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  Posted: Jul 28, 2012 10:49 PM FEED
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“To look is important. We look to immediate things and out of immediate necessities to the future, coloured by the past. Our seeing is very limited and our eyes are accustomed to near things.” -Jiddu Krishnamurti
Posted: Oct 16, 2017 1:49 AM
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MARCH 4, 2010

Over 7 years and I still mourn the baby that didn’t make it earthside.

I bled my heart out, down my thighs, down my shower drain, begging my body to stop.
Even now, with two beautiful children, tucked away safe and sweet in their beds...I miss the one that wasn't. My arms ache for it. My heart aches for it. "It wasn't meant to be."
"You'll have another one."
"At least it was early."
“There’s always next time.”
“You’re young.”
...and all I needed to hear was “I’m so sorry for your loss.” Today, we remember the ones we carried and couldn’t keep.
#ihadamiscarriage #infantandpregnancylossremembranceday
The last of the summer sun, free birthday pizza, bubbles, and these two sweet, smart, loving kids made today almost perfect. We just needed Ethan. 💚💜💛💙
Four years ago (yesterday, oops!), we brought this wild pup into our lives and home. He became a snuggle buddy, a playmate, a daily pain in the ass, and our best friend. I can’t believe it’s been four years. He still feels like a puppy to me. Probably because he still acts like one. 🙄😜 we love you Vini, and I’d be lying if I said we rescued you, because in so many ways you rescued us. Happy Gotcha Day, bubba. #vinithepup
We went to Block Island a few weeks ago, and while it's perfect for landscapes and great, big scenes...I'm always drawn to the details, colors, and textures of the island. #blockisland
Ketty | Sept. 26, 2017

Have you ever met someone that you instantly connected with and suddenly after an hour of talking and laughing, you feel like you MUST have been friends for at least 10 years? I can't even put it into words how incredible it was to meet Ketty yesterday. I feel like we were besties in a previous life because instead of it feeling like we just MET yesterday, it felt like we were just playing catch up. We talked, laughed, cried, shared, shot, danced and laughed some more, and then four hours went by too fast and I was wishing for 20 more.
Ketty, yesterday was like church. 😉🤣 I'm SO glad that @instagram gave me yet another incredible friend. I'd say go check out her feed and say hello, but I don't really want to share. 😂😂😂 jk jk...kinda.
Missing these sweet faces this morning. The amount of resilience in them is astounding. They're living in tents, they lost their possessions, toys, clothes, shoes, pets...and yet they still laughed, played, smiled, and told me how excited they were to go back to school. They didn't expect anything, and just enjoyed having their pictures taken, seeing me act like a dinosaur, and showing us around the neighborhood.
Brandi, Luis, Michael, Sandra, Maria, Bryana, Ana.
"Don't forget us." they said. How could I? #hurricaneharvey #JJ_StorySquad
"We never got a evacuation." -Mercedes, whose daughter has asthma and can't live in their house with them right now, so is staying in a tiny apartment with no air conditioning. #hurricaneharvey
Katy, TX | September 10, 2017

I don't really have the words for a caption right now. #hurricaneharvey
10 months!

#elijahpsg loves everything. Seriously, the kid is happy if you hand him an apple, a piece of paper, a shoe, a toy, or anything. He is such a little explorer and his 10th month brought one of his best adventures, a trip to Block Island where he got to play in the grass and sand and eat blueberries off the ground and get dirty! His favorite game is "chase" where someone stomps after him and says "where are you going!!" He laughs until he can't crawl anymore. He's starting to stand on his own, for a few seconds at a time and can say three consonants now, "ma" "ba" and "da". His favorite food is still blueberries but toast comes in a close second. We just adore his screechy little wildling.
I can't wait to call this city home. #boston
Eli got his first taste of the ocean, Block Island, sand and seaweed (literally) today. #elijahpsg
Forget Ann Coulter, Matt Walsh, Trump and Joel Osteen. They're insignificant, meaningless worms in the face of the heroes helping, holding, and carrying each other through this disaster. Look for the good, ignore the idiots. I dunno. Not very poetic but since my original caption was going to be "fuck those assholes", this seems better.

These waves are on a beach in Galveston about a month ago. It floors me that those waves I played it ended lives and destroyed homes and livelihoods. Im not sure how to deal with it....but I'm going to help. How are you assisting? #hurricaneharvey
We're Moving!

Ethan has called Boston his home his entire life and now it's our turn! By the end of the year our whole family will be official Beantown residents! Until then, Ethan has accepted an incredible position at @mullenloweus and is living there without us, for the next three months. Send me all the best vibes as I attempt to wrangle our kiddos and pack our house and stay sane without him! Also, Dallas fam, please come hang out with me. I'll provide copious amounts of wine.

Ethan's shot, my edit. We're reviving the elusive collab while he's away the next few months. 😜
9 months | 29" | 22lbs9oz

Eli screams. All. The. Time. About everything. Happy? Scream. Sad? Scream. Mad? Scream. He has one volume except when he's singing ooo's and ahh's with mama. He loves Vini more than any of us, anything with wheels, anything he can climb, swimming and blueberries. He eats more berries and fruit than any human ever, but especially blueberries. He is funny, happy, clever, and adventurous. Absolutely nothing can stop him. He has four teeth, but the top two are just barely poked through. This 9 months, and we just love our screamin' guy.
#elibythemonth #elijahpsg