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  Posted: Jul 28, 2012 2:35 AM
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This my friends, should be what your week looks like if your trying to get your fitness on! If it doesn't then you might want to adjust a few things. #fitness #gym #health #motivation #inspiration #fit #healthy #live #life #goalweight #mostpopular #workout #intense #justdoit #goal #determined #julyphotoaday
  • Can u email me this plan.

  • @imafreeman will these keep most muscle??

  • Yes send me your email @mrfyf

  • My doc is telling me strictly cardio...

  • Meal timing and all that is irrelevant. 2000 calories at once is the same as four 500 calorie meals.

  • @imafreeman MyFitnessPal is great! I also like MapMyRun

  • Yes it should if your eating correctly. I'll b doing one for mass building if that's what you're looking for @luisscamachoo

  • @imafreeman &I was wondering if maybe you could send thisnto my ememail because Im not able to take screenshots. Thank you

  • Sure, send your email @luisscamachoo

  • Even for girls?

  • @imafreeman thank you man, it'd be greatly appreciated if you sent both the cutting and the bulking to me, thank you!!

  • Of course. Don't b afraid of the weights. The more lean muscle u have, the more calories you burn. @fit_nessiskey

  • Thanks for all ur helpful tips

  • Ughhh I'm doing all of that except morning cardio! lol hate mornings.... Could the AM cardio just be standard or should it be HIIT? I do HIIT cardio in the evenings after my weights/circuit training. Thanks in advance for any advice! 😁

  • U r most welcome Raquel! @raquelsmaltese

  • I would do standard. You don't want to get to intense on and empty stomach, could risk burning up muscle. Do HIIY after your workout. @love_life_fitness

  • dash23 5y ago

    Awesome plan!! This is what my workout week looks like :) BACK ON TRACK! your posts are awesome

  • Thx love 😊

  • Okay awesome! Makes sense! I've been pushing it a little hard lately- think I have a stress fracture in my leg, tried resting a few days, thought it was gone and came back. Running surprisingly is the only time it doesn't completely hurt. Go figure. Thanks again, have a good night! 😊

  • Nice bro,it's always good to have a plan laid out @dash23

  • Can you send this to me please? thank you

  • dash23 5y ago

    Food plan and workout plan. Makes a difference and feel organized with myself.

  • Yeah those always set back cardio. Try using a recumbent bike or rowing machine @love_life_fitness

  • @imafreeman oh I'm suppose to take a day off ?! 😁 jk ! This looks like my week :)

  • Yeah I would suggest no cardio or 20 max 2-3 times a week. I'll b putting up a mass builder tomorrow or sun @buckrisling

  • I just way to lose these last 20 pounds and I am struggling? Any tips?

  • Want*


  • Follow this plan and then recheck your calorie intake. If u have been doing the same workout routine change it up to shock your body. @spangler84

  • Like! Must follow this....

  • I am changing it up a bit! Have been doing squats and lunges on top of using the elliptical. I tried running yesterday which I struggle at

  • Yeah it's always good to change things up. Start doing peak 8 training! @spangler84

  • Peak 8? What that?

  • I am down almost 80 pounds since January 2011! I

  • I have a pic 3 lines below this that explains how to do it. @spangler84

  • Damn!!! That's awesome 👍 @spangler84

  • I need a personal trainer. Where can I find one ?

  • I'm guessing your local gym... @shortyyello

  • @imafreeman - no no, I want to hire one. Lol

  • Well I'd b your man if I lived close by. Check google for homebased trainers in your area @shortyyello

  • @imafreeman - okay, I will do that. Thanks 😊👍

  • @caromars33 check this out, I'm taking 📝

  • @imafreeman question..

  • Is my fat burning zone the zone my polar watch is talking about? I'm hardly ever in the zone 😢. I'm either too high or too low... How important is that??

  • njh90 5y ago

    @shortyyello yeah you go to your local gym and pay one. If you want them to come to your house look on Craigslist under "house calls"

  • Ok shoot @kirkerlove

  • @imafreeman I've never heard anyone say workout on an empty stomach I've done it and even before a practice and I can never finish and never have energy. Your body needs something to burn right?? But I guess everyone is different.

