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"Three Rules of Life...1: Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. 2: Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. 3: Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition - they somehow already know what you truly want to become.". -Steve Jobs

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I have heard the words "I hate being touched" come out of my mouth many times in my life and every single time, it's been a lie. But what IS truth is that it's hard for me to relax under the hands of another. In every way. So this year I decided to work on my fear and have been getting #Reiki trained and been practicing energy work on many of my guy friends. It's been so healing to be touched and held and felt by men who are safe. Who make me feel safe and loved and seen. I have attracted so many ex's that refused to touch me or hated being seen with me in public. I had a boyfriend remove me from his "Top 8" on MySpace 😂 the moment we started dating and hid it from all of our mutual friends. Most of the people I've dated have felt like they were embarrassed of me so I never even tried to hold their hand in public and I accepted that I must be horrendous looking or something about me was super offensive and embarrassing. Until one day (not too long ago 😳) I looked myself in the mirror and said enough is enough. It is true; that what we allow will continue. So if you aren't being respected or loved, time to move inward. I laugh now because I always heard that the outside can only match you as deep as you've first met your inside but now it's just hilariously obvious. If you have never had safe touch or reiki or #energyhealing I highly recommend looking into it. I still jump when I get my low belly and hips worked on and it triggers me but less and less each time. The trick is to lay down a foundation of safety so real change can be sparked and maintained. Thank you to @dantedreamsbig for letting me work on his blocked #chakras. 😂😭 I'm jk. He's the one teaching me these days to open my blocked ass heart. 😶😑🖤 Song is #ElectricFeel Wearing @aloyoga ⚡️
In some ways, I want you out of my life. You remind me of my old self and maybe thats what you came to reflect. Maybe everyone just bounces the truth off of themselves into your heart and your eyes until you have no choice but to see it so painfully. But once the truth comes, does this mean you leave? I know that people leaving and going is my biggest work because I hate it the most. But shit. I thought by now my lesson is learned. I suppose if it still feels like a thorn it isn't yet completed. Pema Chodron says nothing ever goes away until it teaches you what you need to know. I guess this is why you are dwindling. I guess I spent a lot of years wanting to see what I wanted to. Rather than what was actually happening. The truth is this is less about you and more about me smashing what I thought we were so that I can become what I need to. So cheers to that. Cheers to thy will be done. Let it fucking consume me. Let it burst my old shit wide open until nothing is left but truth. Out in the open. Wild. Like a wound in a cold sharp wind. It hurts the worst right before it begins to heal. 🖤 Photo from one of the best weeks of my life in Mexico shot by the talented @nuttynulty ⚡️
I was on a plane yesterday and started to take off when I read about the #MeToo campaign. It filled my mind and heart as the plane took flight. I felt so many angles about it. Since I was little one of my curse/gifts was to be able to feel any given persons feelings about why they did something. So when I dated someone who was abusive I was dangerously understanding because I followed his actions back to the root cause. So when I think about sexual assault, yes, Me Too, but I also know that change doesn't happen with a witch hunt of all the men who have done this. I read a post that struck every bone in my body by @jocelyndaher on her page about a dream she was having that she was crying in her sleep during. Once her lover woke her up, she shared that she had been having a dream that she was being violently raped. And that she was fighting it so intensely until suddenly she had this moment where she caught her breath, and began to look into his eyes. And then he began to look into her eyes and all she saw at the depth of the violence was repressed pain. Repressed love. And they both wept and moved beyond that moment. People have been passing down their pain like it's a birth right. And I want to see the tides change. Yes, I was raped. Yes it was beyond words. Still is such a powerful moment in my life, but it took me 3 years of revisiting that moment for me to see this other side that he was most likely raped too. As a child. And when I see that I think it's hard for me to just cheer on the women only anymore. I had a guy ask to come to a #Womanpoetry workshop one time. And I laughed and said hell no you creep. You don't get to come and stare at 60 women in yoga pants. And he asked again if he could come and told me that he had been repeatedly raped as a child but never told anyone because as a male there was no space for him to open up. I cried. And I saw that I couldn't just heal the women, I also needed to hold the same space for the men. So this is a #MeToo and a #HeToo because the deepest work of the Divine Feminine is to guide the repressed pain and anger of the Divine Masculine not by treating them the same way we were treated but raising the vibration.
