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  Posted: Jul 27, 2012 6:40 AM FEED
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Posted: Oct 20, 2017 1:49 PM
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When in Portland.. ramen and breweries it is. #portland #sourbeer #marukinramen
The one time I convinced a monster to put on the wig he was throwing around to scare people at the Queen Mary. Thanks for a great birthday @rachelfoust 😊
Another inspiring conference to push me farther in my career path and passions. Learning more about chronic pain, owning our own practice, nonprofit organizations, the future of PT with technology advances, and of course meeting the passionate people that just want to help others selflessly. #CPTA2017 #physicaltherapy #inspire
Situations like these, really make me think about why I chose my profession. Getting to know people that are passionate about different things. Sometimes we find out things might not be for us, but in the long run... We will always be there for each other. I'll miss you paul! Here's to another year of shortening of my capital extensor and lengthening of my deep cervical flexors due to studying in PT school!
Speechless, excited, joyful, and honored to be my brothers best man. But I guess I can't be speechless for long 😁. CONGRATS BIG BROTHER. #8.18.18 save the date.
Another picture of a strength coach/ soon to be PTA student at #coastherapy. You're going to go far bud. Can't wait to work with you again! And of course, one of my great CIs this semester, AND KRISTEN HUNSUCK! So glad I was able to be there for your first job, and be there for your passing of your boards exam!!
First clinical rotation of my life as a soon to be physical therapist, done. Best group of people I've had the chance to meet and get to call my colleagues. 3 great physical therapist, one soon to be PT student, one soon to be OT student, one soon to be PTA, a very successful massage therapist that has knowledge that blows my mind, a soon to be very successful strength coach, and missing.. an awesome front desk staff that always knows how to make everyone smile. I'll miss you all and I hope to see everyone soon! #coastherapyanaheimhills #coastherapy
Makes me happy when I get to see a great friend of mine of 10 years visiting from Hawaii, until next time!
That time I failed on breaking down the US Open sand sculpture 😂 #usopen thanks #costherapy for the awesome opportunity to help out on the medical team!
Okay last post of US open I swear.. I just couldn't have been more lucky to meet these great clinicians at the US open Skate and BMX. Getting to learn and see how D.C., PT, ATC, Nurses, Orthopedic surgeons, and RMSK (diagnostic ultrasound) working together to treat these amazing athletes was a dream come true. This honestly is the best opportunity to see how we as clinicians each have our own speciality in skills to give the best treatment to our athletes and patients. #coastherapy #usopen #dptstudent #atc
Me: what should we do?!
CI: Do this!
Me: hip extension, hip flexion, shoulder extension, shoulder flexion, supination, pronation?! CI: you're doing it again.. stop thinking so much .
😂 my clinical rotation in a nutshell.#coastherapy #usopen2017 #usopenskate #usopenmedical
Practicing getting out of the bowl.. how do these skaters do it so easily?! #usopen2017 #coastherapy
Another great day spent with two great clinicians and meeting the top best skaters in the world at the US open
Great time this weekend working with legends in the healthcare field. Couldn't have asked for a better weekend. #coastherapy #usopen2017 #usopenmedical #vans #medicalteam
Posted: Jun 13, 2017 5:04 AM
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Had a great time tonight practicing debridement! Should have been a surgeon instead 😂
Special Olympics summer games! Great opportunity to work at funfitness tent and meeting all of the athletes! Had a great opportunity of meeting other PT students and running into an old mentor of mine. Funny how small the world of health care can be.