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User Image jadealectra Posted: Jul 26, 2012 11:16 PM (UTC)

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"Three Rules of Life...1: Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. 2: Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. 3: Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition - they somehow already know what you truly want to become.". -Steve Jobs

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User Image jadealectra Posted: Jan 20, 2018 2:36 AM (UTC)
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Tonight during the Rehab yoga class I held a grown woman my mothers age who was crunched over in the corner of the room sobbing. Hunched on her mat with her back to the class, as we were concluding, the entire room felt her pain. I stood up and walked over to her, wrapped my arms around her shoulders, rubbed her back and whispered, ‘It’s ok. Breathe into it. Feel it.’ Over and over as she clutched my knee convulsing, I repeated these words to her and myself. The mind can process trauma and pain and file it away making you think it’s handled and suddenly something hits the body and up it comes suddenly so present all you can do is let your knees hit the floor and lean into it. There has to be a physical release at some point to all the experiences you’ve been through to really process and move into the freedom on the other side. So if you are curious or unsure of where to start, lie down flat, or sit up tall and place your hands on your belly and your heart and take 10 breaths. Notice where you grip or contract or tense. This is where your mind is holding the unprocessed pain hostage as injury, stiffness, or disease. You can heal, that I promise you. But first you will have to start showing up for yourself. 🖤 If you want to know more, click the link in my bio to sign up for the @modernhealeryoga monthly newsletter full of YouTube’s, book recommendations, trainings, retreats, and times @zengirlmandy and I will be Live to answer your questions. We are here to help you realize that you are your own best healer. Ignite the power in your belly babes! Only 6 spots left for our February immersion on the beach in San Diego! Link in bio for all the details! People are flying in for this from all over! Join the mailing list to find out about workshops and where we are traveling to next! Also to submit for your studio to bring Modern Healer/ Woman Poetry to you! 😘
User Image jadealectra Posted: Jan 18, 2018 6:36 PM (UTC)
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DONT YOU DARE GIVE UP!!! On yourself. On your workout. On your breath. On your truth. On your belief. On your faith. On what matters most which is that you are striving to be better every damn day. 2018 is the year of BELIEF, FAITH, and HARD ASS WORK!! (Ass can be taken in several ways here and I mean almost all of them lol 😅👀) I have seen what commitment shows up like in my body mind and spirit and I’m telling you to try it and see what wonders show up in your life. You can’t even imagine. That’s what I realized today when I did a #GluteBridge of 255lbs!!! And I deadlifted 155lbs! And after I did it I felt the overwhelming realization that I really truly have no idea what I’m capable of- but this year is the time to find out. Firing on all cylinders, and I hope you will too! At any level. Start where you are with what you have! I wasn’t going to try this move again a third time but something whispered to me, ‘Always try one more time, one more time.’ ⚡️🔥😈 Music by #LouistheChild #SlowDownLove 🖤Wearing @aloyoga 😘
User Image jadealectra Posted: Jan 18, 2018 2:08 AM (UTC)
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An open love letter to my lover but also to the ones who have lost hope in the world: I’ve always heard that the moment you fall in love takes your breath away. But You- you were everything but lack of air. The moment I felt your palm, every experience in my life began to make sense. A light ignited behind my eyes that I couldn’t fathom would emit from my little tired body. I had told my friends my body would know when it met it’s match. And in every way you are made for me. I truly have lost words and in its place are the deepest of feelings. My eyes catch yours and off we drop into a completely different universe. Your heart was worth every heartbreak it took for me to get here. You have shown me magic is real, and that there is an angel on this earth for every single person but you have to give everything to yourself first. We were whole on our own. And the orbit of our magnetism was so strong it had no choice but to reveal us to each other. And more importantly reveal us to ourselves. In my own opinion this is the shittiest rendition of attempting to express what I feel in a post ever, but it’s time I shared you with my world. You are everything a man should be @danny_kinas 🖤 Thank you for jumping with me head first into all that life is bringing our way. Here’s to a life of changing the world by loving deeply. 😘😭🙈
User Image jadealectra Posted: Jan 17, 2018 3:22 AM (UTC)
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What if the reason you can’t find a good teacher is because you are meant to become one to yourself? What if the reason you can’t find the right job is because you are meant to create one that does not yet exist? What if the reason you haven’t met your lover is because you have yet to treat yourself as such? I get a lot of questions that end in “How do I _____?” But what if instead of seeing the path illuminated you started where you were with that you have? I was teaching this morning and wanted to create a flow that was cyclical and never ending and this is what I came up with. You can do it over and over again and then switch sides and keep going and breathing breath to movement. One thing I love about teaching is I never stick to one style. My class can be heavy stretch one day and the next be hard as hell with strength postures. It can be restorative breath work or we can eye gaze. Your mind must stay open as well as your heart if you want to come to my class. I want you to leave a bit closer to yourself and each other. 🖤 #WomanPoetry flowing to #Pressure by #Milkandbone ⚡️Wearing @aloyoga 💥
