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everlane 272w ago
Picking out silk colors for an upcoming collection. #anotherdayateverlane

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Raise your hand if you’re wearing stripes today.
Paging Anna Wintour.
Introducing the Editor Heel, our first ever kitten heel.
New York, the cashmere has landed.
This weekend only, #CashmereAllDay is available to take home from our SoHo Studio. Stop by while you can. ✨
File this under: places we’d wear #CashmereAllDay.
📷: @dezeen
But wait, there’s more. New #CashmereAllDay has arrived.
Link in bio.
Donegal / don·e·gal / ˈdäniɡəl,-ˌɡôl/ (noun) -
1. A fabric characterized by bright flecks randomly distributed on a background usually of light gray.
2. The coolest looking cashmere sweater you can own.
Pro tip: you don’t have to decide if you get them all.
Today's Transparency Tuesday is dedicated to #CashmereAllDay and co-hosted by our one and only resident cashmere expert, Mr. Cashmere. Send us your questions.
#CashmereAllDay is finally here. Which one is first on your list?
Tomorrow. 5am PST. #CashmereAllDay arrives. Set your alarms.
In two days, #CashmereAllDay is yours for the taking.