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Thank you Lord for @jasonisbell (& the 400 Unit). And @alison.bock. And the Ryman ❤️
Woke Lillers up from a nap to wish her a happy National Dog Day!
Celebrated one year in Nashville with an eclipse!
@clairecbowman I didn't know until right now that all day today was apparently the made up holiday of National Sister Day! Here's a lovely, candid shot of us in a very natural setting where we both look incredibly excited about Christmas. So glad we've made it through the 90s & beyond--I'm always grateful that you're mine! ❤️❤️❤️
Happy (40th!) Birthday to one of the best humans any of us are privileged to know, @beeschristy! I am so grateful for 20 years of your friendship, spiritual leadership, wisdom, & love. Here's to 20+ more years of Nashville days & nights, freezing on the mountain, praying together, laughing til we can't breathe, and all the adventures in between. It is a blessing to walk through life with you, and I am excited to celebrate you today (& every day)! Love you always, my friend!! ❤️❤️❤️
Dailey & Vincent at Bluegrass Nights @theryman with the Sarratts! Sooooo goooooddddd
And in the blink of an eye, Ben B. turned 7. This is one of my favorite faces--where you can't tell if he's about to roll his eyes or make a run for it. At age 7, Ben is ready for any adventure while also following all rules. He is an outgoing extrovert who sees someone he knows everywhere he goes and is quick with a hug or a high five. He cries when he's sad and laughs until he cries when he's happy (which is pretty much always). He asks all the questions. He goes straight for the armpits. He must be fully dressed before company comes over. He's never met a gummy worm he didn't like. His smile is the sweetest, but he can shoot lasers of death out of his eyes. Love this kid more than I could ever say, but I like to tell him every day anyway.
@melissafalanga is married! Been doing life with this girl since happy to celebrate yet another milestone! Love you, sisterfriend--you deserve all the love and happiness in the 🌎!
Got to snuggle this little nugget today! Oh Henry, I want to jump into the pools that are your eyeballs. 😍 Your parents are ok too, I guess.
10 months ago, this person took a chance (at the recommendation of @eadugger) and hired me over the phone. Kara, her family, and @fixjuiceco have changed my life (and so many others) for the better. She gave me a really, really strong start to life in Nashville, and I couldn't be more grateful for all I've learned from her, for all the wonderful folks I've met, and for discovering an even greater joy for serving others. Sad to be leaving the Fix Fam, but excited for new adventures in Nashville! I don't know how this sneaky photo ended up on my phone, but I love it and this lady. Not sorry that this was unusually long and sentimental 🤓
Lily's favorite thing to snuggle with is Nana's one-eared sock monkey. 🤗
Lily's being extra patient while I fill my new phone with depth effect photos of her 🤗