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  Posted: Jul 30, 2012 2:24 AM FEED
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Since 1967, NYC Parks has been bringing small and large scale works to the public spaces of the city. The temporary Central Park Gates, the LOVE sculpture from Robert Indiana, and that ugly-beautiful hunk of metal the Alamo over in Astor Place—they're all part of the Art in the Parks program, which is celebrating 50 years this month. Swipe through for a look at some of the pieces that have been showcased over the decades. More on; link in profile. (📷courtesy of @nycparks) #ArtintheParks
45 stories above Herald Square (📸: @navidbaraty)
This is the view from inside the giant Tiffany clock at Grand Central Terminal. The clock is not easy to get to—even the access point is in an off limits area, and once you get through that door, you'll need to climb up a series of old, thin, metal ladders. These lead to a wooden room that most closely resembles an attic. It almost seems as though it's gone untouched since the clock was installed in 1914, with gears, layers of dust and old oil cans the only other presence. Swipe for more. More on; link in profile. (📷: @the_sai_life)
Springsteen on Broadway officially opened last week 🙌🏻🎸The intimate show finds the musician, 68, reflecting back on life so far—it's humorous, melancholy, and even therapeutic, for all involved
"One thing that I miss about getting old," @Springsteen says, "I miss the beauty of that blank page and of its endless possibilities. That blank page just laying there, daring you to write on it"
More on; link in profile. (📷: Rob DeMartin)
One of the 10 best sticky buns in NYC is from @wmgreenbergdesserts, which has been serving up sweets since 1948 😋More of our favorites at the link in our profile. (📷: @scoboco)
This weekend, the massive, curated vintage clothing show @ACurrentAffair has set up shop in Brooklyn, and it's a wonderland of bohemian frocks, vintage tees, brightly patterned blouses, and other treasures. Swipe for a preview. Much more on (📷: @the_sai_life)
On Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan, etched into the exterior stonework of the landmarked Cathedral of St. John the Divine, you'll find a scene that depicts the End of Days. The backdrop to this apocalypse is NYC, and features the Twin Towers toppling, the Brooklyn Bridge breaking in half, the Statue of Liberty sinking, and a series giant waves and mushroom clouds from a nuclear explosion. It's been there since the 1980s. More on; link in profile. (📷: @scoboco)
It's been about forty years since the MTA used Italian designer Massimo Vignelli's modernist transit map, but people are still debating its merits and disagreeing on the design today. If you want to get a good look at what all the fuss is about, then you should consider stopping by the 57th Street subway station, where a vintage Vignelli map has been uncovered. It's been there since the early 1970s. More on; link in profile. (📷: @scottheins)
The slice from Loverboy—one Avenue C and E 8th—didn't necessarily look promising, with all that shredded lettuce hiding the good stuff underneath, but this Big Mac homage (burger meat, cheddar, pickles, special sauce, sesame seeds, tomatoes) is superb, and so laden you really have to eat it with — just hear us out — a knife and fork🍴🍕More on; link in profile. (📷: @scoboco)
🕷More photos from New York Comic Con on; link in profile. (📷: @scoboco) #NYCC #NYCC2017
Next week the city-wide installation from Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei—titled "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors"—will be unveiled, with 300+ works appearing across all five boroughs. The Washington Square Park piece (pictured here this week during installation) has been protested by NIMBYs for months
In August, Washington Square Association President Trevor Sumner told Gothamist, "It's a political statement with many different sides to it [and] the parks themselves are for people to get away, to seek some escape from the city and there's going to be a giant political thing in their face the whole time"
The artist @aiww says, "This area was one of New York's most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods—a home to immigrants of all backgrounds. The triumphal arch has been a symbol of victory after war since antiquity"
The non-profit @PublicArtFund, which commissioned the multi-site, multi-media exhibition, will officially unveil it on October 12th, at which time you'll find other pieces in Central Park, the Unisphere in Queens, and a number of Manhattan newsstand kiosks. The works will remain on view through February 11th. More on; link in profile. (📷: @scoboco)
Comic Con is ON! Swipe for more photos. (📷: @scottheins)
🍂fall on Governors Island🍁 (📷: @carlsonjen)
Posted: Oct 3, 2017 2:58 PM
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The best summation of Petty's indelible, unpretentious, magnificent spirit: for the better part of my life, I could find a copy of Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Greatest Hits in the CD player of every car I was ever in (regardless of whether it was my car). It is the single greatest rock 'n roll compilation of all time, the platonic ideal for a greatest hits album... it was both comforting in its familiarity and understated in its genius. Much like the man himself
Tom Petty died Monday night at the age of 66; more from our tribute at the link in our profile. #RIPTomPetty (📝: @yenbakas 📷: @gettyimages)
After 78 years of carrying traffic between Brooklyn and Queens, the old Kosciuszko Bridge has been blown to bits. At 8 a.m. on Sunday morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo pressed a button that set off a series of 900 charges attached to key joints in the trestle — a process known as "energetic felling." Before a crowd of some 100 infrastructure enthusiasts and New York leaders, the decaying bridge crumbled in a matter of minutes. Swipe for more photos. Story and video on; link in profile. (📷: @dee_bx)
This is the Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese Sandwich ($12) @HumboldtAndJackson in East Williamsburg, a new dish to put in your brunch rotation. 11 more on; link in profile. (📷: @scottheins)
The Silversmith at 184 3/4 West 4th Street is one of the tiniest storefronts in NYC. The small shop is owned by Ruth Kuzub, who has been operating out of the space since the 1960s. She sells her own handmade jewelry, as well as jewelry she buys from all over the world—"I just buy or make what I like," she told us. More on; link in profile. (📷: @the_sai_life)
Construction on the Chrysler Building started 89 years ago this month✨It was the tallest building in the world for less than a year, surpassed by the Empire State Building in 1931. (📷: @todseelie)
Recently two friends and business partners, Amanda Dolan and Meagan Colby, brought their 1990s-themed online shop, @SparkPretty, to the streets. East 9th Street in the East Village, specifically
Their love of the '90s, pop culture, nostalgia, and their fashion heroes Kelly Bundy and Betsey Johnson will envelop you when you enter the shop, which features a colorful explosion of authentic vintage items from the era, as well as homages in the form of hand-painted denim jackets
Swipe for more photos. Story on; link in profile. (📷: @the_sai_life)