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saruh14 272w ago
Day 28: #editme #julyhashtagaday It's been one of those days. 

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saruh14 11w ago
Saw John Mayer last night for the third time but this time with the John Mayer Trio!! Guitar is a pretty big part of our life and Eli's been heavily influenced by John Mayer and especially the Trio so it was so cool to see them live! Such an inspiring night!!! Thanks for taking me love 💘
saruh14 12w ago
I am so thankful for sweet friends!! We had so much fun at the zoo on Sunday even though it was so hot! 😅
saruh14 20w ago
Had such a fun time seeing the new Pirates movie with my Disney gal pal and our guys this afternoon!! I'm so thankful for friends who share my Disney obsession! 💖💖💖
saruh14 24w ago
Happy Saturday everyone!!! I am so excited that the weather is finally nice enough to go on a walk to the park! I hope you all are enjoying the weekend too 💖
saruh14 30w ago
I am still so in awe of Beauty and the Beast!! Seeing it last night with great friends made it so much better! I already am dying to see it again! Practically cried through the whole movie! It was so beautiful and seeing it come to life was simply magical!
saruh14 31w ago
So proud of this guy @eliray173 He's played guitar for the last 3 days at our church conference. He's worked so hard and the whole time with a smile on his face. I am always so inspired by his passion and dedication. Tonight he gets a little break and then back at it tomorrow. It's been a little busy but I know there's no where else he'd rather be! I'm thankful for the little moments in between that we get to share together. I love babe. Yero my hero 😘
saruh14 32w ago
Date night with my main man. And @eliray173 😅😂
saruh14 34w ago
Well I forgot to get a photo of @eliray173 and I while we were out on our Valentine's date last night and I also didn't post any "happy 11 year dating/9 years engaged anniversary" post... But here's what he got me. He sure knows the way to my heart! 😍 I love you, my darling. Always. Yero my hero 😘😘😘
saruh14 37w ago
Just a few of my favorite things! I've been living in this sweatshirt from @ohyeahapparel 💖 #disneyforlife
saruh14 43w ago
Hot cocoa kind of morning 🎄
saruh14 43w ago
Santa telling the Night Before Christmas at the Theatre of Lights in Old Sac. There were lights, a big tree, snow! It wasn't Disneyland but probably the closest thing I'll get this year. Perfect for mine and Eli's birthday date! 😍🎄 Happy Birthday love! @eliray173 thanks for loving Christmas as much as I do! I am so happy that we get to celebrate each other as we celebrate the season! Eli Schweyer, I'll love you til the day I die 😍
saruh14 43w ago
11 years of family Christmas parties with this guy! What a fun day! @eliray173 I hope you enjoyed your birthday! Merry Christmas darling, may all your New Years dreams come true 😘🎄
saruh14 46w ago
Switchfoot in San Francisco last night! It was such an incredible show and an unforgettable experience! It's hard to believe that I saw them for free about 15 years ago in a little church and to see how far they've come! I love seeing how they are using their passions and talents to bring life and hope to the world! 💖#switchfoot #lookingforamerica
saruh14 50w ago
Heading to the pumpkin patch on this blustery morning!! Loving having this guy home on the weekends! 😍🍁🍃🍂🎃 #eliandsarahsdayoffun #pumpkinpatch
saruh14 50w ago
It was so great seeing @eisley this evening! It had been too long! I loved every minute of it! Thanks @sdupreebemis for gracing our presence with your voice and all the songs we love so much🦄✨💖