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Nothing like summer. ||| I AM SO EXCITED! Tonight I decided to do a 52 week project...starting this weekend. I'll post every Friday on Flickr and also on here. My brain is storming with some ideas so that's also exciting. ALSO! The shoot I want to have at the place 3 hours away from here is working out perfectly so far. I AM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY RIGHT NOW. Um...what else? I will be shooting tomorrow, as well as Tuesday and this weekend I will be gone. So yay! :) Going to sleep soon, g'night. Oh and I love you. Spending my night looking up inspirational people on Flickr. <3 ||| #cocacola #bottle #windowsill #vintage #lettherainfalloriginal |||

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I switched to @frozen_bones so if you still want to see my photography head on over to that active account 💕
Quick reminder: I moved to @frozen_bones so yeah go follow because this account will rarely be active
Before & After of that one space photo I did. Also in case you didn't know, I moved on over to @frozen_bones
Hey guys! Quick announcement. I've moved accounts. I used to be @frozen_bones but I changed my username and I'll probably be ten times more active on there. So if you wanna continue to follow my photography just go on and follow me there! Thanks :)
Untitled ||| Only posting because I dyed my hair and it looks epic ✌️
A Breath of Infinity. |~ yes another photo like this. I've officially made it into a series based on this whole entire idea on how insignificant we are in the universe yet how everything we do is important to a certain extent. ||| also I've been sick for the last three days and it sucks because I'm coughing 24/7 now. So much fun.
I See You in the Stars ||| continuation of the star series I'm doing which is a lot of fun considering it takes a lot of my skills to completely black out the background and add the stars and pick the contrast and etc. it takes me at least 3 hours per edit. So yeah. Bit on how I do that. ||| #girl #selfportrait #portrait #teenager #teenagegirl #instagood #2instagood #2instagoodportraitlove #photographyislifee #bleachmyfilm |||
It's taken me weeks to memorize this stupid section of this song (mostly just remembering the base notes really but still) #americanpie #screwthissong #takestoolongtememorize
Blurred. || This isn't originally black and white but I decided to take away the colour for today. Also I'm so exhausted. Staying up till 3 is not a go when you have to wake up at 10. 👍 ||| #girl #selfportrait #portrait #teenager #teenagegirl #instagood #2instagood #minipoppage #2instagoodportraitlove #slowshutter #blackandwhite |||
After the Dark ||| I wanted to catch the great lighting yesterday so I did this. Just kidding I wanted to be Bucky Barnes.
I wish I could tell you that the world was beautiful, sculpted specially for your feet to walk upon its grass and your eyes to scan its mountains, for your skin to feel its breath and for it to take your breath away. I wish I could tell you that every moment that flashes before your eyes is going to be a joyous one, coloured through the eyes of an over-excited six year old. I wish I could continue to tell you a lie that has bled into our society, this false pretense of how the world is crafted so wonderfully and beautifully that it would dare not harm you. But rose have thorns. People lie. Storms overwhelm. Death is imminent. And nightmares haunt the living. So I cannot pass down this lie like a family heirloom. I am sorry. (Some writing for you all...)
Mother Nature. || I've been listening to the Arctic Monkeys and the 1975 for the past three days. I'm gonna become a rebel. ||| #girl #selfportrait #portrait #instagood #2instagood #2instagoodportraitlove #teenager #teenagegirl #flowers #summer ||
I Am Made of Stars. || This took around 4 hours to create. Took too long but the before/after is insane. I'll probably post it later today. And I'm also really proud of this photo because it's something different and yeah I enjoy it. (It's also a continuation of "Cosmic" that I posted like two or three days ago. But yeah, this took forever so I hope you all like. (also I had to put a filter on this due to not being able to see the blue in the black which is how it looks on an actual computer screen.)
Know my weakness, know my voice. ||| Currently taking photos and failing 👍
And the ghosts that we knew will flicker from view and we'll live a long sunny life. || Different perspective shot. It was fun I guess. I'm thinking of making a new account this week so I'll be unfollowing some people and such. ||| #girl #selfportrait #portrait #teenager #teenagegirl #reflection #instagood #2instagood |||
Cosmic. ||| One of my favourite photos that I've ever taken in my life. Thank you to my twin who helped me pick out the universe overlay. ||| #selfportrait #portrait #teenager #teenagegirl #girl #instagood #2instagood #2instagoodselfportraitlove #photographysouls #cooloceann #cosmic #universe |||
Untitled. | I rarely take photos with my glasses on. They're so difficult to work with due to reflections and such. Plus they can either make or break a photo. | #girl #selfportrait #portrait #teenager #teenagegirl #instagood #2instagood |||
Innocent. || Don't know if this a repost or not. Also, water vapor people for those who are concerned about my well-being. 😉 ||| #girl #selfportrait #portrait #smoke #teenager #teenagegirl #instagood #2instagood |||