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  Posted: Jul 27, 2012 8:58 PM
452 Nashville
Ready to go! @OFA_OH's Columbus team gears up for tomorrow's weekend of action. #Obama2012
  • Yea, then u support the psycho Colorado shooter's rights to obtain 6,000 rounds of amo thru internet to shoot & kill innocent victims in a movie theater, some of which were republicans, you moron!!... nice! You're really misled and messed up!!!

  • Im a 14 year old kid who likes guns k. Stuff like tht is gonna happen no matter whos in office maybe if we had health care like they do in ireland we would put these phychopaths on meds before they kill ppl but if they dont have money for health care and arent poor enough to apply for food stamps where does thr leave tht fucked up child huh?

  • Lets face the fact obama has had a point blank presidensy the debt rate went up by 8 times the current amount infact it got so bad we had to increase the borrowing budget !!!

  • @tl_shady88 you can't expect for President Obama to fix all of the cowboy from toy story's mistakes (bush), he just did what he could to get the smell of stupid out of the furniture.

  • Explain to me what success obama has made key word (success) obama is like the wet doosh wiping around bush's mess instead of absorbing it @jackykrusemacky @lilmamaqspice @winstonchadwick

  • ^ can you say #shorttermmemory haha get it! Term!

  • Tl_shady #RACIST

  • @tl_shady88 first of all: douche, not doosh lol and President Obama brought back the auto industry without massive bailouts that were said to "stimulate" the economy back to the conservative's ideal America, ended don't ask don't tell, increased women's rights in the workplace, expanded medical care and provided subsidies for people who cant afford it, fixed the bullshit preexisting conditions travesty in health insurance, AND

  • Overhauled the credit card industry.

  • 🍔🍔🍔🍔 Vote for Tom Manning 👀

  • Obama

  • @jackykrusemacky u went in! Lol 👍

  • Obama 2012!!!!!

  • Are you real Obama

  • Thanks for killing Osama bin landen he killed my dads freind 

  • I also support the right to obtain arms . Semper Fi

  • I want a support Barack Obama sign for my yard!

  • Go forward Yeah go Obama

  • Woman at lower left seems to have nodded off.

  • Guy in front of window appears to be jacking off

  • Guys! Look @ our economy! Obama hasn't improved it AT ALL!!! Open your eyes and see how many people are suffering. My uncle lost his job because of the economy. How selfish of u if u vote for a president that only distroys this nation. If he wins and are country falls apart, you'll realize thy u helped it crash.

  • awiseman 272w ago

    @color_postss_ I'm sorry to hear about your uncle, but the unemployment rate has been dropping under Pres. Obama. It was a huge recession, it's going to take some time.

  • How do we know if it will work? How do u we know the future? He promised so much and didn't deliver it. He was never a business man like Romney. Romney earned his money with a lot of hard work not like Obama who just got his money in office. Sure he is smart and a great politician. But he was NEVER a business man and doesn't know how to create jobs

  • I would say Yes he Can . He created a job for himself with no experience. He has done better for the people while cleaning up the wreckage passed on to him.

  • johnleewh 272w ago


  • manlanbi 272w ago

    @color_postss_ President Obama has worked tirelessly to improve the economy by helping big and small businesses to create jobs. The president cannot create jobs. He has put programs in place so that jobs can be created. I am sorry to hear about your uncle. I must be very difficult. My brother list his job...under the Obama programs he was able to collect unemployment for a longer period of time...keep his from from Foreclosure though the home

  • U people think Romney had a magic potion? The guy who doesn't have basic human civility in him to NOT abuse a dog by putting on a car roof u think that kind of a person has a basic civic sense to do anything?

  • LOL!! HOW CAN HE CREATE JOBS WITHOUT EXPERIENCE? A president should know HOW! The way u know how to create a job is by being a business man, like Romney

  • bobrk 272w ago

    Government is not a business.

  • ribaudoa 272w ago

    Um....government should never be run like a business's. In a true democracy it's run by the people not the elite you fucking capitalist pig dog


  • briantime 272w ago

    Rad! Go Columbus!

  • Hello @barackobama! I'm looking for you on instaDM, download it free from the AppStore so we can chat!

  • 0olong 272w ago

    Yea you're a great representation of america @hitman_

  • people are restarted enough to add someone and talk bad about them... @hitman_blazer

  • retarded *

  • @color_postss_ mitt bankrupted , dismantled and sold assets of companies and then outsourced American workers for cheap labor over seas to china and elsewhere for the profit of him and his share holders . Great model for America ...,. NOT!!!!!

  • @color_postss_ To translate @70torinoman for you: "BLAH BLAH BLAH NOTHING I SAY MATTERS"

  • @70torinoman true. I don't trust #mitt to represent the middle class. GOBAMA 2012!

  • @_czar_tristan why did you change your profile pic to your little sister ?

  • damopp 272w ago


  • @70torinoman Ha. You are funny. I'm laughing my ass off.