If I simplified your existence and mine down to molecules and chemicals and scientific information, there is not a single person who wouldn't be made from the same energy as you are. Yet you sit here and somehow spend your time convincing yourself that you matter less. We spend so much time outside of our bodies that we believe our outside possessions and the actions of others make up our worth. When really every moment is a brand new beginning. If you need to make a hard left or right from the path or person or relationship you are in, DO IT! Every breath is a chance to completely reinvent yourself. I can always tell where I am at inside by the way I dress outside. If I give a fuck what people think I wear muted tones and have nothing outlandish on my body. But tides have changed because I decided I wanted them to and I went and bought myself a belated birthday present of a studded jacket with roses and spikes and other crazy shit on it. I can feel my shell getting tired and my new self getting restless to emerge so I decided with a new jacket and a fresh mindset that I'm taking all my fucks back. This platform doesn't suck and it's not mindless, it's what YOU make it. So how do you sing your tune on page and into your life? This song is by #Logic and if you haven't heard of him check him out. I once went to a Geazy concert alone because that's the type of thing I do to challenge my loneliness and Logic opened for him. I had never heard of him before but he got a crowd of 15,000 to dance and sing and breathe and come alive like no one else I've ever seen. At one point he had everyone scream "Fuck You!!" as loud as they could several times. Then he asked them to scream "I Love You!!" to themselves as loud as they could and about 2 people in the stadium did it while the rest fell silent. He yelled at the crowd, "How can you be so quick to say fuck you, and yet you can't even love yourself?" He shared how he grew up with less than nothing in the Projects and how every single one of us needed to believe in ourselves to change the world. He changed my life that day and many others. You don't have to be a famous badass rapper on a stage to make a change. Begin now 🖤
Because grace isn't always my middle name. In fact I have little patience in my practice these days. This is literally how most of the times I try to film go. When I first stated Instagram I loved capturing the poses in nature and the flow but after 6 years I started craving other moments. I started diving deep down into yoga off the mat. I recently started getting back into practicing and my flow has a long way to go. That's why I was about to delete this video about literally nothing and everything being annoying like my hair in my face and my balance teetering and my handys not sticking, but decided not to because this is the other side of the work. When shit doesn't go "right" or smooth it's the opportunity to find the grace. It's not about being beautiful on your mat in the perfect temperature or the comfiest clothes; it's cultivating a resilience in the studio so that when the break up hits or the job you love fires you or the sickness strikes you can be brave. You can be bold. So while I'm still picking thorns out of my thighs from attempting to yoga in the cactus fields of Mexico, let's all breathe a little deeper when the shit hits the fan. And be kind to ourselves when we need to take a break instead of taking care of everyone besides ourselves. #Womanpoetry #IsSometimesMessy #GiveLessOfYourFucks 😘 Wearing @aloyoga top 🎼 By #6Lack #ThatFar 🔮
I posted a video on my story about how intensely Eye Gazing has changed my life. A babe sent me a direct message about how her little 10 year old went shopping for new shorts and pants for school and that she is curvy and "plus sized" for her age. That they spent 4 hours driving around to different stores and finally found one store that carried pants her size. She turned to her mother and asked her, at 10, if she thought she was skinny. Her mother paused, taken aback, and honestly answered,' No honey, you aren't skinny but you are beautiful just the way you are. You are a curvy girl and there is nothing wrong with that." The little girl burst into tears. Said between sobs "How could you say that to me mom? That I'm not skinny?" She told her mom she sucks her stomach in so people don't know she's not skinny. THIS IS A 10 YEAR OLD!! We have to do better! This has to end with our generation and if you're appalled by this story because it's a kid and haven't stopped to be hurt by your own mean self talk, back the train up and sit in your body until you locate your pain. Gone are the days when outsides define you. We are the tide changers. The energy shifters. What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? My friend had her 10 year old walk up to the mirror and eye gaze with herself. She couldn't do it for more than a glance without bursting even more into tears. So she told her that if you look into others eyes as a sign of respect you have got to start with yourself. And after 30 minutes, this brave little 10 year old broke herself down and built herself up in that JC penny's dressing room until she smiled into her heart. Even more, an older woman exited the fitting room next to them crying saying she was having the same conversation with herself and that it had touched her. YOU can change the world. By changing yourself. Stop blaming Trump or your parents and get off the horse of sorrow and CHANGE. Shift the pain into power. Check out my story for mothers Direct message. It's heart breaking and heart making. Tonight we breathe a little deeper into our bellies and say to hell with size being anything other than a mathematical number. 🖤
