Don't get me wrong, some strength is required when it comes to this sort of functional movement, but TECHNIQUE is a good 50% of the work! Knowing HOW to move, where to place your weight, angles and positioning accounts for so much, and ultimately makes your life easier so that you can keep going for longer. For example - if I didnt use my legs to swing my weight here, it would be a damn lot harder! This isn't just on obstacle courses, but applies to climbing & bouldering, pole dancing & aerial, and even gym workouts.
#beargrylls #OCRtraining
Posted: Sep 15, 2017 10:36 PM
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When you have an illustrator in the room while you're presenting to the group... #casual #cartoon #caricature #pinkhair Loving my cartoon self @paulabressel Thank you!
Posted: Sep 9, 2017 12:48 PM
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Being silly yesterday with my favourite little mouse 💗🐭 Last night's giggles justify today's hangover 🙈
#besties #datenight #outout
Had the best time at Alice Underground for my mummy's birthday. The whole experience was amazing from start to finish, highly recommend seeing it before it ends in a few weeks! #aliceunderground