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  Posted: Jul 26, 2012 11:16 PM
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"Three Rules of Life...1: Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. 2: Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. 3: Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition - they somehow already know what you truly want to become.". -Steve Jobs

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User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 21, 2017 2:55 PM (UTC)
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I was driving this morning when suddenly it felt like I was transported into the energetic body of my friend. I was inside of his heart and I instantly felt crushed. The deepest sorrow. The darkest loneliness. It felt like his soul was wrapped in duct tape. And I knew. He was holding back love in his life and I already knew this but to feel what that space felt like- I am still shuddering and speechless. It was self abuse. We have all done this- chalked up our shitty experiences and created this belief that magic in love is just not in the cards for us. And when we do this our surroundings shift to match this strong core belief and as we get more reinforced in what we don’t want, we just keep on affirming this pain staying. So I texted him: ‘Despite what truth you think you believe, You are worthy. I promise.
At all costs you have to let love in. Smell it like a fragrant flower and then follow it until it moves from faint to strong and kneel at the feet of whatever woman it delivers you to. Once your heart is equal to the earth you will know.
You are a badass in every arena but this one. There are no more excuses. Go find her. You already know. It’s time.’
And now I say this to you. You who is holding your own heart hostage. How dare you. Give it all away. Release yourself. Someone is waiting to love you wildly but if you hate yourself how could anyone ever survive that wall of separation from the collective? Come back with me. I’ll hold your hand and lead the way. May we all bow our hearts to everyone who sees us completely. Today breathe how your lover would as they gaze into your eyes. Send out a new vibration. Reset your beliefs. I know you are afraid because love didn’t stay last time. There is no set time that means it was real. I’ve had more love on 3 dates with someone than a person I’ve dated for 2 years sometimes. Let it come. Let it leave. Your heart can never stay broken. 🖤 Photo magic by @nuttynulty 💎
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 20, 2017 10:04 PM (UTC)
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I remember the exact feeling I had the first time I saw a handstand in yoga. I knew with all my heart that I couldn’t ever do one myself. I felt this way about every arm balance but decided one day I could at least try. I do so many handstands because every single time I still cannot believe the control I’ve worked so hard to feel. I can say with all of my heart that the realization that I could be so wrong about my physical abilities opened massive doors emotionally. Energetically. Your abilities spans far more vastly than you can comprehend. And yet we have each married our jail bars. We wake up and reread the same chapters and then go to bed frustrated with the same experience. Find the ways to challenge your body so your mind will clear and you can be free to follow the delicious path of your purpose. 🖤 Can’t believe I’ll be back in NY in less than a week 😳 Workshops round TWO except minus @bizziegold which makes my heart so sad but she’s probably thankful my butt isn’t in her face while she’s trying to work. 🔥😝🔮 Song: Signs Remix 💎 #WomanPoetry 👁
So you have some extra weight. So you have some acne. So you have accumulated some scars. So you have too much hair. Not enough hair. So you have crooked teeth. So you have lost some important people. So you have gained others in their absence. So you’ve let yourself down. So you’ve given up on a goal. Several times. For years even. So you’ve been broken up with by someone you looked at like forever. So you’ve said some things you haven’t meant. So you’ve said somethings you meant but shouldn’t have said. And through it all, you were learning something weren’t you? You were expanding your understanding for yourself and other people. And that’s got to be worth something. That has to mean something. In a world of 7 billion, you are making your way. Your mark. One breath at a time. What is the quality of your breath today? I challenge you to meet it deeper. Love the fuck out of yourself today. FIERCELY. And let it bleed energetically into the bodies and eyes and hearts of those around you. You’re doing the best you know how. And if you’re not, this is the moment you make that change. You’re a badass. Act like it. 🖤 Love you! 🔮 Photo by the magician @nuttynulty wearing @aloyoga 🔥 Use code Selflove at check out for 25% off for Black Friday aka the only time you can get the baddest threads with a discount! (Also there is a curated list I’ve made for you all of some of my extra faves in the link on my bio.🤓) 💎
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 18, 2017 9:59 PM (UTC)
