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Looking through Ben's phone at photos of me filling my face with my ladies... 🍦🍏
Participating in a month-long drawing challenge over at my art account @shecanliftahorse if ya wanna follow along! It's called #mabsdrawlloweenclub and there's a Halloweeny prompt for each day. Today I shared a Tarot-inspired alien. Tomorrow's prompt is ghoul and it might be my favorite yet... πŸ‘»
Checking out the Hilton Head sea shell collection this morning
Window decals are Zuzu's raison d'etre. Thank you for these, @mal_eficent ! Taking them off and on has been her favorite thing to do lately πŸ‚ #porchlife
My sage plant has been very generous, so I've started making smudge sticks with stuff from our backyard. Just picking the sage leaves is nice; I love the scent of it on my hands. The little bundle on the left is my first go at it from a month or so back, and it has a core of lavender de Provence. Second bundle is sage and white roses. Both smell amazing.
Starting this tonight because I had a cappuccino at 6PM like a wild woman and sleep is impossible. I've only read one other Karl Ove book (My Struggle Part I), but @wormsleycommon talks about him so much I feel like I've read them all. I kind of think of him, warmly, as the idiot brother I never had because I feel like I actually know him, and his transparency sometimes makes me cover my face in agonized laughter. Everyone who reads his work must feel that way though. That's the thing, isn't it? He shares things only people you've shared a lifetime with should know about you. Somehow beautifully and painfully and humiliatingly and joyfully but without sentiment or judgment at the same time. It's masterful. Anyway, this one is a letter to his daughter, describing the world to her, and the section on baby teeth just made me vow to myself that I will keep all of Zuzu's baby teeth forever.
I think we all wish we could just take Busia with us everywhere. Grandmas and aunties and Ashleys are truly the key to this baby's happiness (and my own!). ...and the caramel budino didn't hurt either. 😍
I got a second Tarot deck - the Nicoletta Ceccoli (I remember first finding her work as the cover art for Horns & Wrinkles while working at Books of Wonder - totally read that based solely on the cover) and it's so different, but I'm loving it. In general, finding Tarot calming, affirming, and generally therapeutic. I don't think they cards are anymore ✨magical✨ than common coincidence... but then I do find coincidences pretty damn magical πŸ€”. Anyway, it's wonderful self-reflection, and doing it with others is becoming such a lovely springboard for meaningful conversations we might not otherwise have. In short, I love it. I'll be sharing some of my daily card draws in my Stories feed, if you're interested 😘. I pulled these two a couple days ago, on a foggy, golden day, and they felt pretty perfect.
Reading everything today, including novels.
Today's bday card. For one day, I was an idolized glutton and it was indeed glorious πŸ˜‰
Lots of love from the moment I woke up, and lots of cake too. My heart and muh belly are both very full ❀️