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  • You didn't mess around with that order lol

  • Just as well to buy em all now and figure out what ones I want later lol Gonna be sold out now for months, and you'll always find someone interested in buying a few.

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This was taken just minutes before 10 pm Sunday, October 1st. We had planned on going to Route 91, but the tickets sold out before we were able to purchase them, and they were too expensive on resale sites. So we went to the Vegas Golden Knights vs San Jose Sharks hockey game, then walked north along the strip instead. We got in a cab under the High Roller at 10:00, and as we drove down Paradise to The Hard Rock Hotel, we heard cab drivers telling each other to get away from Mandalay Bay. Then we heard gunfire over the radio. Then we stood on the corner outside the Hard Rock and heard the gunfire from miles away. I can’t image how horrible it was to be in the crowd at Route 91 that night, but I know how sickening it was to be miles away and hear the gunfire echoing across the city and it was just by dumb luck that that’s where we were at the time #VegasStrong
The look your kitten gives you when you get wings and won't share them with her #WorldsCutestKitten #KittiesCantHaveTexMex