  • Just cardio on an empty stomach. Your body has nothing to burn except fat. With weights I would never suggest doing that on an empty stomach @kreese217

  • @imafreeman I can't do either on an empty stomach I've almost passed out but 34 lbs I've lost and I run 5k's now so it's workin for me

  • That's awesome, good job! Yeah if u do it on an empty stomach I would suggest just a fast walk, nothing to intense @kreese217

  • @imafreeman I'm an intense person lol I gotta feel the burn and I run track but thanks : ) you have very informing posts

  • Great plan :) @run2girl

  • What do u mean be on a negative calorie intake? I'm trying to eat 1200-1400 cals and unusually work out cardio kickbox or weights class an hour five days a week.

  • *usually.

  • Hate to bother you cuz I know you have so many people your helping out! But I've lost 37lbs, switched up my workout routine and eat well but have been trouble losing anymore weight! Still want to lose another 10lbs or do but live lifting! Could u help me out? 😊 you could email me if needed! 😊 thanks and sorry if your busy!

  • Wow spell check messed that up, hope u get the idea! Lol

  • Great post. So

  • Simple and easy o follow. Just quick question. How long should tE cardio be on the day just cardio and how much when lifting and cardio? Thanks!

  • 😍😍😍💗💗👌👏👏🙌

  • @imafreeman drooling over this!

  • Thanks , I tried abs, result was amazing!

  • Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  • I definitely needed this. I'm determined to lose 50lbs. by the end of 2012!

  • How long should the Cardio Time be??? And how Long the Time TO grow up muscle???

  • Negative calorie intake means you are putting out more energy than you take in. I'm sure you are doing that with only eating 1200-1400 cal. Just don't go below that. @suzannevallery

  • You probably would be. 1200 should b the lowest you ever go. Check on Myfitnesspal where you should be I bet it say between 1200-1500 and you'll still b in the neg. @singtilheaven

  • Your so welcome Jonny. I love helping out and making sure people are not wasting time with doing things wrong. That's how I had to learn. Stay tuned for more tips. @jonnysneakers @jonnysneakers

  • @anallpkirol is absolutely correct, and let's not forget split meals will also help you stay in a positive nitrogen balance (muscle building state). Your body doesn't store extra protein like it does carbs so it needs a constant supply being consumed. If this doesn't have this your body will shift to a catabolic state (muscle breakdown). @flyuk

  • Speed intervals 20 mins. Standard cardio 30-45 mins. @rumi87

  • THIS IS NOT FOR INSTAGRAM. Instagram is for delight and joy and harmony and creativity of love. please keep your workout items out of here. This is seriously rude. save this for Pinterest- were people are seeking guidance. Instagram is a place to share artistic preference. Ugh. This enrages me.

  • I love that u post this info! Thank u so much and PLEASE cobtinue sharing!!!!!

  • @lindsayla_hi shut the fuck up. @imafreeman I fucking love your stuff man, did one of your workouts today, feeling the burn!

  • Thanks @vincenzolandino I certainly will keep posting. To @lindsayla_hi the pics I post help people change their lives. They want to see things like tips and workouts. How many lives has your profile pic of you and a stuffed caterpillar changed? Please block me then we won't have to run into each other again.

  • I could pull out several but we will agree to disagree. You said it best in the last sentence whatever works best for you @flyuk

  • Your schedule is exactly how I work out, & I'm sick and tired of being told Its fucking ' wrong ' there is no wrong, it's whatever works for you! @imafreeman

  • I've lost 12kg doing back and fourth workouts rather than specific sets so I think I'm doing something right.. 👍@imafreeman

  • Exactly! There are several ways of doing it. You said it best, what works for u. Keep doing what u do 👍 @jdawwg93

  • it's actually an old halloween costume which was a play on the saying "the cats out of the bag". and in fact it's changed many lives. Inspired people to be more creative in thinking of costumes and made a large quantity of people elated upon seeing the costume. I actually read about workout plans and healthy meal plans and such but I guess I just never assumed I'd find them here. Clearly you have a following and you are helping others so of course I support this. just never expected Instagram to be the outlet for the news spreading. But whatevs. Do your thing. And for whoever swore at me. Grow up.

  • I thank you for your support. Then I gladly will support your caterpillar🎃. I post motivational quotes and tips that people can use. I also throw in creative pics of fitness. Let this be just another source u can go to for plans, tips and motivation. When Halloween comes around I'll get with u for my sons costume 😁. But u did give me a good idea. I need to start up a pinterest account! Have a great Sat! @lindsayla_hi

  • you would be a raging success on Pinterest. There is a health and fitness category. That's where I browse for my inspiration. I just always thought Instagram was for photo enhancing so to take a workout plan and just put it here seemed out of the ordinary. But fans are fans. so it all works.