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When you were a little baby or kid, you somehow created or inherited a narrative about yourself that has unconsciously directed your sails and life... until now. The fact that you are reading these words and seeing this post is your wake up call. Until we shine the light on the dark, unconscious patterns are rampant and destructive. And we look to the surface level of the issue to be fixed but the root is all that matters. Find it. Breathe into it. You can read all the books and posts and podcasts and YouTube’s but nothing is as telling in your life as your breath or lack there of. Spend 20 deep breaths here now, and close your eyes. Place your hands on your belly and heart. Notice what it makes you feel to touch your own skin. Is there love there? Is there pain there? Breathe into both and let whatever shows up stay. My healer told me the other day that past traumas are transcended as soon as there is utter and complete presence. So how often do you show up consciously and lovingly in your own skin? Love you all and happy Saturday! Thank you @bizziegold for showing me the BEST first time in #NewYork and for all of those babes who made it to our first collaborative workshop- - absolute magic! If you missed it I’ll be back to #LongIsland next weekend to teach 4 more workshops so DM me to reserve your spot and make some of the best friends you’ve ever had! 😍😘🔮😭🖤 Flowing in my @aloyoga leg warmers. Song is called Cold Water 🔮
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 16, 2017 4:50 PM (UTC)
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If you say you hate the women who hate women, you are part of the problem. Dissolve the bullshit walls we build around us convinced they will protect us and build something better. Making friends with powerful embodied, intelligent, and sexy women is one of the most transcending, liberating and POWERFUL things I’ve ever done. When you surround yourselves with badasses who elevate others it’s this leveling up that you could not have achieved alone. Thankful to @bizziegold who is a FORCE and the ongoing open conversations of truth and rawness and how our past has only defined our future in the purposeful ways we let it. 🖤 Cheers to ALL the women, (and the men👹) who are making conscious loving relationships. This is how we open up the biggest possibilities: through each other. 🔮 Rocking @aloyoga leg warmers 🔥 Video inspired by @casa_colibri and @erinkellyart who are two of my fave free flowing babes and are ALSO in the city!! Ice Skating meet up in our future?!😍
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 15, 2017 11:39 PM (UTC)
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I am sitting here in a gym in New York next to a scale and it’s so interesting to watch the resignation on the faces that saunter up to the scale like they already are in disappointment. Yet they still step on it. And after a while I stopped being quiet and just threw it out there as they stepped off with a sign and a sad look that that shit doesn’t know a THING about who they are. It doesn’t tell you how hard you loved that day or how much to spread your kindness. It just reads a programmed number of your relation of gravity to your body. Who gives a wild fuck. Did you love with all you were? Did you smile as much as you could? Did you make the sweetest eye contact with as many as you felt you could? That what I wish it could read. What if it said: Be Sweeter to yourself. You are coming home. Do not make it a war zone. 🖤 I’ve had some beautiful conversations while waiting for @bizziegold to get out of her #ButiYoga class and I think I’ll find some more time more often to sit next to the scale and love the hell out of all that step up to find their worth and I’ll slap them with the truth of my heart and awaken their greatest love for self. That’s how deeply I wish for us both to breathe. 😘 If you haven’t heard of the girl in this badass song, please go watch her 12 minute video about being a woman starting out in the music industry. She tells a dark story but one that needs to be shared. Music by #JessieReyez Song: #Gatekeeper 🔥 Wearing @aloyoga and thank you to @nayefzarrour for showing me her music. I love you. Ps why the hell are you in Cali and I’m in NY?! 🙄 RUDE. 🙈
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 15, 2017 6:13 PM (UTC)
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I want to meet more people willing to get messy. I want to stare into the eyes of someone who is equally as afraid of something real but can’t help themselves to move forward. I want to find souls who aren’t afraid to talk about the difficult shit. I want more people in my life that give hugs like you are the last person they will ever see. Really in essence, I want more people who swing for the fucking fence and hold nothing back. I hear of so many feeling deeply for someone but holding back or keeping it in. If this is for fear that they won’t feel the same, then especially then say it loud and proud and allow the weeding process to be natural and swift but telling. Really this post is being written in #NYC and I’m completely ready to lay my heart on the streets. Fuck looking perfect. Here’s my messy truth. 🖤 Photo by @nuttynulty 📸
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 14, 2017 5:40 PM (UTC)
