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User Image jadealectra Posted: Jul 26, 2012 11:16 PM (UTC)

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"Three Rules of Life...1: Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. 2: Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. 3: Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition - they somehow already know what you truly want to become.". -Steve Jobs

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User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 14, 2017 10:31 PM (UTC)
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Don’t let them taste you, darling. You already know your worth. 🖤 #WomanPoetry flowing at my favorite spot in #SanDiego at @trilogysanctuary after taking @zengirlmandy’s badass sound healing flow class. Today at 5:30pm California time catch us live on my Instagram and on @modernhealeryoga to ask us anything and dive deeper into soul. If you are looking for new best friends this is the place to be. Come by and speak up, or just chill, breathe and listen. Flowing in @aloyoga 🔮 Music: #Glycerine by Bush 💥
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 13, 2017 4:44 AM (UTC)
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Do you guys know I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing? Do you know that it took me a year to touch my toes? Do you know that I don’t have too many friends? Do you know that I get lonely sometimes just like everyone else? Do you know that I feel like a new teacher even still after 4 years of teaching? Do you know that I’ve face planted in a handstand so hard in the middle of a crowded gym I thought I broke my nose? Do you know I’ve been sexually harassed at just about every age and every job? Do you know I’ve been raped? Do you know that my biggest fear is not finding someone who understands my heart? No. You probably didn’t know all of that. This little square app is a blip on the timeline of our lives. It shows a small curated portion. It’s a space for art or food or selfies or whatever the hell else you want it to be. Tonight my heart broke when I read that someone called me their Yoga idol and that MY practice made her want to stop doing Yoga because she believed she could never “be as good.” FUCK. My heart. It wants to scream and explode. WE ARE ALL SO DIFFERENT! Our practices and our lives have such different stories. They take us on such different journeys. They are not meant to look like a single other persons. There is so much MORE than this square. Do not forget it. Do NOT give up. My boxing coach today said to me as he was laying on my chest and I was losing more and more air, “WE NEVER GIVE UP!” And I began fighting for myself in the midst of my exhaustion. You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for! But some days you have to fight for it. Some days you have to breathe into it. Others you have to surrender to whatever life is throwing at you. Please don’t compare your life to an app. There is so much more to you and I. 🖤🔮🔥😘 Wearing @aloyoga 🐚
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 11, 2017 3:05 AM (UTC)

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“You put an awful lot of emphasis on love”, he said. I knew this was where I was supposed to pretend that I didn’t care. That I wasn’t looking for something important. Real. Vulnerable. And in this pause, my mind drifted back to the first day I ever gave myself to a man who could have cared less. I still remember the look in his eyes. Dead. Gone. No where near my body. I remember the feeling of my clothes peeling off my body. Exposed. Open. Somehow, alone. And yet, here he was in front of me. I worked up the courage to follow his gaze and realized it led past me. To the television. The news was on. His eyes locked to the screen as we moved. As I moved. Every feeling was a breaking. Of heart and body. Not once did his eyes look into mine. I was trying to use my body to resuscitate his soul and I wish I could say that was the last time. But it wasn’t. And I bow to that little version of me who tried to give love like an open door. Thinking all who entered would recognize me. Would see my heart before my body. But it wasn’t that way. Still isn’t that way. I always somehow knew that I was put on this earth to heal others. And before I knew how, I used every tool I thought I could. I spent many years broken about the scars I blamed myself for helping make. But I understand now. We are all giving love to the degree we can. And sometimes that’s the bottom of a barrel and others it’s the arms you’ve been waiting for. Breathe. Forgive yourself. Your little self or maybe your last week self who is still bartering with her body. Let them taste your heart first. 🖤 I’ve been wanting to take my art and my heart to the next level and this shot and story has been in my head for a few years now. Thankful to finally birth it into being with the help of some amazingly talented friends who encourage me to fight past my comfort zone every damn day.
