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Maddie and Alfie enjoying baby Piper

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💛I'm looking to spOIL 5 people with 5 doTERRA oils over 5 days💛
🌱 If you are yet to experience these wonderful oils then now is your chance. I will post your samples to you, invite you to a private facebook event page where you will have access to daily videos educating you on each oil
🌱 The event will be live on 30th October. DM me your postal address if you would like to take part.
Open to Australian residents only.
Not for existing doTERRA members
Herbie is well aware that the girls are back on the lay! He loves an🥚#herbiefritz #hungarianvizsla
Nothing beats peppermint and wild orange when you need to put a bit of a zing in your step! #doterrahobart #essentialoils #doterra
Big thanks to the lovely @dap4444 for this baby wipe recipe - it is so quick and super effective! Recipe on the blog #doterra #essentialoilrecipes #doterrahobart
"The body achieves what the mind believes" - doTERRA yoga trio 💗 have some exciting oily plans coming to you next week. Watch this space and be ready to spoil yourself!
Homecoming : so lovely to be back home even though @jason_dixon2 and I are like the walking dead. We completely wiped from our memories the days of newborns and their knack for being unsettled for hours at a time, in the middle of the night when you need toothpicks to keep your eyes open and have turned into a swaying, rocking, shushing robot all the while interchangeably thinking to yourself "this stage whizzes by so quickly", "isn't he lovely even when squealing" and "go the fark to sleep". Just in case you thought it was all essential oils, sunshine and moonbeams 😘
Our surprise bundle has arrived. Angus Roy Dixon. 3.4kgs of pure delicious ❤
2 sleeps to go! Hospital bag essentials on the blog - link in profile xx
It is a GLORIOUS morning here! All blue sky and sunshine 💛 I've got 2 drops of Ylang Ylang, 2 drops of Litsea and 2 drops of Citrus Bliss in the diffuser - so fresh 💛
Molten Choc Brownie via "Neighbourhood" @arthurstreetkitchen 👌 infused with #doterra Wild Orange oil. Tastes like a giant Jaffa 😋
These beauties are currently winging their way to my letterbox - so excited to try the recently launched Yoga Essential Oils Collection co-created by @doterra and @elenabrower This collection contains... 💫Arise - the Enlightening blend - to uplift you and help you rise up.
💫 Anchor - the Steadying blend - to restore balance and stillness.
💫Align - the Centering blend - to create a sense of peace and purpose. 💛 These are currently available from the US Warehouse which you can order via your back office. 💛 Reach out if you would like to experience these power of these oils for yourself
Seedling success 🌱 heirloom zucchini's and Queensland blue 🎃 on the UP. I keep these guys inside until they have sprouted then I bring them out during the day and back in at night as it's still a little fresh here. I'll probably do this for another week or two then move them onto the deck for a week, then I'll plant them out at the end of October #gardening