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When I was 5 one of my first memories was of a clothing hamper on my mother’s floor with my little body twisted in half trying to throw up. Desperately I even then pleaded with my spirit to ease up and just let what needed to happen happen. But all I remember is choking for 3 weeks in such a deep sickness I promised my being at 5 years old that the terror I felt then wouldn’t dare be repeated. 25 years later and I hadn’t thrown up, not even once. I once met a masseuse who said he was sick so bad one time he promised himself he would never be sick again and 15 years later he had yet to fall ill. So I believed I could continue on this way but every time I felt ill I was in deep fear of throwing up. Well this past retreat, several of the girls fell sick and I managed to stay healthy. As we sat in the closing circle, I gave my final speech of acknowledging that this too was part of the deep work. That we must bow to that which is presented to us. That it is part of a deep initiation. And not 3 minutes later I had to sprint away to my bathroom and with my hair in a knot and my skin instantly sweating, tears pouring involuntarily from my eyes, I had my forehead against the sink facet and was convinced I was going to die. Violently on and off for 9 hours my body fought something deeply ingrained. I stayed locked in the work, sometimes sobbing sometimes too afraid I would stop breathing to cry. But somewhere inside of me I could feel a change happening, even in the midst of the pain and fear. I was alone for most of it, with only my breath and trust in something sacred occurring violently but that would change me to get me through. Today it’s been 2 days since I’ve eaten but something has shifted. I learned I can survive one of the biggest things 5 year old self convinced herself she could not. I sat alone with my fear and stayed calm. I am truly feeling the gratitude today for my body and my mind. For my health and my illnesses. For everything on this earth that happens to you is sacred. Can you open your eyes to it? Even and especially when there are tears in your eyes and your fear is as big as a mountain? I love you. Grateful for @nuttynulty and his magic 📸 ways
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 13, 2017 9:15 PM (UTC)
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Sometimes I get so focused on being a teacher or a leader I forget to feel my own feelings. It’s completely foreign to me to put myself first. Even though I know with all my heart that true love begins in your own body. So this is a short and simple reminder to me and to you that it’s perfectly normal to get down from the savior pedestal to focus solely on your own energy for once. After this last amazing and intense #yogaretreat as I sit here in the airport I happened to look over my shoulder and caught the eye of someone that looked like a person from my past. And I felt both love and pain for them and myself. Because we both did the best we could and it still just didn’t work out to be in each other’s lives but that sorrow or emotion is still there just buried beneath all the people who told me not to feel what I felt. Everyone is doing the best they can and I am so grateful for every single one of you. For your comments and DM’s and messages and emails. For your tags and your loving words. Not a single one gets missed. Xo 🖤 Photo by @nuttynulty 🤓
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 12, 2017 6:00 PM (UTC)
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If I could count the times I’ve hated this belly it would far outweigh the times I’ve allowed myself to love it. Why is it so hard to just BREATHE the way we were meant to breathe? If you watched a baby, it’s breaths travel naturally down its little body into its belly as it rises fully and falls fully. Yet we at some point along the way learn to bundle up guilt and fear and shame and stuff it into a space that was never meant to cradle that kind of poison. We take one of the purest most powerful spaces in our bodies and pillage and plunder it with the poison of our past. The past is just that. A flat moment in time that occurred that we needed to happen in that moment but did not need to press into our skin. I am still dealing with emotional bloating and figuring out how to balance my emotions within not reaching for food or a drink to punish me. I am doing the inquiring within at what truth is expressing itself as another. I have finally began to be able to breathe lovingly into my palms pressed into my skin. I am slowing beginning to live in this body. Thank you for carrying me 30 years while I misused you. I am here now. 🖤
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 11, 2017 9:11 PM (UTC)
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When FIRE meets ICE, what happens? We are about to find out as the West Coast invades the East Coast with a Secret Pop Up Workshop in #NYC ⚡️with @bizziegold and myself!!!! 🖤🔥 Bizzie is a force and I am a storm so together it’s going to be a night to explode your being until nothing is left but your wild beating heart. This is my first time in #NewYork and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time. Link is in my bio and space is VERY limited so grab your spot because this is Bizzie and I’s first ever intuitive fusion and will be such a powerful place to make some badass new friends. If live never done Yoga or you’ve done it a million times, THIS IS FOR YOU. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. 😘 Details on the link and message me if you are coming!!! SO EXCITED!! Expect the biggest hug ever!! 🌓🌒🌑🌘🌗 XO 🖤
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 11, 2017 2:09 PM (UTC)
