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I have so much to do today. It's a little easier if I start by picking herbs.

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Elderberry harvest off our one seedling tree that sprouted in front of the honey house just two years ago
New signs! Come by for honey tasting this Saturday (10/21) and/or next Saturday (10/28) from noon to 4. We'll have 20+ honey varietals to sample along with coffee and a sweet spread of cheeses and such. Thanks for the sign art, Manny / @goawayfatman ! (Event details linked in my profile.) #oldbluerawhoney #beekeeping
The canning books/preserving books I turn to most often (well, except Preservation Pantry cuz it's brand new but will be on heavy rotation this fall).
The grapiest. (Concords will now always remind me of the grape episode of @thenodshow podcast .)
On the drive home from San Francisco, we stopped by our friend Juan's house in Arbuckle to trade a bunch of honey for 50 lbs of almonds. Every time we're in this part of the world (dusty, small, ag-based valley towns), I'm kinda tempted to relocate, but since I've never been here in the summer, I think I might actually have a skewed view of the place. Almond country has a pretty special appeal, though. We had fun salvaging stray almonds out of the husk pile while the kids raced up and down.
Farmers' marketing touristing is the best kind of touristing. Also first time eating a finger lime.
Loot from last night's canning club meeting: corn relish, Italian plum jam, pickled cherry tomatoes (recipe in @preservationpantry ), canned peaches, and salsa verde. #portlandpreservationsociety
I stopped by @red_ridge to restock their supply of pumpkin, clary sage, and coriander #oldbluerawhoney and was delighted to see my friend @spicymarshall 's new cookbook, Preservation Pantry, in person and in such good cookbook company! The Red RidgeFarm/Oregon Olive Mill gift shop is really beautiful with so many treats and interesting finds. Worth the drive for sure.
We're finally getting our act together to offer Oregon Coast Range wild blackberry honey party favors in 2 oz. hex jars. Great for weddings, baby showers, parties, etc.
The details: available in cases of 24, plain jars without decorations, and LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.

Email me if you're interested #oldbluerawhoney
Ground cherry harvest. Gonna make a double batch of @mizmaggieb 's ground cherry chutney. (Recipe in Maggie's cookbook Food Gift Love.)
Sunday afternooning in mom's pumpkin patch. Happy fall, y'all! #ovenandearth
In the last few days, I've seen multiple mentions of Marion Burros famous plum torte, so when @oldbluerawhoney brought home these plums, I knew what to do.
Scabby little apples destined for sauce
We have a LOT of smallish Asian pears. I just started a batch of Asian pear vinegar from scratch, but I'm not sure what to do with all the rest. I really have not found a good way of preserving Asian pears yet. Maybe we just need a pig (not).
Green and red sriracha-style hot sauce in the works (recipe from @phicklefoods 's book Ferment Your Vegetables, which I highly highly recommend)
I pilfered some of my mother in law's hops today. They're so dang pretty and smell really good.
I made beet kombucha. It's weird, but I'm pretty into it. #homebrucha
After we did the dirt work to make a spot for the Old Blue honey house two years ago, this blue elderberry seedling sprang up. Elderberries thrive in disturbed soil, and this year, the small tree is loaded with fruit. It makes me really happy.