One of the biggest changes I've made in my life is not labeling my moods. After I got home from Mex yesterday I hit this low sadness depression sorrow feeling and it felt like sinking to the bottom of the ocean and staying there. I have many friends right now that feel suicidal. That are heavy and weighted in their breath and chest. And I began to feel it too yesterday. But since learning not to think that what I am feeling is the entirety of my experience, I allow myself to move with the waves as they come. I used to label myself in deep depression when I felt these waves come but now I see that it's just the tides. Let them flow in freely and let them live in your body. Not make a home. But stay for a while. Accepting every flavor, every color as important to your artistic expression. And then paint the town with yourself. I love you. I'm going to be saying that much more often because I mean it and you are not alone. You found these words for a reason. Step back into your life and CREATE with your pain just as you CREATE with your beauty. Everything is needed. Contrast is a powerful teacher. 🖤 🎼#OscarAndTheWolf #TheGame✔️ #WomanPoetry is coming to #LongIsland #LosAngeles #Miami and possibly #SanFrancisco and #Canada 😳 I can't wait to squeeze you all! Long Island tickets are on sale. DM me for the link and there are still just TWO more spots for Baja Mex #yogaretreat in November 🙈Wearing @aloyoga 🔥 Ps that's a freakin VOLCANO behind me!!!
I used to work undercover security for 9 years of my life and it taught me endless things about human nature. I got to basically study people and their behavior patterns both nonverbal and verbal and it was very eye opening. I also got to watch and listen to the many men I worked with speak about the women who walked in the various places I worked. I was personally at a place where I was pissed at the world and so I largely stayed silent and angry at the things in my life that were orbiting my head when the comments were made that now make my awake head spin and eyes roll. They would see a woman walk in with a low-ish cut top or a short dress and proceed to express about how she was probably slutty or wanted it. They would tell me how they went on a date and she did this or wore that or expressed some other nonverbal cue and it always led back to the girl being easy or slutty. All I saw and heard was women who were wishing for love. So they dangled what they could OR just wanted to wear a low cut top for themselves and got all these things called and said and talked about them. It is sad. I am at the airport and I am wearing a low off the shoulder sweater and as it fell down and exposed part of my bra I panicked and all those thoughts came rushing back to me. We are in charge of shifting the old paradigm. The old stale dead thoughts that have been circulated are lame. Rude. Ignorant. Let everyone just live and wear what they want. Be who they want. Dress how they feel. Let your heart beat louder than their stares or words. I am finding more and more men who want to talk. Want to open. Want to search for their best self. And if you are reading this you are part of leading these people as well as yourself home into that space of truth. Of love. I spent the week in Mexico having the deepest of conversations with some amazing people and I am going to make this part of my every week with everyone I meet who keeps my gaze. They say people can only meet you as deep as they've met themselves. Well cheers to peeling even more layers off. Thank you @dantedreamsbig and @imagine.capture for letting me be free to artistically explore and both being legends of gentlemen 🖤
Being in Mex for the past week with no service and swimming with whales and sharks and dolphins and sea lions and everything else under the sun, I've come to realize I've turned a page. In fact it's not even a new chapter, it's a whole new book. I had a crazy intuitive experience with Sperm Whales and we saw a baby one of which the boat captain had never seen in all his 60 years of living there and being out on the water every day. All I can say over and over again is what you believe in is true. It's as true only as deep as your belief goes. If you wake up every day and you reiterate over and over how ugly you feel, you will start to create this reality. Your mind is always spinning. Always creating. There is no idling. So while you are seeing these words, allow them to awaken you. To permeate your walls, limits and perimeters until you burst back into your artistic creative body. Do not hold back. Do not sit on your best work. Best photo. Until you have a following. Or more friends. Or blah blah blah. BE BOLD NOW. BE BIG NOW. Regardless of your fears. I love you. Music by Mo, Night With You. 🔥Wearing @aloyoga top 🖤 Thank you @nuttynulty for taking me to my favorite place in Mex 🔮
You have to be willing to lose it all to gain yourself. You have to be courageous enough to say the things nobody else will say to someone's face. You have to surrender to only the most potent parts of your heart. Only then will you remember what it feels like to be wild and untamed. Your truest nature is hiding. Let that shit out. 🔥😎⚡️ Wearing @aloyoga top with no make up and tangled hair. 👌🏼 Photo by the G unit that is @nuttynulty ⚡️😎