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I found a photo the other day of the times when I used to dance on top of boxes in Las Vegas in a short dress longer than my self respect. I sent it to a friend and texted her that I dressed like such a stripper back then. That I had no fucking clue who I was and how far I let myself stray from what I truly felt. Right away she cut me off and said to stop berating that girl. Because she was needed to become who and what I am now. Every piece of you comes together to weave it’s lessons into the one you are becoming. Every shitty hard confusing time will make sense the further away you get if you keep the path of breath going IN. So send love back to the little you’s that took the rough patches and gifted you grace and understanding now. 🖤 Video shot by the man myth and legend @nuttynulty 🤪 And YES I am rocking my Boots in #Tulum on the beach. I️ give no fuuuuhhhh 🤓 Music by #TomWalker #FlyAwayWithMe 🌶
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 9, 2017 4:08 PM (UTC)
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‘And then the beginning of a personal crisis becomes the chance to tell a better fucking story.’ Jason Silva spoke this on a video the other day and I felt it down to my core. If only we realized this in the middle of our panic. If only we could have the binoculars slapped out of our hands when we try to zoom in too closely to our shit. Prop your hands up under whatever feels too heavy and breathe into it while you push out. You are a badass that has made a home in its unconsciousness behaviors and beliefs. From this space all that happens is a tale of your old shit replays over and over. On a loop. Groundhog Day is no place to call living. So awaken all of the parts you are clinging to. The irony is that the weight you are holding is equal to the weight of liberation, so let go. 🖤⚡️ Shooting with @nuttynulty has been one of the most fun and creative spaces I’ve been in in so long. Grateful for your friendship and ability to road dog in scorpions beds to the boujee lands of Tulum and on a ferry to a secret island with the best attitude! 🔥 Wearing @aloyoga 😎
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 8, 2017 2:05 PM (UTC)
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It is a painful thing to realize you believe in someone more than they ever believed in themselves. And yet it has happened every time. And I’ll never regret trying for a home run every single time because it’s more about how you show up, not always just about the outcome. Someone wrote to me the other day and said, ‘I love watching how through the years, you never gave up even though you’ve had heartbreak after heartbreak.’ It was something to that extent and it made me reflect that years ago I️ made a hard vow to myself to never bring old triggers, memories, stories or baggage into a new love. Every time is like the first time. Although my name is jade, I’ve never allowed myself after I️ made that vow to become jaded. It’s like each time you just peel off a layer and the next goes deeper. But sometimes this is really fucking hard. We take a good hit when someone cheats or lies or leaves BUT this is your moment to find the depths of YOU. Yesterday we went to a cenote (if you are in Tulum book @awake_mx for a mermaid swim🧜🏽‍♀️) and tried to make the dream in my head come alive with shooting in a dress. But a life long fear of mine has always been drowning and it was a struggle for me to calm myself down and not swallow a bunch of water. But at some point I️ swallowed more than I️ could take and ended up resurfacing coughing up water and gasping for air. We were only a couple feet down yet it was enough to make me almost throw up. And it flashed me back to the feeling of giving your air your energy your life up to save another; that was who made up the majority of my 20’s. But looking back, it never did work. Because people only change when THEY get sick of their own shit. Otherwise the tough push up the hill is just throwing your back out and they will be back to where they started from long after you are exhausted and asked for even an ounce of their help. So in the moments when you leave yourself, remember the feeling of saving someone does not require you to join them in despair. You can only help from the surface. From a boat. From the deep part of yourself that cannot be shaken. Only stirred 😏 Thank you to the badass that is @nuttynulty 📸
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 8, 2017 12:54 AM (UTC)
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I️ read a caption from my friend Hannah @gypsyon__ the other day that said she wished more people would stop saying if a place they traveled was “good” or “bad.” And this really stuck with me and I️ pondered it for the rest of the day. At first I️ wasn’t so sure and thought perhaps it was good that you could get other people’s perspectives however I️ now see what she meant. I’ve traveled quite a bit and to many places that people have told me are insanely dangerous or not worth it, or terrible or boring. I’ve traveled to countries that I’ve heard are full of disease and shitty people. And ever single time I’ve had my own unique and beautiful experience. I️ agree with Hannah. Not that you shouldn’t share you thoughts but just to be mindful of how you do it. What is your intention. I’ve heard such basic things about #Tulum and it deterred me for so long in coming here. But I️ have a #yogaretreat on an island nearby so I️ decided to take a chance and see what kind of adventures I️ could have here. And it’s honestly one of the most magical spots I’ve ever been to. So much so when we make it onto certain parts of the beach here you get soooo high out of your mind and it’s pure magic. So here’s to more adventures this year with no ones opinion or story keeping you away from finding out yourself. 🖤 Twirling in a coconut field with @nuttynulty behind the 📸