  • Yay, that's my exact schedule. Nice!

  • I'll add a Hudson filter to my next plan 😉 @lindsayla_hi

  • sk_323 5y ago

    Myfitnesspal is my favorite app!! It helps you really see what you eat & how bad it can be! It's helped me lose close to 80lbs in a year! Along with daily work out and an all around lifestyle change! :)

  • 80lbs., That is awesome!!! Do you knoe how many people have tried and failed just trying to lose 10lbs. Consider yourself stronger than most, whatever goal you have there is no doubt you will achieve it. You are a walking inspiration. Love it! @sk323

  • sk_323 5y ago

    Thank you so much! I won't lie and say It's been easy, But It's been worth every sore muscle and every drop of sweat! I have 40lbs until I meet my goal weight, which will put me at a total of 120lbs gone in a year and a half! It's amazing what motivation & drive can do for a person!

  • First, I want to say this is the funniest thread to date I've read on IG! Such controversy @imafreeman !! ;) And, secondly, thanks for posting this!

  • I know, I expect it with pics like this. That's y I try to have a free hr when I post. I know the questions and comments will following @blhuff79

  • Questions and comments are one thing but berating rates and curse words are another? Really? People are people no matter in person or digitally, I guess?? @imafreeman !! Oh....and I got your email yesterday. Thanks so much....hoping to have time to reply today between packing and organizing! :)

  • Dang! I think its time to get my CARDIO on @imafreeman! Im interested to see what one of your full body workouts includes! Do u ever train in CBus??

  • Yes it is Kelly! I actually have 5 fullbody workouts already on here. Check out row 8,9,10. I hardly get up to Cbus but if you ever come down this way I will give you a free session and show you how the fullbody workouts should be done! @kellduckkan

  • So your max is 183 and 65% - 85% of that is a range from 118 - 155. 160 wouldn't be too much stress but I wouldn't stay there for the whole session. Try doing speed intervals where you are at the high in for periods of 30 secs then you bring it back down to the low in for 60-90 secs. This type of training is very effective for losing weight.@36dbldz

  • @imafreeman I'm stealing this thank you!! Just what I needed!

  • It's all yours girl! @abagail_ivy

  • Thank you!! Great! Question how do I figure out my fat burn heart rate?

  • Omg nevermind. :)

  • 220-age then take that and times it by 65 and 85 percent. That will be your range. @samonelamar

  • That's great, any benefit or harm or you go above the range

  • If*

  • There could be if you have heart issues. No need to go above because you want to train in your fat burning zone. Try the speed intervals, your heart rate will spike up to 85% and you won't want to go any higher. But don't freak out if it does only for a couple secs. @samonelamar

  • @imafreeman Thanx! I wish I still lived in Ohio!

  • Hi! What about strength training or conditioning? Is cardio necessary in order to lose body fat %? I'm not sure if I need to lose more weight then gain muscle or just concentrate on building muscle now. I weigh 105lb at 5'1". Sorry for so many questions! You seem to know what you're doing, seeing if you can give me any input..thanks so much! Great pics btw 👍

  • Thanks Sharon! It's ok, this fitness stuff can be very confusing, I know I've been trying to figure it out for 18 yrs. I would say if you're 105 then no you really don't have to concentrate on cardio. It wouldn't hurt to do speed intervals a couple times a week for 20 mins just to condition the heart. You need to really concentrate on building muscle. Once you gain a little more lean mass it will eat up the fat. Remember the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. I would do the upper/lower routine on this pic. Don't be afraid to lift heavy. Try doing sets of 8-12 and make sure you are taking in enough protein to help you with building muscle. You may only gain a couple pounds or even stay around the same but when lean muscle is added it helps make a totally different look. Probably the look you are wanting. So get to it! @tripleyum

  • Yeah then I could kick your butt in some PT! @abagail_ivy

  • @imafreeman Would love it! Always great to have such an inspirational motivator!

  • Thank you so much for the input!! I do boot camp classes (60mins) twice a week doing things like burpees, lunges, squats, push ups, abs etc etc with weights but only like 8lbs cuz we do a lot of reps (20)..on Fridays I do compound exercises using barbell..just started two weeks ago. I'm doing bench press, bent over rowa, squat, shoulder press, deadlifts, assisted chin ups and dips, preacher curls and tricep extention. I started with the Olympic bar (plain bar with no weights 45lbs) I've been adding 5lbs each week but bench press was too hard the first time I added weight but my third time I did manage 50lbs but struggled at 8th rep.