I don't know the exact time in my life, but I was ingrained to think that things in my life had to last. That if it wasn't forever, then it was never that real in the first place. And when you live by this idea, everything hurts because it all ends at some point. These days I fall hard and fast and it stays in that moment and I don't carry it on to the next. I encourage my students when I hold them in a particularly hard pose for a period of time to not take the pain and difficulty of the pose previous into the next one. But this is a hard idea for us isn't it? There was a time in my life that I was cheated on so many times and so consistently that I wanted to become as ugly as I could and undesirable as possible so that I didn't have to worry about being hurt. But this was a cop out. This was a way for me to hide from life and I am not that kind of girl. I step up to the plate and swing for the fence. So I ask you to reconsider your commitment level. The way in which you approach what scares you. I love this part of Mexico so much because it is so unforgiving and places you in moments that beg you to come alive. It pushes your boundaries and leaves no stone unturned. I hope you take risks. I hope you find the moments that take your breath away. In these moments you break your perimeters and become more of what you are at your purest dose. Two spots left on Novembers #yogaretreat. DM me if you want to expand your entire heart. 🖤 Photo by my fave badass Mex adventurer @nuttynulty 🔥 Wearing @aloyoga top ⚡️
'You need to break up with them,' I heard the voice say. I felt myself begin to argue. But the truth was there. In an instant I felt myself flash back to the day I realized it: "We have to start posting authentically. We have to be willing to show the whole self and not just the highlight reel." I was in a deeply powerful meditation led by my friend and sister Aubry when she said this to our class. I thought to myself, but I've always posted authentically. I've always been real with where I've been at and I post unafraid of my words. My truth. My depths have been the main nucleus of my Instagram for the last 6 years. But something inside me requested I do some deeper questioning. The whole next week I asked myself: Have I been authentic? Yes. But not to the degree that I feel is my responsibility on this earth. My purpose is much more gritty than speaking about boys who scorned me, and lightly addressing abusive past moments. It is ugly. It is raw. And it is unafraid even when it throws EVERYTHING down and flips even that inside out. So this is what brought me to the moment where I must tell you that I love you. That I've valued your opinions so intensely over the years I began to let it soften me. I began to let it control the direction and depth of my artistry. It took meeting a soul as fucking badass and unapologetic as @bryanxellis with a tat on his face and more cuss words in a meditation class than even I think I could bust out to call me on my bullshit. He spoke of not giving a shit what religion you are or what your views on yoga or anything else were. That his purpose was to unite every soul that wanted to be connected by the heart beat that binds us and sings us home to that pure essence of love. Just hours after @aubrymarie challenged my belief system of self, I laid there hearing @bryanxellis words pierce my false beliefs of what I could and couldn't say on here. So this is my goodbye. My break up to you all. No matter if you love me and every thought that ever was birthed here, or if you can't stand my face, it's over. I am removing the filters and ready to make a scar on this body to show what the real work looks more like📸 @imagine.capture
I'll be in Atlanta on October 15th and would love to set up a workshop while I'm there. Anyone know of any amazing #yogastudio 's in #Atlanta that might have a few hours on a Sunday? If you can come send me your email in a DM and I'll email you when I confirm a place! Also side note: I'm coming to LONG ISLAND!! In November!!DM me your email to be added to the list for that one as tickets go on sale this week and there are limited spots. 🔥😊 Can't wait to meet and play and dive deep with some of you!! 🖤😎 Wearing @aloyoga 😘 #LongIslandYoga #AtlantaYoga
Sunday was my 30th birthday and I suddenly felt very heavy around 3pm. I laid down on the couch and while people called me, facetimed me, poked me to wake up and go to dinner or to open some presents, I couldn't explain it. I just had to obey and fall deep into sleep and it felt like I was magnetized to the earth. I slept until 3am and woke up to a friends story saying pray for Las Vegas. I felt my gut harden and I lost all my breath when I searched for the news. I shake now as I type this. I felt the wails locked deep in my belly as I read the words and let myself understand. Or try to. I want to say I can't believe it but I can. Sadly this is some tragic story we have heard many times over, yet nothing new ever comes out. Jail people who need to be heard. Lock away people who already had isolation issues. We encourage this type of reality with our lack of programs out there for humans of every walk of life. I drop my head to my heart while everyone debates the symptoms such as guns and pills and any other part of the deeper issue. Connection is the root of love. If you have lost that for yourself you've lost that often for humanity. And so instead of just writing my feelings, I got inspired by what @rock3roll wrote and I'm doing something about it. Once a month I will have a meet up at a designated spot to talk to anyone who wants to come and share conscious space. I'll move them from OC to LA to SD and if I travel make a pop up one. Connecting powerful souls who feel as if they are drowning and are in need of community is a gift I've realized I have lately. So here it is: the birth of something Loving out of the pain. What can you bring to your corner of the world? Maybe you can start a meet up group. It all radiates outward. It all helps at least one person. So let this be on our plate. We can heal it. We just have to start. 🖤 My heart with with Vegas and the entire world trying desperately to learn how to breathe.