Sometimes you’ll love someone more than they love themselves. And instead of your love making them whole it will make them feel the holes in their feelings toward themselves. They won’t know how to process this so they might be rude or mean to you. They might make you leave. This is not your fault. It does not mean to become bitter and assume this is what your love will always do. But it is usually a great time to give yourself that same love you were putting into someone else. When we are such givers we attract the polarity which is a taker. This is why it’s so important to seek balance within ourselves or we find what we lack in other people. When the foundation of a relationship is built on needing to use another’s heart to cover the work you haven’t done in your own, it’s feels like part of your being is being ripped apart when you separate. This is why I’ve chosen to spend such rich time alone. I’ve traveled alone and taken myself to nice dinners etc because I have come to realize that I was attracting deep takers in my life to try and prove my worth. So I thought if someone saw what I gave, I could heal the belief that I had nothing important to provide. The best way to do this is to taste your own sweetness. Just because your parents or family did not appreciate your gifts does not mean you don’t have them. Stay rooted and anchored in your heart. Especially when shit falls down. You got this. 🖤 Photo of a magical moment deep in feeling with @zengirlmandy snapped by @nuttynulty in Mexico on a dock watching the sunset. If you want to find these moments with people who rock your heart into something more, begin to open it with the breath on the daily. Check out @modernhealeryoga’s Yoga story. I posted a breath exercise for the belly and heart. 🔮😘 Wearing @aloyoga top. 💥
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 8, 2017 4:07 PM (UTC)
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Since I’ve been on this platform people have been trying to rip each other apart for what “IS” or “ISN’T” Yoga. And it’s a dangerous game when we try to define each other’s art and work and thoughts. It’s taken a while but no one can define my shit anymore. And I encourage you to do the hard work of going inside your mind and really evaluating where all your thoughts have come from. What is actually yours and what is someone else’s. The moment someone starts the sentence with “this is not Yoga because...” I laugh and smile because my heart knows that sometimes Yoga looks like reading. Or running. Or anything the hell you want it to be. There is a fierceness brewing inside of me. But it is different this time. It is strength in the form of surrender. It is the allowing of others to tantrum and yell and blame so that they can process that topical layer of pain and then move through to understanding and finally grace. The honey with which I move is the product of draining every lesson I needed to feel and then process and then love out of my body. I am free to create the space with which I can move and feel and think. You are not limited. When you read that line, does your doubt scream louder than my words silently whisper in your ear? If so read that line again and again and again. Read it until you cry. Read it until you feel something, anything. MOVE through your doubts for as many times and as long as it takes until you are free to feel what’s on the other side and that is BELIEF and it tastes like heaven. You’ve waited long enough. What’s stopping you besides you? 🖤🔥 Music by #Halsey #EyesClosed #WomanPoetry #ModernHealer If you are looking for better tools, check out @modernhealeryoga for workshops and immersion’s and retreats that will blast your heart open and nothing will ever be the same again. 💥🔥🔮
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 6, 2017 3:41 PM (UTC)
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5 years ago I had no yoga practice, no self worth, no self esteem, really no self at all. I was a floating jelly fish who was a target for everything because I was too sad and wounded to stand up for myself or on my own. Through the hardest year of my life, I remember looking up from the endlessly deep pit of trauma and self pity and pain that I was in, and couldn’t even see the light. But some knowing part of my heart thought, ‘but what if some where up there, is the light? I have to fucking try one more time.’ This time I found Yoga.Or Yoga found me and instead of a loving hug I pictured occurring I fucking hated it. I remember distinctly the first half split we did and I screamed out I had so much stuck in there. I thought how the hell do all these people do this of their own free will!? I walked out 10 mins in and slammed the door. I never had a teacher describe to me what was happening on the inside. Why my calf muscle was so impacted. Why my hips being stretched felt traumatic and made me burst into unexplainable tears. And I’m so happy no one came to rescue me because I then had no choice but to rescue myself. I became all that I wish I had met. And because I learned my style through pure creation and channeling, I doubted my own credibility so I’ve been largely silent about the depth of my truest work for the past 4 years. But at 30 years old, I feel finally ready to step all of the way out of that pit. I didn’t realize until now that I was still in some way stuck halfway in there. I feel ready to stand my tallest with my heart being what you meet first and always and announce that I am here to help liberate the collective unconsciousness pain. That I am on this earth to be what I never received, having birthed myself straight out of the dark into the light. I am here to help you unravel your stories and patterns and thoughts that cloud the truth until you can burst into creation and leave your mark free of self doubt on this earth. I’ve been working heavily in Deep healing through the use of yoga and Shamanic modalities and it is the kind of work that alleviates years of pain from 1 session. 1 workshop. 1 retreat. @modernhealeryoga for info