  • Just wondering should I continue to increase weights if I can hit the 8th rep with good form and comfort? I only do 10 rounds of 30sec med speed/30 sec max speed ..10 rounds of HIIT on tues thurs and sundays, rest on sat. Does that counter my strength/conditioning workouts? Sorry for being so detailed! Really happy that you actually replied haha..thanks again for any input :) ✌

  • Glad I can help.I'd say do 2-3 sets of each exercise. If you can get to 12 reps for each set then move up the next week then start over trying to get 3 sets of 12 reps.I'd say try my HIIT program that I have on the 5th row. It's less time and just as effective.@tripleyum

  • @imafreeman forgot to mention for the compound exercises I'm doing 4 sets for each exercise. Still stick to 12? I can barely reach 10 lol..I will give your 20

  • Min cardio a try!! :)))

  • I would take it down to 3. That would b a lot sooooo many sets if you are trying to do the whole upper body. Maybe do 4 for bigger muscle groups (chest, back) and 3 for the smaller (shoulders, bicep, triceps). Yeah let me know how it goes @tripleyum

  • Okay so I just tried to do a whole body workout yesterday and I'm probly never doing it again cuz it was just too intense for me. (almost threw up) lol but when I did chest, I only did 2 exercises and 2 sets of each exercise and I still surprisingly got sore lol. So today I'm going back to the mass building schedule where I'm supposed to do chest and back. But like I said, my chest is a little sore. Would you suggest I go ahead and do chest again today but hit it harder? @imafreeman

  • This is going to be extremely helpful! It sounds a lot like what I've been doing, but it helps immensely to see it planned out. :D Thank you for posting this! @imafreeman

  • So, is morning cardio a must?? I'm not much of a morning person! And I was also wondering why you'd suggest as far as dieting, I tend to be a picky eater.! Lol

  • No its not a must. If you can't do it in the morning try doing it after you workout, never before. I have a few tips on protein, carbs, and fats on my page here. Look through them and see if they help at all. @justin_lyn

  • Thanks! Will check it out !!! Thanks for the advice tho! Do your saying to do any weight lifting part before any cardio!

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The time between sets is not for thinking about what you have to do after your workout or to catch up with your buddies. It's for focusing on the next set and bringing to the surface all of the energy from within whether good or bad. Then that energy becomes like a supernova, exploding through rep after rep!
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One of my best stacks! Nitric oxide and creatine. It's like NOS for the muscles. Before you choose to take any supplement make sure you do your research. I like to use and It's a good place to check out how the product was graded and any results, if any, of studies found. Creatine is one of the best known and proven supplements that work for both men and women. NO2 seems to not have that much info backing up what it claims to do. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a placebo effect, but hey if it only takes me $30 to make me actually workout harder than give me that sugar pill and watch out! Just remember nothing takes the place or gives you results like the actual hours of intense ass kicking! That's a 100% guarantee it will pay off💪🏻
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Want to build a strong foundation? These are the 3 exercises you should do over and over. At 165 I was stronger than most 200lbs men. 420 bench, 540 squat, and 520 deadlift. These lifts are mandatory and there are no substitutes, period!
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- Of course EXERCISE
-Routine self/Dr exams ( yes I'm certified to help 😉)
-genetic testing -breastfeed
-Mediterranean diet
-optimize vitamin A,D, plus consume omega-3
-drink less alcohol/don't smoke
I have switch to maintenance workouts but not once have I used this cast as excuse to not workout. I have modified and even made new exercises along the way. 3 more weeks and the knob will b turned back up to 10!!!!!
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This show has only begun! The limit is not in the sky, the limit is in the mind
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Hope is just another word people use instead of saying I'm not willing to put the work in. I hope this happens, I hope that happens is totally the wrong mind set. Then what comes next when it doesn't happen is the almighty pathetic phrase, it wasn't meant to be. Bullshit, anything can be yours for the taking if you want it bad enough. Don't be one of the weak minded people playing the victim card because of a circumstance or another person treating you unfairly. You hustle, you grind, you put in the time, then you take whatever you want. It is survival of the fittest whether you like it or not. So let the weak hope, and step over the ones on their knees, there is a lot to be conquered in so little time, so please step aside while I take what's mine!