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Nothing #Swisher #Sweet About This..

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Happy Birthday To My Wife 😍 I Love You & Thank God For Everything You Do For Us, Almost A Year Of Marriage & I Couldn't Be Any Happier ❤
Today marks the 40th Year Anniversary of my parents being married. They gave us everything we could ever need in our life, but most importantly they raised us by the Word of God. I'm beyond thankful for their example of commitment throughout these decades. Today is also the exact day 20 years ago that we came to America. It's been a blessing living here all these years, and I'm thankful for all the friends we have met and memories made. One Love!
LOL Can't Believe Ya Have Time For This, Embarrassing.
If I Could Gift Wrap The Globe 🌎, I'd Give You The World ❤️ #MrsGidenko
If You Got A Chance, Man Roll Your Dice. What A Day, Man What A Life. Worked Real Hard But We Did Right, Never Forget The Day She Became My Wife ❤️ ™
The City That Raised Me, The Capital Of The Golden State. West Coast, West Side, West Sac. Ain't Nothin But Love To Everyone I Know From Here. To The Ones That Wanna Get Away, Now You Can, Here's A Link At The Bottom To Southwest, Ain't Nobody Got Time To Listen To You Complain. To The Rest, Let It Be Known Where You From!

#WestCoast #WestSide #WestSac #Sacramento #California #916
Sometimes I Just Sit & Just Smile, Knowing That God Got Me, Ain't No Reason To Be Stressing Over Blessings ☝️
If You Have Your Mom, You Better Treat Her Right.
Call Her Up, Say "Whats Up" Before You Sleep Tonight.
Tell Her You Love Her And Thank Her For What She Did.
You May Be Grown Now But Remember Being A Kid.
All The Times She Fed You, You Were Her Baby.
So Find Out How She Doing Lately ❤
Life Could Change In A Second, So Be Thankful For Every Blessing 🌁🗻
Christmas 🎄In Phoenix 🌵 This Year 🦌 | Merry Christmas From Us To You & Yours, One Love!
Me & Mrs. Gidenko | Her First Time Flying In Her Life Was To Our Honeymoon In Hawaii, Blessed Beyond Words ❤️ | #tmadventure
Happy Birthday To My BestFriend, God's Blessed Me Beyond Measure By Having Her By My Side. The Main Thing Is To Live Life A Day At A Time, Keep Each Other Happy, Its Not About Showing Others You've Been Through Thick & Thin Together. I'm Blessed To Be At Where I Am Today, Literally Two Months Away From Getting Married To You Tanya & I Wouldn't Change A Single Thing, I Love You ❤️
If I Was Hit & I Was Hurt, Would You Be By My Side?
If It Was Time To Put In Work , Would You Be Down To Ride?
™ ❤️
Started Off With A Walk In The Park, Now Take A Look At How Far We Got ❤️ ™ | #SheSaidYup #EverybodyGotChoices #SheAintSingleBruh #Blessed #RealBestFriend
What Chu Know About Russia, What Chu Know About Us? It's Cold Out Here, Always Minus Never Plus - @therealguf 💯 | #Гуф #ГуфSF #SFOut #CityNights | 🇷🇺 #WhiteBlueRed