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 4, 2017 6:48 PM (UTC)
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This is for all the girls who have been called Prude. For all the ones who have been called Slut. For every time someone looked at you like a word could destroy your truth. There is no way to summarize your beauty. Your magic. Your deep blossoming essence. They had no fucking idea what they were looking at. Just make sure you do. 🔮🖤🔥😘 #WomanPoetry to #PostMalone #IFallApart
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 3, 2017 3:52 PM (UTC)
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One of my biggest fears is drowning. Suffocating. Choking. All neck stuff. Another fear is dark and/or deep water. Couple that together and make me have to pee in the deepest part of a Mexican channel while on a boat and you have me about to face my biggest fear. ‘How deep is it here?’ I asked. “You don’t want to know,” Mike says. As I step onto the ladder I begin to shake. The only vision in my mind is that of a shark coming to taste my sweetness with one bite to my entire body. Again as I drop into the water, I ask how deep. “The length of 3 football fields” I am told. A channel means all of the big animals move in and out because there is lots of food there. And here I am trying to float/dog paddle and quickly relax myself enough to pee but it’s not happening. So I let the fear in. My breath becomes shallow and I momentarily hyperventilate. I imagine this is the end. I imagine the boat leaving me. I imagine it sinking. I take my mind on all the wild rides it was begging me to go, and at the end of it all, I found peace. I found my breath come back into my body in a calm deep slow cadence and I am suddenly on the other side of fear. This happens to us daily. Our boss sends us an email or a text and says we are in trouble or need to come see them. Fear grips our low belly. Survival mode kicks in and our nervous system gets fried. We try to avoid this fear, but it belongs to us, if even for just a moment. If it is felt and listened to and processed then it leaves on its own. If it is pushed or hidden or stuffed down, it lives on and on and on silently cursing the body. I’ve been having massive panic attack beginnings lately in really terrible places like car to car traffic where I am locked in with no where to go and I have tried this method of letting my body panic for a moment and breathing my way back to its truth: that in this moment and all of the moments that have come before this and after this I will be ok. I will be safe. I have allowed my head to get loud for a moment to drop back into the body and what resides there is what is real.This is an actual depiction of my mind feeling the fear and doing it anyway. 🖤 📸 by @nuttynulty 👹
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 1, 2017 3:57 AM (UTC)

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I met a man on a plane who told me love was like two planets in the universe whose orbit syncs up. And I have been thinking about this ever since. I wonder if I will have the courage to stay my course. I think back to all the times I was more concerned with another’s path and gave up mine to help create theirs. I am getting better at reading the truth between the lines and hearing what another doesn’t say. I watch sometimes as someone tries to manipulate me and I just breathe into the space within them that feels less than if they aren’t seemingly in control. I am learning myself as I learn another. It is messy and unsure. But it is real. 🖤 Breathing deeply to #Halsey 🔮 #WomanPoetry 🔥
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 30, 2017 6:25 PM (UTC)
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I don’t want to be pretty, I want to be honest. And I see the ways I am unconditioning my being of how it was raised. Do you know why everything is the way it is? Because the ones who came before us didn’t know better. They met you with the level of love that was passed to them. But our generation is the Paradigm shifter. We are using crystals and magic and bibles and YouTube’s and movement and instagram to love each other back into peace with ourselves and the world. I tried to post this photo 3 times the other day. But I didn’t like it. It felt too honest. Too real. But then I took a day and peeled back the layers even further (who knew they kept going🙈 Spoiler alert: there is no arriving 😂🤯😍) and today I woke up craving this level of truth. My friend @hannahsawicky has a blog called “Birthing My Being” and I could not think of a better way to describe what is happening not only in our little instagram square but out in the world. I remember how hard I sobbed the night trump got elected and now I bow to the fact that he did because look how well he illuminated the divide? The shit comes out so we can roll up our sleeves and get to work. There are so many people awakening right now it can seem backwards because it hurts. Spiritual awakening is death to so many aspects you thought you were. Or had to be. But after that it is LIFE. But every day you choose with every breath. Every time you leave a comment or buy a coffee or reach out to a stranger or friend, you choose. Will you be a part of the loving or sit back in the herd and plod along? START YOUR FIRE ON PURPOSE TODAY. WAKE UP. WE NEED YOU. 🖤 Photo of my honest AF face during the first 6 days I ever broke up with make up and felt beautiful by one of my favorite people @nuttynulty who is currently 100 miles off the coast of Hawaii with @a_gray battling (surfing) big waves. I love people who stand in their passion no matter the size of obstacles. (Or waves) 😏 Wearing: Almost nothing. 😂