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 7, 2017 4:12 PM (UTC)
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I wonder how long it will take us to realize that buying the purse doesn’t make us a better human. That the make up doesn’t cover the truth. The burger doesn’t hide our pain. That the soda can’t drown out the noise of self disgust. That the truest work is whatever is happening right this minute in your field. All of the noise around you can either make you crazy or focus you IN. People say they want the truth until you simply ask them to deepen their breath and open their eyes to the thorn in their side they have been avoiding. We convince ourselves prolonging the process of doing what we know needs to be done will make it LESS painless but really we are just asking it to stick around harder and longer. So liberate yourself. From all of the ways in which your breath gets shallow or your pulse quickens into stressful cadence. Your peace isn’t on a beach that looks like heaven- I️ found it far before this moment. You can too. 🖤 Wearing highly inappropriate beach boots while @nuttynulty puts up with my shit while shooting magic in #Tulum before my #yogaretreat starts on Thursday! 🤪
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 5, 2017 1:18 AM (UTC)
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I read a statistic the other day that said the odds are 9 times out of 10 unlikely that you will change. And this I felt with my whole body because I believe that we are capable of so much more, yet lately it’s become even easier to settle on the belief that everything just takes a little too much work. Yet then we wonder why our lives feel like they have plateaued. The consistency you exhibit with showing up or not showing up to the shit in life that brings you massive amounts of discomfort is what will indicate whether change is coming your way or not. I 1000% did not want to train today as I have been teaching double what I normally do this week, and lifting and boxing every single day, but as I laid on the couch before this video was taken and I showed up to the studio, I laid there and gave myself a breath to consider what it would feel like if I stayed home and slept. And then I took the second deep breath to consider what it would feel like when I’m completely exhausted and gassed out after a work out like this, and there really is no feeling like it to me. This technique of comparing the feeling of what the two versions of me will be if I do or to not do something has shifted my world as of late. If you are too afraid to try a class of something that your heart knows it will benefit from, then hire a trainer or a teacher for a private lesson. Find another way to accomplish what you are being pulled towards. There’s always a way. But if you repeat the same process that has built up comfort in your bones, don’t expect any magic. How do you change? You just fucking do it. I love you. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Take the next 10 deep breath with your hand on your lower belly to feel your breath is renewing your energy. Working out with the human weapon aka @newtonkravfitness wearing @aloyoga 🖤⚡️🔥Music is #Snakehips #Dimelo 😈
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 4, 2017 3:01 PM (UTC)
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My friend sent me a video the other day of disturbing amounts of clarity. The kind you can't wiggle away from. It was by #JasonSilva and it broke so many walls and dead ends down in my mind. Here are some of the first 5 minutes tidbits. "Personal crisis begins when the story you tell yourself about yourself is no longer convincing. We live inside our stories. These stories govern these maps of meaning. They tell us what to do and how to do it. Experiencing angst, depression, discomfort or the fire in your belly all pulls you toward the unknown. To understand is to perceive patterns. Ernest Becker once said, "The difference between the neurotic and the artist is precisely the fact that the neurotic cannot create and so he chokes on his introversions. Both are highly sensitive. Both bite off more than they can chew. Both take in the world with remarkable intensity, but the neurotic is overwhelmed by that intensity. The neurotic lives inside cul-de-sacs in their head and deals with self-loathing. The artist feels the same but turns into an active work project." I once was the neurotic. Choking on everything I was meant to explode into being with; now I am the artist. Army crawling, hands and knees, towards liberation of these lungs, heart and thoughts. What has expired in your life? What needs to go because it is a mountain you are carrying but we're supposed to climb? 🖤 Flowing #WomanPoetry to my favorite #BenHoward song #DepthOverDistance (which is on my brand new Spotify playlist!!!) in @aloyoga 🔥⚡️ PS THIS VIDEO IS LINKED IN MY STORY ONE MORE TIME. Go check it.