I recommend letting your knees hit the ground at least once. On the floor amongst my anguish, I both lost and then found myself. I wouldn't trade my unraveling for a damn thing. Someone asked me where the best place to start searching for themselves at. The best path is the one that is in front of you. It's as simple and complicated as someone cutting you off and transmuting that energy toward something beneficial. Taking deeper breaths when all your patterns tell you to hold it all in. Accepting the breakup and surrendering to it. Letting it be felt as deeply as it begs to be. This is your unfurling. What will you do with the next thing that comes your way? 🖤 Wearing @aloyoga 🦋 #WomanPoetry
I love you. YOU. The one who is reading these words. I love you whether you are reading this and hate me. I love this whether you are reading this and love me. They say "What you see mainly depends on what you look for" and I am reaffirmed of this deeply. I am reading a book called A Return To Love and it's kicking my ass with goodness. My healer grabbed my hand the other day, peered into my eyes, and said this path you are on comes with dangerous amounts of intensity. Intensity of being loved. Intensity of being hated. And I recognized yesterday that I had what felt like a fall from grace moment. A knees hitting the floor moment. A truth moment. A beautiful one. I love seeing, hearing and reading people who speak with passion. People who take all of their beliefs and embody them. Sometimes we see our way as so sure that we lose sight of the fact that we are all so different. That we see an inch and take it for a mile. That we are quick to anger without all the facts. This community is a passionate thing. I fucking love that. It's potent as hell. You can literally find a teacher for every type of modality and way of being. A year ago in my heart I moved away from wanting to be called a Yoga Teacher. I have always viewed yoga as a tool. I took a year and a half off of asana to study the mind and heart. The poses are a small stepping stone that amplified my emotions. That helped save me. My first teacher was someone who played Eminem in class. I needed that to make it through an hour class. And then I outgrew her. And I didn't tell her her method was shit, I loved her all the way into the next path I took. And so on. I believe in people most often more than they believe in themselves. And it's not about the body or a pose. Nor has it ever been.But what you see depends mainly on what you look for.But what is above all else, is the level of love you meet every situation with.The part of you that seeks to understand and not to assume. I bow to each and every comment and I read every single one. I made up my mind to bare my soul.At all costs.To always believe in expanding your perimeters.Not deepening your backbends. Showing your heart where it holds the tension.