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 29, 2017 1:21 AM (UTC)

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When I was little my mother told me, “you can wear any amount of clothing, little or a lot, as long as you aren’t sleeping around.” So I planted it in my brain that if I had sex I would be a slut. This was pounded into my being by 12 years of catholic school. By a Mother who wanted me to escape all that she hadn’t. And by my own level of shame and fear. So when I promised myself I would save my body for marriage and my first boyfriend knew that and cheated, I thought the only way in my baby mind to make him see what he would miss if he broke up with me was to give the most powerful gift I thought I had: myself. This came at just about every cost of my self esteem. He kept sleeping around and I remember how vacant his face would be when we slept together. It haunted me but I thought all I could do was give more more more. Until there was nothing left to give and I was in a relationship that made me more lonely than any thing else could have. I wish I could tell you I figured it out and kept my essence to myself but I kept on giving. It felt like I was in Hollywood trying to be discovered only my talent was my heart and my body was the proof. 5 years later I got a grip. But it was only after I rock climbed out of the dark pit of no self worth. NOTHING can damage you forever. An illusion can hurt very much however. So break the facade of why you’ve built up that you don’t matter, and step into your body and reclaim that shit as yours! You are the only you. And it’s high time you learn what your essence feels like before you give it all to another. Take some form of movement class that challenges you to sweat in the midst of feeling like you have too much of your heart being exposed. Take a weights class so you can remember the feeling of your power. Hire a trainer or teacher to show you how to breathe. How to sit with your every story and finally not try and distract or run. There is a cure for your worried heart. I love you. 🖤 #WomanPoetry to the song Selfish.🔮 Also planning some big things for 2018 including an immersion in SD, SF, a couple workshops, teaching at @yogafestofficial in Canada!!!!, a Sedona and Mexico Retreat, and a Teacher Training
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 28, 2017 2:47 PM (UTC)
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When I was 25 I tried to kill myself. It wasn’t the first time, but I truly believe with all my heart it was the last. There is a fork in the road that we can present ourselves with and it can change everything. Every day, when you wake up, what do you allow your thoughts to toss around over and over? Do you repeat a question until it beats your belief down into nothing? Do you ask why someone left you until you start to give up on anyone else loving you? Do you pinch your skin and poke at your face until all you see is perceived as ugly? These patterns are controlling your life just as they controlled mine. That night I got a second chance, and it is the borrowed time and sole reason I am here typing this to you today. I met @lordskipworth on a night I wasn’t expecting to, and he is one of the most gifted sweet and talented humans I’ve ever gotten the pleasure to get to know. When he asked me to come have a sit down for his show “Game Changers”, I cried right then and there. I asked Dustin beforehand if I could be completely candid and leave nothing off the table, and he said I had full permission to swing for the fence. We talked about everything: my art, my life, dying, living, Instagram, sex, being a woman, how I’ve always been dumped (lol) and so much more. He is a game changer himself and let me feel the most at peace with my story and ability to share honestly. He will be releasing the full interview very soon so stay tuned and thank you, to all of you, for always pushing my work further and further. And to Dusty for being one of the most kind and amazing and genuine souls I’ve ever met: You made one of the highest highlights of my life on this day. Thank you a 1000 times. Bowing deeply to you. 🖤🔮😘
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 27, 2017 10:17 PM (UTC)

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I remember the first time I looked at my own eyes in the mirror of a yoga class, pulled off my shirt, and felt the folds of my skin as they bent and twisted into shapes and breaths. I remember feeling some stares and allowing myself to meet their judgements with a deeper breath. I closed my eyes, and reminded myself that my body is the sweetest vessel that has carried me from being 60 pounds overweight, to 18% body fat. It has allowed me to eat McDonald’s and play high level basketball games, and it has adjusted to eating paleo and protein shakes. In essence, it has loved me at every stage. And I breathe forgiveness into my belly for treating it less than. For letting other people’s thoughts seem to be a reflection of my own. And for remembering the truth that it is MY body. 🖤 Photo by @nuttynulty 🔮 Reminding you to buy love and do whatever it is that you want to do. Regardless of what anyone says, what do YOU believe? 😘 @aloyoga is my favorite high quality brand and I live in it every day. I get asked if I have a code or if there is a sale and this is the one day a year when you can get a big discount and treat yo self. I love you!! All my favorite picks are in the link on my bio!! 😘
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 27, 2017 3:17 PM (UTC)