  • @color_postss_ : While it is true that Romney CLAIMS to have created JOBS... what actual evidence of job creation have you seen from Romney's record at Bain Capital? (Bain Capital's purpose isn't to create jobs for people. It's purpose is to merge and acquire (Mergers & Acquisitions)... to buy up other businesses, down-size them or close them and create additional wealth for it's own partners and stockholders - that's all. Romney's Bain record proves that he knows how to consolidate and eliminate businesses... but how does that equal knowing how to actually CREATE jobs and Grow businesses??

  • tl_shady88: when has the US borrowing budget NOT been increased?? (Which is not the same as saying the US has a surplus) And, when has the debt ceiling Not been raised by Congress??

  • @color_postss_ : you state that President Obama promised so much but "DIDN'T deliver"... We'll, how do YOU know the future?... how can you make a claim that something has or has not worked, when recovery is still ongoing?? Romey's business was never the market of CREATING jobs. His record at Bain was to buy up businesses and consolidate them (layoff & fire people) or shut them down altogether. Where is the job creation in that??? Romney earned his money by working in corporate america for a Big Equity Firm (aka Bain Capital). Seems to me, like President Obama is the one who has worked hard all his life... especially if his only claim to being weathy has been to be the President of the United States, which is something Romney definitely can't say... with his offshore, tax evading bank accounts.

  • @hitman_blazer: Well... if the only thing you can express against President Obama is a lame racial slur, then aren't you are the one who's f*cked? Hopefully one day soon you'll grow up. #smh #sosad #shrugs shoulders

  • mattyuch 272w ago

    Fuck all you Americans! Your all a bunch of brain washed retards! Learn how to read and write then you can start thinking about politics..

  • I'm going to be the next Nancy Peloski

  • jojokat81 272w ago

    @mattyuch it's "you're". Way to make a point about how Americans can't read or write. Lol

  • MATTYUCH, Americans are a bunch of RETARDS AND we can't read or write?? Well dumb fuck if we can't read or write, then why are you posting such

  • Stupid Shit if we can't read??? Man are you a dumb Fuck

  • @decarrbeauty well said

  • Good come back dumbass! Made you look real... What's the word you used? "Retarded "

  • nazrin_l 272w ago

    Never too old!

  • Hello

  • Umm today i got killed on mw3 so can you blow him up

  • ..

  • mh.frasch 272w ago

    Romney has killed every business he's touched. Obama, u have been changing the future in a good way. My parents will be voting 4 u!!!!!! Good luck!!!!

  • I was shot on mw2 cuz there wernt enough troops. Can u kill him.

  • Hi

  • ma.lachi 272w ago

    @barackobama u will always be my favorite president people threatened u but u were brave and stuck with it barack Obama forever :)

  • ma.lachi 272w ago

    My parents will be voting 4 u @barackobama

  • Obama I really need you to win

  • Obama said he would deal with Guantanamo bay hmm now he president he hasn't done anything

  • Haters gonna hate... But the real people love you... Thanks!


  • leekem101 272w ago

    4 more years

  • Weirdo in the house

  • primatus 271w ago

    Some people are inbred racist sons of bitches including hitman_blazer. And this is coming from a white man, and not even an American. Get with the times and realize racist people like you have become the minority LOL

  • joepark36 271w ago

    @hitman_blazer u cracker poor white trash ya bum hope ya momma burn in hell.....

  • 123elly 271w ago

    Hey Obama u rock

  • Like

  • S

  • U R MEAN!!! @hitman_blazer

  • f84ya 271w ago

    @decarrbeauty love your comments, don't waste your time arguing with a fool who will vote against his own self interest @hitman_blazer . The very programs The President is trying to get passed would probably benefit that clown @hitman_blazer the most.

  • Like

  • mattganci 271w ago

    U are the coolest president ever u have instagram and twitter


  • ritaok 271w ago

    I know politicians are hard to trust but any time any day I will choose Obama over Romney. Lesser of the two evils. Just a saying.

  • @ritaok exactly

  • aubsbob19 271w ago

    That old woman gives me the creeps

  • Awesooooooooome

  • Obama 2012!

  • mh.frasch 270w ago

    Thanks datick2datock

  • kevbon14 269w ago

    You said it 100% @rolexoyster

  • Go back to Kenya!

  • @sedwards003 lmfao He isn't from Kenya he's from Hawaii. However, he has family in Kenya.

