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User Image uhyeahjaxy Posted: Nov 15, 2017 6:04 PM (UTC)
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I am still entirely frozen, despite my enormous push for seasonal attire #whatisthis
User Image uhyeahjaxy Posted: Oct 30, 2017 11:44 PM (UTC)
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October 28 | my best friend’s birthday #mybesthomie #catsofinstagram #happybirthday #squad #crew #boston #bff #instacute #CHS3
“I know I sound crazy, but my [said pet] is like my kid” People day it all the time. You’re not crazy. And if you’re as lucky as I am, your fur kid is your in between.
“In between” sometimes has a negative connotation, but not for me. I’ve raised this handsome little fella for 11 years. I’ve given him food & shelter & all the love I could possibly have for another living being. But an even bigger truth is he has given me so much more.
He has loved me unconditionally for so little. He has celebrated & comforted me during both the happiest & saddest times in my life, and everything in between. I graduated school & he sat with my for hours while I just soaked in the accomplishment. Nights I stay up overthinking everything - my in between- we binge watch Netflix. My dad passed away - he came to me 6 months later & changed my life in the best possible ways. My mom passed - and he snuggled me for days on end. .
His ultimate joy in life is when I get up, when I come home, when it’s time to sleep- and truly everything in between. Eating Cheez-it’s, blasting country while I sing to him or decorating the house - he’s so down.
He has never cast a single doubt or judgement upon me - school, work, friends, family, relationships - never when I’ve made a decision or explored who I am or what I want to do or to be - or when I have found myself in between.
He’s a special guy - he gives high-fives & digs donuts on Sunday mornings more than any cat I know. He’s been my constant for 11 years. That’s longer than almost anything of importance that I’ve had & I will never take it for granted. Pets aren’t “just animals.” They’re family. They give you more than most humans ever will. Treat them with the respect & love they give you so selflessly.
Happy birthday Henny Ben, CHS3, Chuckie Boy, handsome baby kitty man, Charles Henry Benjamin Stewart III - I love you - today and all the days in between.
User Image uhyeahjaxy Posted: Oct 26, 2017 12:02 AM (UTC)
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User Image uhyeahjaxy Posted: Sep 29, 2017 12:43 AM (UTC)
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Don’t ever let anyone or anyone strip you of things you admire, cloud the view of things you respect or dim anything that shines for you. Hold tight to both your greatest treasures & smallest pleasures.
Do not make someone your sun or your moon - instead, share it with those who deserve it. Those who don’t will fall to the side.
It is not your responsibility to hold everything together. Let things go. Enjoy the light & the dark.
All I really know is I’ll always have a thing for the moon 🌗 #takecare
#views #thoughts #moon #nighttime #goodnight
User Image uhyeahjaxy Posted: Sep 22, 2017 8:35 PM (UTC)
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You and I were stuck in the waste,
talking about our salad days-
what a damn lie.
But you and I are stuck like glue,
and that's the God damn truth-
baby, bye-bye.
User Image uhyeahjaxy Posted: Aug 27, 2017 4:08 PM (UTC)
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Just some kids having a #Starbucks Sunday 🤷🏻‍♂️🐻☕️
User Image uhyeahjaxy Posted: Aug 27, 2017 1:38 PM (UTC)
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This girl tho ❤️👫
User Image uhyeahjaxy Posted: Aug 27, 2017 12:11 AM (UTC)
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AUGUST 23rd 2014: one of the best & most emotional days of my time on earth. This is the day an 18 year old dog changed my life.
Many of you are already well aware of this, and it's quite possible that we became great friends because of it, but this was the day #happyHabi came hobbling into my life, ears bouncing & smiling away, changing and shifting me in ways I'll be eternally grateful for.

Habi, the sweetest old soul to come out of a high-kill shelter in Manhattan, was found wandering (more likely lying down) in a park in Harlem. I'm not sure how she ended up there, or how nobody ever came to claim her, but I have my theories. They all end up the same way- she comes home to Boston & is shown the greatest sense of warmth, love, safety & adventure of all our lives.
From what felt like the longest nights when we weren't sure she'd make it through to the infinite smiles she gave us to let us know she wasn't giving up yet. From excruciating hospital stays to the cutest water & massage therapy/swim sessions we adored (and she basically hated but completed with such fierce integrity, determination and strength- and with that beautiful smile on her face the whole time.) From handfeeding her Whole Foods Grade A meat (vegetarians people- we are vegetarians) to the first time I took her in a river and watched some of her pain fade away as she laid down in it. From watching her brother & sister come lie down with her to comfort her during her last days with us, to all of the most incredible memories that made 7 months (to the day) feel like both the shortest, most unfair amount of time & a lifetime all at once- I wouldn't trade it for the universe & I'd do it a hundred times over again.
I love you, Habi. We all love you. You are never once forgotten- you are here, every single day, and we are always with you. Thanks for everything! Happy #adoptiversary & happy #nationaldogday 💜🦊

#seniordog #nyc #boston #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #gsd #instalove #beautiful #squad
User Image uhyeahjaxy Posted: Aug 22, 2017 9:53 PM (UTC)
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In all honesty, I could write this over and over and still never accurately capture the essence of who she is, just how much she means to me or all I have to thank her for.
So instead, let me say this- I want to wish the happiest birthday to the most influential, courageous & vibrant soul I have ever been lucky enough to know. I'm sending out the most positive, loving vibes, prayers & wishes to the one who taugh me the importance of honesty, the value of loyalty and ultimately, the bravery and love behind letting go.
In both life & in passing, you taught me everything I've ever needed to grow. You never showed me defeat; only the strength it takes to carry on. On the days I need you most, you're still here next to me. If that's not total selflessness, I don't know what is. I thank you for the boundless compassion for animals that I have- one of my most favorite things about you- and I'm so grateful to you for sharing that with me. I know how much you would adore Nash & I think about that often. I know Habi is by your side- and I'm sending out wishes to her in hopes she'll give you a hug for me.
I cant say that I'll ever be half the brilliant entity you are, but please know your guidance, your support and your spirit mean the world to me. I know it's your birthday but you were always my gift- I couldn't mean anything more than I mean that. You didn't have to choose me and you did- I will never forget that and I will never take it for granted. I will only strive to use my experiences for the good of others- the way you always have. I know you'll never read this but I hope you can feel it- I guess sometimes you just have to get it out.
Thank you so much, simply for being my mom, for raising me, for loving me- for literally everything. Happiest birthday to you. I'm missing you always.
#happybirthday #love #missingyou #instabest #44 #fortyfour #momsofinstagram #myhero #instagood