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Sometimes I get so caught up in the first reaction of people I forget about the softness of their heart. The depth of their story goes far deeper than someone’s attitude being short or shitty with you. And when I teach these healing workshops and I hear the versions of people who have been long suffocated and silent and essentially trapped in the body I melt into love with every single person. There is nothing more true in this world to me than the fact that if you knew everyone’s story you would fall in love with them. With their resiliency. With their passion even when it’s been stifled. I’m in deep reflection of self and humanity right now. One and the same it seems more and more. But instead of starting with others I’m beginning with myself. Thank you to every deep soul who allowed me to open them and blow a little truth and love into their wounds this weekend. It was a crazy set of 4 workshops and we blasted off in every single one. No one left the same person, including me. Thank you thank you thank you. This weekend marks the first official Jade is a traveling teacher monumental dream of a moment and you all made it happen for me. I love you: 😍 Flowing to the badass art music of my dear friends @onceatree to their song called “Fine” available on iTunes and Spotify! Support artists🖤 @jayliwolf and @haydenwxlf are two of the most beautiful souls I’ve never met but am excited to very soon. Love you both for staying here and throwing your hearts into your music. It is felt and deeply needed. 🔮🔥 #WomanPoetry
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 24, 2017 10:52 PM (UTC)

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die. I die into my shame. I die into my grief. I burn every fiber of my plastic societal led being until all that’s left is a pile of truth. Or purity. I have lived sexless. Saintly. Yearning to be clean. To not be called a slut. But in that desire to scrape myself of experience, I lost the part of me that could hear what I was saying. I forfeited my essence and held it hostage as if it could be to blame for anything. For everything. I write this through a stream of salty water trickling silently out of the windows of my face. As if all the times I drowned myself were finally leaving my body. I bow deeply in forgiveness to my selves. Every last baby, toddler, girl, teen, and woman bit of me who tried to do the best she could. But fell short of herself. Not anymore. 🔮 Wearing @aloyoga when the poppy fields were a thing! About to land in Long Island! 😍 If you haven’t picked out your Black Friday Alo get to it! No lines on your cell phone shopping cart. One year I nearly got trampled when I was working Security Undercover at Target. People with shooing carts sprinting full speed down the aisle lol.
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 24, 2017 4:10 AM (UTC)
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I remember before Snapchat and Instagram stories were a thing all I posted were my writings which are largely serious. And who I am is in no way serious usually lol. And then came Snapchat where I was absolutely in no way about to speak into the camera with my crooked teeth. And after so many months of keeping my face off of the screen unless my mouth was closed, I asked myself what the hell I was hiding from. The opinions of other people? How would that ever make or break me? It wouldn’t but my opinion and belief of myself would if I let it be a shitty one. So I faced the camera and it felt like I was announcing to the world who I really was and what I actually looked like. I remember feeling strongly that people would unfollow me once they realized I wasn’t pretty. WTF. Jade you jackass. This was the toxic way I allowed my mind to feel. So I braved the truth and now I don’t even notice it. Sometimes people make comments but usually to my face and then I just laugh. They say how much prettier I would be if I got my teeth fixed or blah blah blah. It’s none of my business what other people want to feel and say about me. It IS my business what I feel and speak about myself SO here are some outtakes from yesterday when I was helping my friend @dantedreamsbig with his skit he wanted to make. Clearly I’m an amazing actress but a shitty slapper. 😂 Might put the 4 mins of outtakes on my YouTube! Search my name if you want to peep my other videos. 😘
Oh internet. Let’s have a chat. Guess what? I fucking love @aloyoga. I also love @yoga_girl. I also love everyone else on this silly little sphere rotating on its axis and whether you hate me, love me, don’t know me, cheated on me, used me, are a friend to me, etc. (you catch my drift, literally EVERYONE) I will defend your right to speak and feel to the truest of your current ability. So here goes my turn. It was 5 years ago that I was suicidal. It was 4 years ago I saved myself with Yoga. It was 3 years ago Alo saw something in me and I’ll tell ya it sure as hell wasn’t my flexibility because that shit is pretty out of my practice. I believe I embody the will to press my heart out to the world as best I can each and every moment. I am 5 foot 1 and 3/4ths and NO ONE but Alo has ever given me an opportunity to say I’m a sponsored athlete. That brand is not a brand. It’s a group of every sized humans with one thing in common: Giant ass hearts. I’ve never been more loved and cared for by a group of people than Alo. I went through a period where I needed some mental health time and they were there for me. I’ve spent countless hours with most of the hard working people who are doing the best they can to start a business that we all forget is fairly new. So when I see the people who are athletes for Alo, I see the time my one friend was dumped and went through a deep heart break, not her fucking splits pose. Or her 6 pack. When I look at the one armed deep posture of another friend I see his deep struggle with depression. Look beyond the outsides people. You’re missing the hearts of those who are around you for a reason. Is it wrong to choose a conscious word for a sale code? In my opinion no. Because I believe in the intelligence of everyone here to have their wits to know that whatever self love means to them is what it means. I’m happy they chose a conscious word rather than something dull. I personally know the hearts of these people and they are not out to get anyone or hurt anyone.They are a new brand who employed REAL people whose practice may or may not reflect yours and that’s ok! It was never about the outside for me. I love alo and I love Rachel 🖤