  • If u believe that, I have some swamp land.....😄

  • Hey! Dont Forget To Follow Me @BxNutcrackers

  • @rolexoyster you sound really ignorant. How did he fail at Chicago, lol. And the president didn't fail

  • Nah I'm speaking on the fact that he bought the countries unemployment rate down from 9.1% to 8.3% in four years. The fact that people like myself are able to get educational assistance if needed without having crazy interest percentages. The fact that we have a president who has not only improved our foreign policy, but found and helped to seize the moat dangerous terrorist of our generation. There's a lot for the president to continue to do, but he's done more positive then negative, and conservative right wingers want you to believe that he's failed us, when in contrary he's done exactly what he could with the time he's had. Sidenote, don't forget that the president also passed a bill that regardless to weither you have a job or not, you not fall off and die without affordable care, aka "Obamacare"

  • @rolexoyster Your trying too hard to be very wrong, go check your numbers. Those are accurate, Under Bush over 9% unemployment, Since President Obama a steady decreasing unemployment rate that has gotten as low as 8.3%. Your not too bright buddy, and I'm guessing you blaming foreigners for taking your job help elude your intelligence. Russia,Syria,and Egypt though, protesting against another country lol. Those are all countries President Obama goes to continuously. You must not really know what foreign policy is do you smart guy. Leave that to the people like myself who dont google to relate. Reality is Affordable care or obama care or whatever you need to call it, is a system that guys like yourself can even understand. But to make it simpler,so you can even understand it, in basic sense, it gives healthcare to "All" American citizens, weither you can afford it or not, no penalties, no sidebars, no intetruptions. Its funded by taxes just like every other federally funded program in the country, and its going to save thousands of lives. Sidenote, you might want to go do like everyone else and go google that Egypt, Syria and Russia comment again, your making yourself look bad. "Every country hates us", "Countries protesting against US". That's almost as funny as saying Romney pays equivocal taxes, lol.

  • Wrong. And You've lied again. I really can believe you went and googled that like I thought you would. On the topic of foreign policy, in May, Russia along with 7 other countries came to the Us to meet with President Obama, that was the first time anything of its such happened in over 50 years. Syria advocates for our help very often, but I'm pretty sure your not aware of what's going on over there because its obvious you dont have a clear understanding of Foreign Policy, lol. Furthermore, in 2007 according to the US Employment Report, the country peaked at a whomping 9.1% unemployment rate, that's federal numbers, not google smart guy. Our current unemployment rate is 8.3%, that's federal numbers, not google smart. Your combative points are lies, and The fact that I'm combating with someone who is googling all of there points is a disappointment to myself. I currently work hand in hand with Congressmen GK Butterfield, a alum of my university and I'm also a lead consultant for "Students for Obama" so all of the points I'm referring to, I've had the priviledge to see them front hand and center. Lastly there is not Obamacare penalty, I was in DC with congressmen Butterfield when it was first proposed, and the legislature clearly states that if you can afford to keep your healthcare, you can do so, AT NO PENALTY. The money that helps fund the Affordable Care Act comes from taxes. Now, This conversation is over, not because you've lied continuously and you've contradicted yourself on several occasions. Not because your combating with a student of politics, who has seen the facts. And not because your ignorance continues to behoove you, and your ill advised comments continue to make a mockery of All things true, but because I won't allow you to continue to make fool of yourself with these idiotic pundits you've presented on the presidents instagram page. Conversation done, Good day sir.

  • @rolexoyster Never said free, that's not possible if your paying thru taxes son. You continue to embarrass yourself.

  • Because its called the "Affordable Care Act" smart guy. You've been calling it Obamacare soblong that you've lost sight of the facts, or maybe you never got the facts and you've continued to make the unintelligent decisions to not find the fact. Here's another, The Affordable Care Act, in simple form, means it gives health care to the American citizens who can't afford it. If it doesn't apply to you then why should it benefit you. Medicare and Medicaid are both federally funded programs, but obviously that doesnt apply to people who can afford health care also. Those are just 2 of the programs The Affordable Care Act will utilize to insure that all americans get healthcare. Know the facts, find truth, stop googling all of your points. Good day sir

  • @rolexoyster but at what price and Medicare/Medicaid isn't free, and in a lot of cases not affordable. If you don't have insurance you pay federal premiums at a "Affordable price". The health plans are federally funded by taxes, and you pay taxes just like I do, then the Health Care isn't completly free. But as a civil American I'm willing to pay some taxes so that another American doesn't have to die, just common humanity and patriotism I guess.

  • No you won't, it , its tax funded. If your a citizen of the united states and you work, you pay taxes.

  • @rolexoyster which means even if you can't afford it, it depends on if your working or not

  • Which one? You talking about the law involving protesting? Haven't had the chance to at all, been preparing for the DNC in Charlotte lately.

  • Volunteering with old folks? That's my Barack ❤️

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  • daanaah11 169w ago

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  • bnute_x 98w ago

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  • @barackobama лох!!!

  • trichpo 70w ago

    Who are these people

  • salam obama

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  • "Barack Obama" is NOT black he is (Half Caste). He is the first Biracial president of America. He was 50% CREATED and PRODUCED by a "WHITE" person. He literally came out of the body and out of the egg, womb and embryo of a "WHITE" woman physically attached to her test tube / umbilical cord. He is (Mixed Race) mulatto.

  • Stay

  • kaskee 1w ago

    س خوبی

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