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Taking photos with @kathleendeleasa !

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I just got back from a weekend getaway to see my best friend Emily. A few weeks ago Emily texted me that she needed a second shooter for a wedding in Maine and moments later I had my flight booked! I flew into Boston and we headed out to New Hampshire to visit her new home in the White Mountains. Then I second shot for Emily in a beautiful autumn-inspired wedding in Maine. I’ve actually never been to New Hampshire and Maine before and I know I’ll be back! The mountains, the crisp cool air, and the fall colors really are amazing ❤️ I’m considering going back in the winter when there is fresh snow ❄️✨ I rarely post about my personal life but I had a good conversation with Emily about how social media can connect people going through the same thing. Lately I’ve been super stressed and I’ve been struggling to find a good balance between all the things I try to juggle in my life. I’ve been thinking about what I want to do as a career and it’s been weighing quite heavy on me lately. Sometimes I feel like I can’t just pick one thing and stick with it forever and I’m just trying to figure out a good plan for my future that includes all my passions. I’m a planner for almost all aspects of my life (budget, travel, meals, etc) and it’s really hard for me to not know the plan for the next stage in my life. I keep filling my days with things I’m not 100% passionate about and it leaves me so drained that I don’t have time to do things I rather be doing (woodworking, for example). Being in a PhD program for math is a full-time position and photography almost full-time has been tiring and I’m working on creating a healthy balance in a few months.

With all that said, this past weekend was exactly what I needed to feel refreshed. Emily is one of my first friends I met through photography and I’m so happy we met when we were 18. Now at 26, I’m so happy to have a friend that understands what I’m going through and offers a listening ear to all my problems. We are going through similar stages in our lives and it’s just so reassuring to know I’m not alone. Having a friend that inspires and challenges me to be a better person is one of the best things in the world. ❤️
Mel+ Dave ✨ Last December I photographed their engagement photos and they’re still some of my favorite photos taken in Austin ☺️
I know I’m posting a lot but I had a bunch load of caffeine this morning 😂🙈 I told Vien that for our trip to Iceland in May, we might need to bring sandbags to keep my tripod and camera stable for our self-portraits because the wind can be insane 😂💨🌬❄️ if anyone has any ideas on how to keep a tripod steady on a real windy day, please let me know 😝 I’ll be in Iceland May 27-June 1 and if you’re a couple in the area, I will bring my camera and I’d love to photograph ya! 😏
These two were just so natural in front of the camera that I’m just beaming looking at these photos 😍 Taylor + Nick ✨
Another of Taylor and Nick on the gorgeous Californian coast 😍 There’s a chance I’ll be in San Diego again in January and I’m pumped 🙌🏼 Bring me beautiful weather and coastlines and I’m happy 😬 See the rest of the photos from their session on my blog! Link in bio >> blog ✨
Lindsey + Mike ✨ it took me a while to figure out if I liked this photo or not because the wind made Lindsey’s hair cover her face a bit and I’ve finally decided that I love it 😜 capturing all the imperfect moments is fun 😬 their session in Joshua Tree will be released on Sunday!
Taylor and Nick’s session is now on my blog! The link is the bio >> blog for the full set ❤️ I’ve been working to update my blog and I’ll have another session to share on my blog next Sunday 😉
Hugs are one of my favorite things to photograph on a wedding day. After all the nerves with getting ready and the ceremony, it’s nice to step back from the chaos and just hug it out ❤️ Nicole and Ky from their wedding in Missouri 😍
Ashleigh and Cameron ✨ can’t wait to photograph Ashleigh’s bridal session in a few weeks and their wedding next month!! 😬
I know I might be a bit annoying about posting about Iceland but here’s a throwback from last May because Vien and I just booked Iceland for next May 😬 and I don’t mention it that often but Vien and I have been long distance for some time now since I moved to Austin and I’m super thankful that Vien is always supporting my dreams, even if that means traveling to Iceland with me so we can get some cool pictures together during the few weeks we get to spend together 😬 oh don’t worry, I’ve already started planning photos in my head 😉 Vien was there setting up my tripod and camera for my photography when we first started dating and now we’ve progressed to traveling to different countries for photo sessions 😂 it doesn’t get much better than that 😍 Okay now I’ll shut up about Iceland for a while 🤐😂 @vieninja
These two are getting married in exactly one year and I’m so excited to capture their love again! I mean, look how great they look together 🙌🏼 I’ll be releasing more photos from this magical engagement session in a few weeks ☺️
Kate and Wayne 😍 I miss the Northeast the most in the fall and spring. Texas has three seasons: really hot, somewhat hot, warm but a bit chilly. 😭
The way Katrin and Philip looked at each other all day 😍 and the bouquet...dream! 🙌🏼 more photos on my website! Link in bio >>blog
One more of Sarah and Joe’s rainy wedding day ☺️ This moment was right after I called it a wrap for their photos together and as we were walking back to our cars, Joe put his arm around Sarah and they shared an umbrella to stay dry😍 It’s moments like these that I love capturing; the moments in-between, the unposed connections, and the true feeling of the day. 😉 Here’s to many, many more anniversaries ❤️
It was pouring all day on their wedding and Sarah was willing to get her dress a bit wet and muddy. That’s my kind of bride! 😉 Happy 1st Anniversary Sarah & Joe! ❤️
Friday Funday ✨ You know what I’m very bad at? Saying no. In the past year, I’ve put too much on my plate and if given the opportunity, I would work 80 hours a week if I’d get paid 😝 At the same time, I started to eat like crap because I didn't have time to cook for myself and I was constantly stressed. But I’ve realized how important it is to put myself first and just say no. I hate disappointing people and as simple as saying no sounds, it’s a very difficult thing for me to turn down jobs, projects, hanging out, and everything in-between. This semester (forever in school hahah) I’ve ~finally~ learned how to say no and I have a routine that I’m happy with. I’m eating healthy, I’m back in the workout grind, I’m only working jobs I want to work, and I’m feelin’ good about it! I often forget that I have control over my schedule and I can change things for the better 😬
Throwback to Lindsay and Jonathan’s elopement in downtown Austin ☺️ nothing is more perfect than an intimate ceremony (just them, the judge, and me 😜) and some exploring town for photos ☺️