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 23, 2017 2:29 AM (UTC)
27 Stinson
Do you ever catch yourself believing what someone says about someone you’ve never met without even a single interaction for yourself? I remember twice now, there have been two people who have told me terrible things about someone on Instagram that I had never met and at the time I felt so loyal to my friends that I blindly listened to what they had to say and judged these two people. Flash forward a year later and I thought to myself one day, what if I opened my heart up to this experience? Could things change? Could this seed have been innocently planted by a friend with a certain outlook of this person and my mistake was I continued to water it? Yes, I found that I largely upheld someone else’s animosity and carried a grudge that was unlike myself and never mine to begin with. It’s always a good reminder to check in with what you are holding onto. Whose is it really? If it’s not yours, chuck it overboard and begin fresh. Turn the page. What do YOU actually feel. Not your friends experience. Xo 🖤 Photo by @nuttynulty 🔮 Reminder that the @aloyoga sale is on like donkey Kong. Link in my bio for all my fave pics!
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 22, 2017 5:44 PM (UTC)
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We were birthed from a generation who never learned who they were. Who never learned to love themselves. When your heart feels dark, you find the closest thing to love you and call it home. And then create from this cracked foundation. It was never going to end up some place whole. But they tried. They showed up the best they could. Sometimes their best was not at all. But it made you, didn’t it? It might have thrust thorns deep into your side but in the midst of pain, you noticed your petals. Sometimes our parents can’t see our magic because they are still drowning in the thick of their regrets and choices. The path felt like theirs, but wasn’t really. So I choose forgiveness. Hate is too strong of a weight to bear on the small bones of my back. I bow to them. They were abused and beaten and threatened and molested and there was no “Me Too” of their time. Those stories lie untold crushing their lungs every damn day. And they tried. They really did. Can you let go of their fuck ups and melt into the small space in their heart that is a cowering child wishing for a hug? Hoping for safety? The hardest thing I had to realize is more often the child becomes the parent. This is how we learn the importance of knowing ourselves. Of not settling for the first thing to knock on our door. Their relationships, they feel more like blind acceptance than love. We are the deep divers of our souls. We will not live at the surface. I am holding deep belly breaths for their forgiveness of self and your liberation from anger of why things didn’t turn out smooth. They were handed a mess to begin with. It ends with us. 🖤 Photo by @nuttynulty 🔮
User Image jadealectra Posted: Nov 21, 2017 2:55 PM (UTC)
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I was driving this morning when suddenly it felt like I was transported into the energetic body of my friend. I was inside of his heart and I instantly felt crushed. The deepest sorrow. The darkest loneliness. It felt like his soul was wrapped in duct tape. And I knew. He was holding back love in his life and I already knew this but to feel what that space felt like- I am still shuddering and speechless. It was self abuse. We have all done this- chalked up our shitty experiences and created this belief that magic in love is just not in the cards for us. And when we do this our surroundings shift to match this strong core belief and as we get more reinforced in what we don’t want, we just keep on affirming this pain staying. So I texted him: ‘Despite what truth you think you believe, You are worthy. I promise.
At all costs you have to let love in. Smell it like a fragrant flower and then follow it until it moves from faint to strong and kneel at the feet of whatever woman it delivers you to. Once your heart is equal to the earth you will know.
You are a badass in every arena but this one. There are no more excuses. Go find her. You already know. It’s time.’
And now I say this to you. You who is holding your own heart hostage. How dare you. Give it all away. Release yourself. Someone is waiting to love you wildly but if you hate yourself how could anyone ever survive that wall of separation from the collective? Come back with me. I’ll hold your hand and lead the way. May we all bow our hearts to everyone who sees us completely. Today breathe how your lover would as they gaze into your eyes. Send out a new vibration. Reset your beliefs. I know you are afraid because love didn’t stay last time. There is no set time that means it was real. I’ve had more love on 3 dates with someone than a person I’ve dated for 2 years sometimes. Let it come. Let it leave. Your heart can never stay broken. 🖤 Photo magic by @nuttynulty 💎