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  Posted: Jul 29, 2012 4:35 PM FEED
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Posted: Oct 23, 2017 8:21 AM
0 Valencia
Cannot believe that this beautiful baby boy of ours is 1month old already! He’s been through a lot already bless him and managed to fight through it and get stronger everyday (and heavier!) He’s taught me a lot about myself already, I thought I knew what love was but now I definitely know and there’s nothing like it. He’s also managed to teach Ben how to have patience and how to change nappies!😱 as well as make him realise how hard my job actually is and that it’s not just a case of playing all day, so for that Arthur I’m really grateful. 😊❤️
Arthur telling us stories after waking up from his sleep. 💙
He’s got his pout down to a T. 😘😘😘
Posted: Sep 18, 2017 2:57 PM
2 Nashville
Hopefully the last day I have to bounce on this ball! 👶🏼👶🏼💙💙
Posted: Jun 25, 2017 4:49 PM
3 Normal
Cannot wait to meet this little man in 11(ish) weeks he means the world already 💙💙😘
Posted: Jun 15, 2017 7:48 PM
4 Ludwig
Bubble bath and Frozen strawberry Lemonade 👌❤️
Posted: May 24, 2017 6:43 PM
2 Normal
Too hot!! And it's only going to get worse 😂👍
Really Looking forward to meeting our Baby Boy this September 💙💙
And our life is pretty darn Happy ❤️❤️
Happy Birthday to my amazing Boyfriend @swedewilson have the best day love you so so much 😘😘😘❤️❤️🎉🎉