This morning I taught a class and when we went down to do headstands, I demonstrated several variations. I split my legs and spun the twist far in each direction. I gripped a block between my feet and lifted it up and down several times hovering it just before it hit the floor. I lifted up into crow pose. And as I lowered down, and told them it was their turn, a woman's voice shouted before I was right side up, "Your body is the only one that can do that!" I was intensely offended on behalf of her own existence. I stood up and asked who had said that because I was going to bring them up to conquer their lack of belief but they would not unmask themselves. So I looked out over the class and said, "You want to know the difference between my body and all of yours? It's that my body knows it can do ANYTHING. And yours believes in all of its limitations. You walk in here laden down with disbelief and you never try anything new or stay long enough to feel something real, so how could you possibly outgrow yourself? I can break down any wall on this earth aside from one: And that is the limit you've convinced yourself is your furthest ability." So I ask you today, across the ethers of the Internet: What is the difference between the person you admire or envy or are jealous of for doing something you think you can't? It's that they didn't let anything stop them. Grow up and out of your jail cell. The one you think you have to live in. The truth? It only opens from the inside. You have to walk out of your own volition. You are the only one who can truly liberate you or your body. Breath by breath let's get it. 🖤 Photo by love @imagine.capture at the #AloYoga retreat 🙈 #AloinPalmSprings 🤤🔥
I taught a class this morning that felt like church. Not a church I've ever been to but one that I wish I could attend. I walked in and the room was already annoyed. On top of all the things they had going on in their life, an alarm was constantly whining high in the ceiling from a little white box. Immediately people started begging me to get it to stop so I threw it back to that moment in Teacher Training when they taught us how to be an electrician LOL NOT!!! And I shimmied up a ladder and took various objects and started beating the thing. Needless to say it dented the wall and my finger and didn't do a damn thing except make it louder. So I laughed and dismounted the ladder (I was literally standing on the tippy top that's how vertically challenged I am😐) and said to the class, "Lucky us, we get to go deeper than the place where this alarm keeps going off lives in our body." And that's just what we did. We used what we had and I don't have a clue at what point the stupid thing just turned off by itself but it did and we were all so lost in flow that no one else could tell you either. This is what I've worked on with every inch of my life. Using it ALL. That divorce? I'll use it. That beating? I'll use it. Being fired? I'll use that. Your doubt? My own doubt? I'll use both. The harassment? I'll use that. The rape? I'll use that. Give it all to me life. It's why my painting is the fucking realist and why you can feel me and cry with me and breathe with me and it's as if we are both one. Because we are but I've just been pinned down so long that I muscled out of it and now it's all just added color for my master piece. So no matter what you are doing today use it. Use the annoying thing that is present. Use the painful thing that is here. Use your heart most of all. I love you. This day, use every breath to travel deeper into the body. ALSO ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL #WomanPoetry and one more week in lowercase until I'm 30 😳 Dear god what type of shift is coming? I'm fucking stoked. Flowing in my @aloyoga to #AllWeAre Song.💎 🖤🔥 Off to teach the rehab center Yogis and then to teach Soul Retrieval workshop tonight! If you're around #OrangeCounty DM me to come!
Last night, I held a grown man while he sobbed in my hands. As he fell more and more apart, my heart crumbled a thousand times. Slowly he disappeared as the person I knew and I could feel him become the frightened little boy that to this day ran his life. I could feel the way in which his parents never loved him. They might have done the best they knew how but it was now clear that if he wanted to end that cycle it had to be severed by him. As I held him, I wiped his tears as he shook and he rolled his face into my sleeve. Clenching. This little boy just terrified. Just wanting to feel safe. To feel arms wrapped around his. To be told he was loved. And it suddenly illuminated so much to me: We are all these little kids inside waiting to be loved in ways we will never be by the ones we wanted. So we unconsciously draw in partners to replicate this situation outside to try and find a new outcome. But if the vibration is the same how can it be shifted? It can't. But we can take other steps to change. It starts with us. You have to leave that wreckage at some point. I'm sorry your parents didn't give you what you so dearly deserved. I'm sorry you reached for anything that could take your pain away even if it meant burying yourself in a hole. This man, he is in rehab. He is trying desperately to fill the holes of his heart with drugs and alcohol and it never really works does it. It doesn't work with another human being. These are just bandaids on a wound that will forever bleed until it is looked at. Felt. Healed. Loved for the open wound it is. Only once it is open and painful can we drop in the antibacterial or do the surgery. But it has to breathe. As do you. Our generation is in charge of reversing so many traumatic cycles. We are so intelligent and soft and kind and heart wide open that we can heal this mess. We can heal the wounds of our parents. By simply sitting with ours. Shaking, crying, tremoring it out. Just in case you never heard it, from the purest part of my soul to the softest center of yours: I love you. Unconditionally. Completely. For all you have been through. And still came up fighting. Close your eyes and take 10 deep belly breaths with me. 🖤
#YogaTeacherProblems 😳 Literally every Saturday I make this same attempt on the way in to teach at #equinoxfitness by listening to either angry or sexual rap songs I want to incorporate into class. There will be several lines that are questionable but could possibly pass and then there is just that one line no ones ears will be the same after hearing 😅😂😮😎 Here is my morning attempt. 😩👹