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Posted: Oct 8, 2017 6:02 AM
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Came home from acting class to find this giant bouquet in our living room.✨😍 @runebennicke (He said they're for my birthday-We couldn't get them earlier, as we were in Iceland for the occasion) A million thanks my love. You are the most wonderful of people.💋☺️✨ #roses #birthdaygirl #surprise #thankyou #grateful #iloveyou
The church is also used as an observation tower, with views of Reykjavík and the surrounding mountains...😍 Rune and I have truly enjoyed every moment of our time here in Iceland. Coming here has been a dream come true and so much more. We've learned so much of this fascinating country, and already wish to return. Goodbye for now Iceland. We will be back!✨💋🇮🇸@runebennicke
#iceland #reykjavík #halgrimskirkja
Hallgrímskirkja...situated in the center of the city, and took 41 years to build! (Construction started in 1945 and ended in 1986) It is one or Reykavíks best known landmarks...✨🇮🇸 @runebennicke
#iceland #reykjavík #hallgrimskirkja
When the Vikings landed in Iceland, among their horses, they brought with them sheep, which today have evolved in Icelands sub-Arctic climates, completely isolated from other sheep breeds for centuries. The yarn produced from Icelandic yarn has two fibers: "þel"- which is warm and insulating and the "tog" -which is long and water repellent! You'll find many Icelanders wearing sweaters without jackets for this reason.😃 (We stopped by The Handknitting Association of Iceland and got me a sweater🇮🇸😄👍) @runebennicke
#iceland #reykjavík #knitting #icelandicwool #icelandicknitting #handknittingassociationoficeland
Wool has long been a major Icelandic export for a long time, and the tradition of knitting is deeply rooted in Icelandic history. Between the 14th and 19th centuries, the island experienced difficult times: Economic isolation, volcanic eruptions, Danish rule, earthquakes...Families would gather and knit together, sometimes in complete darkness, because of limited daylight hours in the winter and dim oil lamps. Everywhere in Iceland, it won't take you long to find some form of knitting...Be it the traditional Icelandic sweater, to knitted murals on coffee shop walls, and even the occasional lamp post in the streets!😄🇮🇸 #iceland #reykjavík #knitting #icelandicwool #icelandicknitting
Even the cats in Iceland are friendly.😄 Another compelling fact we've learned here...there are no mosquitoes in Iceland or the Faroe Islands!...Icelandic Entomologists have found no definite reasons yet, as to why mosquitos have not settled here...😱🇮🇸 @runebennicke
#iceland #reykjavík
Exploring alleys in Reykajvík with this lovely man, is proving to be quite cozy.☺️🇮🇸 We'd noticed many other cities in Iceland with the name Vík as well, and had asked someone about their meanings. Vík, as we'd found out means "bay" (and there are plenty of those in Iceland, so there are several cities with the name "Vík attached) and "Reykja" (plural of reykr) means smokes...When the Vikings arrived, and found an island full of rising smoke (which we now know as steam from volcanic activity) they named the city, based on what they saw. Reykjavík quite literally means, "Bay of Smokes" or "Smoking Bay"😍🇮🇸 @runebennicke
#iceland #reykjavík #bayofsmokes
Took a walk off the beaten path, as I'd wanted to get some photos with my Leica as well...Rune says this part of Reykjavík, reminded him so much of Denmark in the 70's when he was growing up...✨😍🇮🇸 @runebennicke
#iceland #reykjavík
Morning stroll around Reykjavík in a light rain☔️☺️...these colorful houses (as with several other things about Iceland) reminded us so much of Denmark!🇮🇸🇩🇰 Prior to taking this trip, we had learned that Iceland had actually been part of The Kingdom of Denmark, from 1814 to 1918, then a personal union with Denmark until they declared their independence in 1944...Icelanders learn Danish for twelve years here! (Although as we'd found out, most never use it😉) @runebennicke
#iceland #reykjavík
Our private Lava Cave Tour with Basecamp Iceland was truly one of the best tours we've ever taken, especially in this endlessly fascinating country. Should you visit Iceland, we highly recommend you try this as well!✨🇮🇸
#iceland #grindavík #lavatube #lavatubecave #volcano #dormantvolcano #bcilavacave #basecampiceland #Leiðarendi
...Another fascinating thing we learned from our tour guide...blueberries can grow on moss...😱🙈🤔#mindblown (we ate these blueberries✨🇮🇸😉👍) @runebennicke
#iceland #lavatube #lavatubecave #basecampiceland #Leiðarendi #moss #blueberries