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My new color. While I like it, I already miss the purple.

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User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Nov 19, 2017 7:03 PM (UTC)
6 Aden
Reading FURIOUSLY HAPPY by Jenny Lawson (@thebloggess) has changed me so much that I’ve rethought the whole concept for my blog. Check it out. The link is in my profile.
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Nov 13, 2017 2:09 AM (UTC)
0 Rise
One of my favorite things about reading is having one of my reading buddies with me. #catsofinstagram
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Nov 12, 2017 6:48 PM (UTC)
7 Amaro
My husband and I hit a deer this weekend traveling back from a funeral. Our car isn’t too badly damaged as you can tell. We had my nephew in the car and we’re all okay. I can’t say the same for the deer, though, which I’m very sad about. It just came out of nowhere. Corey slammed on the breaks and by the time we hit it, we were only going about 25 mph. We’re very lucky. The deer ran off afterward. I hope it’s not in pain somewhere. 🦌😢😭
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Nov 9, 2017 4:09 PM (UTC)
11 Clarendon
Now that I have more energy, I’m feeling the need to “workout.” I’ve decided to take it slow, though, because I still have fibromyalgia and I don’t want to overdo it and be down for a month.
🚶🏼‍♀️Because it’s so cold and it’s dark by the time I get home, I decided to get a membership at the #ProvoRecCenter so I can walk the track. I’ve gone the past two nights and I feel great. The first night I just went to try it out and I walked about .6 miles. Last night, I walked about 1.2 miles.
🚶🏼‍♀️I need better shoes. Otherwise, I think I could’ve walked farther but my second toe on my right foot hurt so bad. I’m going to try my Altras tonight and see if they’re better. (I wore my Aesics last night.)
#weightlossjourney #exercise #lchf #lowcarbhighfat #ketodiet #ketosis
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Nov 4, 2017 1:03 AM (UTC)
0 Lark
I’m rocking my ketones right now! This is the highest I’ve ever been. #lchf #lowcarbhighfat #ketodiet #ketosis #ketomojo
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Nov 4, 2017 1:02 AM (UTC)
10 Hudson
A preview of my new shirt. I can’t quite wear it yet, but it’s going to be a “reward” when I lose enough weight, about 10 more lbs. I’m as giddy as a school girl! #llamalover #llamallamallama #weightlossjourney #lchf #lowcarbhighfat #ketodiet
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 31, 2017 3:53 PM (UTC)
13 Clarendon
Happy Halloween! 👻💀🦇🕸
🌟Because this picture does a good job at showing how much weight I’ve lost, I thought I’d post an update.
🌟I’m currently down 44 lbs. My goal for the year is 50 lbs. I knew I couldn’t lose all the weight I wanted to in one year so I decided to do it in chunks. I’m excited to be so close to my goal. I know I can do it! And, I might even lose more than 50 this year. Icing on the cake. Pun intended.
🌟I love how I’m feeling. I haven’t felt this good for a very long time. My depression is getting better (that could be my meds, though, but still), and my fibromyalgia is starting to feel better too. I’m joining a CrossFit gym soon to help me get in better shape as I continue to lose weight.
🌟Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes I want all the carbs, especially when they’re all around me. But I’ve noticed they cause fibromyalgia flare ups so I try to resist as much as I can. I try to remember that it’s progress not perfection.
🌟I’m so excited as I continue on this journey.
#weightlossjourney #ketodiet #fibromyalgia #depression #anxiety #lchf #lowcarbhighfat #crossfit
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 30, 2017 5:21 PM (UTC)
2 Sierra
My coworker Ryan won this cute jar of candy. He guessed the closest number. PS, @madisonleehead, he was not very cooperative for this picture! 😉😂
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 29, 2017 7:31 PM (UTC)
0 Sierra
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 29, 2017 12:52 AM (UTC)
0 Sierra
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 22, 2017 3:33 AM (UTC)
2 Normal
This paragraph in FURIOUSLY HAPPY has spoken to me the most so far. But I’ve actually highlighted quite a few poignant parts. Very interesting read so far. #bookstagram #readathon #mentalillness #depression #furiouslyhappy
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 21, 2017 9:36 PM (UTC)
3 Juno
Here’s my #readathon buddy, Eddy. He’s a pretty solid fixture around my midsection when I read. He’s a little sad right now because he thinks he’s not getting enough love. Poor guy.
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 21, 2017 7:21 PM (UTC)
25 Rise
I took a 3-hour break from the #readathon to get my hair done. Totally worth it because I have unicorn hair now!!! 🦄 Just call me Rainbow Sparkle! Now it’s time for more reading. Thank you @carlee_ray for your awesome skillz! #mylittlepony
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 21, 2017 12:35 PM (UTC)
4 Clarendon
Nothing like reading about mental illness to start this #readathon and my day right. Let’s do this! Hour 1 of 24 #bookstagram #furiouslyhappy
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 21, 2017 12:33 PM (UTC)
2 Ludwig
My potential #tbrpile for today’s #readathon plus an ARC of Jane, Unlimited (I’m a little behind). I know I won’t get done with all of them but I might read in all them depending on my mood. #bookstagram
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 20, 2017 5:43 PM (UTC)
4 Normal
My new glasses came. I love the new frames. Yes, they’re still purple, of course. Sadly, I’m not as thrilled about my new lenses only because they remind me of my mortality and my aging. I’ve joined the ranks of bifocals. What a girl *ahem* middled-aged woman *ahem* does for reading can be extreme sometimes.
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 19, 2017 8:29 PM (UTC)
0 Valencia
#TBT2004 when I went to NYC for work and met my brother in Times Square for dinner. Even though it was a business trip, I had a lot of fun. #tbt
Tonight, I had the chance to see #ThePrincessBride on the big screen with some of my friends. I was 9 when it came out the first time and I don’t remember if I saw it in the theater then or not. I’m glad I did tonight. It was so much fun. I’m absolutely amazed at how quiet everyone was (other than laughing of course) and in keeping the quoting to a minimum. 😳😂 #asyouwish #dropyoursword #iwouldntsaysuchthingsifiwereyou
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 18, 2017 4:06 AM (UTC)
3 Clarendon
Thanks to my friend @jayne_partyof5 for letting me know Target had these, I have a new llama in my collection. Meet Llars, my not-for-cookies cookie jar. (Name courtesy of @xtinaluvalot.) Isn’t he adorable?! ❤️❤️❤️ He’s my 9th llama. I’m already on the lookout for number 10! #llamalover #llamallamallama
User Image jenni_elyse Posted: Oct 18, 2017 3:53 AM (UTC)
4 Normal
I finally had the chance to tell Ally Condie how much I love Summerlost last night at the Orem Library.
🚴🏽‍♀️Summerlost is my favorite of all her books because it hit very close to home and is as if Ally wrote about my own feelings of struggling with my mom’s death.
🚴🏽‍♀️I’ve also been coming to terms with having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s Syndrome). It has affected my entire life, but not to the extent of how Cedar described Ben’s short life. I just connect with books like this because even though my experience may be different, it’s similar and therefore, endearing and somewhat comforting.
🚴🏽‍♀️Anyway, thank you Orem Library for the awesome event! It was a lot of fun to attend and spent time with my friends and listen to the ever talented Miss Ally!
🚴🏽‍♀️PS I took other pictures but my phone crapped out on me and this is the only one that survived. That’s okay, though, because I adore you too, @ally.condie!
#bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #signing #allycondie #Summerlost #oremlibrary #autism #aspergerssyndrome