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🎶..there's always that one person that will always have your heart ..🎶 #alwaysbemyboo
If we get a flood atleast I'll have something cute to swim in 🙄 #whynot #irmageddeon
Thank you for always taking care of me ❤️ you'll always be my sister 😘😘 @leahphant
Early birthday dinner with my loves 🌺🌸
Sunshine ... tan lines..slow tide rollin 🌴. @leahphant
Pretty much sums up this friendship! We are always being the silliest versions of ourself around eachother💛 @sue_rose22
Sue Rose 🌹always knows how to have a good time
Making soup for Jax while he sleeps his fever away 🤒 #fitmom #noexcuses
Something we've been working on 😊 my fave workout partner !! #snapbackmom #fitmom
🎶And we're dancing to the rhythm of your heartbeat 🎶