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  Posted: Jul 28, 2012 9:52 PM FEED
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Love me some cold beer, sunshine and the boyfriend

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Michael & I have been blessed with the happiest, easy baby ever! The love we have for you Walker Keen is more than you will ever know!
10 months old • 2 bottom teeth & 2 top teeth coming in • does not like textured food but will eat almost anything I puree for him • plays with Stoney • everything sounds like Dada • pushing his walking toy like a champ! #walkerkeengriffith
Walk to End Alzheimer’s for the 3rd year in a row! Thank you to everyone who donated this help find a cure for thus awful disease! #walktoendalzheimers #teambebe
Some might know my mom Tina Keen. Some might say she's bossy, talks wayyyyy too fast, half the time you have to translate her half worded texts but she is the hardest working woman I know! They didn't evacuate this past week but helped every person they could unload freezers, board up houses, get grandparents out of town! They lost electricity, got it back, wired generators to the house to run all the freezers, helped Buddy's Seafood unload their freezers & then go to check on @pocoplayarestaurant & find their walk-ins blowing hot air and throw everything out that was bad. Regardless of how this week went she never stopped! She & Darryl the owner of @pocoplayarestaurant decided they wanted to help the neighboring county of Wharton and feed people that were tired, hungry, scared & without their home! They could of just sat on the couch and rested but now for the 2nd day in a row they are heading back out to feed those people! You never see her stop walking at the restaurant and if she does it's to pick up a dirty plate or ask how your food & service has been. If you see her tell her thank you! I wish I could be in town to help!
Swinging in the sunshine with my little man! We are grateful that we did not sustain any damage but praying for those that did and those that are still evacuating. #walkerkeengriffith
Since we've been stir crazy in this house for 4 days mom let me stay in my pj's! #walkerkeengriffith
Praying ❤️💙 houses & belongings can be replaced but your life cannot! Get out while you can! #blackcatfightneverdies
I never knew how much I loved this man until I saw how much he loved our son! Happy birthday babe, here's to 31! Walker, Stoney & I love you very much!