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 4, 2017 1:01 AM (UTC)
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The day I realized no one was coming to save me was equal parts shitty and equal parts liberation. My first Disney movie was Little Mermaid, and as I grew up it was my favorite. I followed that up with some Cinderella and Snow White and so on. All the way down to Sleeping Beauty literally needing a mans kiss and not just any one, but the truest kind to save you. All of these little mini baby Jade took to mean that you needed someone and usually a man to save her. But first you had to get him to like you. I am undoing these programs from underneath my skin and digging them out from my belief system. I remember a point in my life when I felt I had to always need someones help and to come across as clueless. That it was unattractive to be knowledgeable and self sustaining. That connection pertained to the need you felt towards another. Well shit. That's no longer a tune I sing. We all have a day that we realize there is no one that's going to slide along while our tire is blown and magically just fall in love with us while changing it. We can be forever pissed about this fact, and step fully into anger and victimhood and the blame game; oh it was my shitty upbringing or my abusive ex, or the fact that I never had a family which all have validity in your circumstance but DO NOT make you. My friend Drake told me a story he saw on YouTube about a man who trained his whole life since he was 7 to play in the NFL. He was 8 games away from a 30 million dollar contract when he suffered an injury so bad he ended up losing his arm. He lost his contract and was told by doctors he would never be the same. By day 3 he was walking again. He said that his great realization wasn't that he had trained his body since he was 7 to get one result; but rather he has been training his spirit to become something more. Your circumstances had to be what they were and are so that they could deliver you with seeds. Seeds of all kinds of badassness and potency. But if you just keep that shit in the package it came in you'll never even comprehend that it can actually yield massive growth. No one is coming to save you. But this does not mean you are here to drown. OWN YOUR SPIRIT!🔥🖤⚡️
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 2, 2017 3:30 PM (UTC)
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Vibrational matching is when one person, place or things energy or perhaps a memory is taken on by another. This can be something beautiful or it can feel like the heaviest burden. It can either bring you down or uplift you. For example, my friend and I went to a meeting and it was with a woman who was quite angry and frustrated with her life. This fact then bled into the way that she spoke to us and her answers to our questions were rough, angry, and short. My friend began to sink back in his chair and his face became completely miserable. He kept holding his face as if he was going to cry and have a massive migraine any second now. I was mostly quiet as he was in charge of leading the meeting, but it was clear that they were both at a standstill in negotiating. So I leapt into the convo and grabbed the reins. I began with a compliment that I found to be truth: She had very beautiful eyes, and I launched head first with my heart leading the way. This resulted in scooping everyone in the room up energetically and taking them on a one way ticket to my vibration which was very passionate and loving. Soon she was on the same page and smiling and laughing and telling us intimate details of her life. When we got out of there I asked my friend what happened and he realized he had begun to mirror her energy perfectly. We do this so seamlessly for so many years we don't even notice it happening. But often times it's around our bosses or parents or friends that shouldn't be our friends because they make our bellies ache when we spend time with them, that we vibrationally match to a 'lower frequency'. When we become aware we can shift and expand our good vibes to more than just ourselves. The shift happens with a deep breath in. You anchor the breath deep in the belly and suddenly it's all a lot more clear because you aren't at the surface being tossed by whoever comes your way. 🖤 #WomanPoetry flow to #JakeWells @_jake_wells_ #RollLikeThunder which is a magical song and is on iTunes as my Spotify playlist. ⚡️ Wearing @aloyoga threads. 🔥