User Image jadealectra Posted: Jan 16, 2018 5:40 PM (UTC)
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This is the last post I’ll ever write as this girl. For she slipped away with the ocean and it’s tides. One day she was here and the next it was a woman in her place. One that I never could have imagined could be embodied in her little war torn human suit. It’s like we search all our lives to cover up the blemishes and the acne and douse ourselves in everything to disguise who we really are, and suddenly you wake up one day and realize life is more beautiful because of the scars. That underneath it was all you’ve ever been searching for in the body of another- something real. Visceral. Soft. So soft. I used to hate my belly. HATE. I woke up every morning and drown in self hatred with one look in the mirror at this soft rolly center of my being without even noticing it. This became a pattern. And it reflected in every lover I tried to take. They were always bleeding out in some way- I never realized it was because I was too. It was so easy to focus on their addictions and forget all of mine. I disguised my self abuse as being a “healer”, but what magical being would truly give all others the medicine and forget themselves? I am so sorry to myself. To every fold, pock mark on my face, to my crooked teeth, and my poor body who took every beating and is still here beside me as I become a simplified being with hardly a space left anymore between my heart and the world. I’ve been calling my biggest trials my pain but that isn’t true anymore- they were trainings. Experiences so that when I got to where I am now, I could taste every bit without a watered down pallet. My heart has landed in love and I have fought hard to get here and everything else is sliding into place as if soft raindrops constantly pitter patter onto my skin to keep me in presence. Because I don’t want to miss a single second of this life. It’s true, what they say- when you know you know. That if you keep going long enough and steer your course as best you can, suddenly the fog all clears and everything starts to make sense. Bowing to myself for once. I love you. So completely. You found the faith you forgot was buried so deeply inside it felt like heaviness. Freedom. Photo by @danny_kinas🖤
User Image jadealectra Posted: Jan 15, 2018 2:06 PM (UTC)
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I want you to think about all the times you gave up. On anything. On anyone. On yourself. On a healthy habit. On someone you loved. Now channel that shit. Dig down deep into that space- the one that feels like a held breath, sometimes for years. Take a deep breath there... hold it.... let it go. Again and again, you find, release and repeat. There is no sin too heavy. There is no deed that can’t be undone in the heart. But first you will have to feel it one last time. Are you brave enough? To endure the shaking? Can you make your breath louder than your fears? Your doubts? Your thoughts of old patterns? As with most things, it will take EVERYTHING. But on the other side is liberation. I lift and I cry some days. Sobs of pain leaving my body and gifting it back into freedom. To struggle has always made way to my greatest liberation. So what if the truth is you aren’t as weak as you think you are? What if all these years you’ve been wrong about yourself? That you can heal anything in your life? If you are willing to dedicate your belief to someone who matters in this world: Yourself. I fight for each and every one of you. Every day. Every breath. I breathe while I wait for you to catch up. To love up. To no longer bow and bend and give up your power to everybody else. Let’s find out exactly why you are here. It starts with heart breaths. And belly breaths. And then head to toe breaths. Taste your freedom today a little bit more. Push yourself to be a little bit better. I love you. 🖤 This was something I never thought I could do. It’s a #GluteBridge at 225. TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE POUNDS! Me!!! I have learned more in these last two weeks about how capable I am and more than that POWERFUL! I hope you find the courage to see that too in yourself. And in others. ⚡️ Excited for lifting today with @chrisprice_cp 🌊 Wearing @aloyoga 💥
User Image jadealectra Posted: Jan 11, 2018 6:36 PM (UTC)
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In the past month, I’ve had two people in my life commit suicide. I’ve not spoken about it because it literally rocked me in such violent ways I had to wait to speak until the Boat stopped rocking. Just as the first settled into my body the second happened. I can’t tell you how many emails, texts, and DM’s I get every day about people wanting to leave this body, they are in so much pain. It is hands down the hardest thing for me to read. Because I know if they just had the tools earlier things might have been different. When we have such a heavy downpour of life experiences, if we aren’t breathing through them they bury their way into our skin and make a home there. Years and years you get heavier and heavier. But there is a way out and up back to your light. As I’ve been driving home, it will take EVERYTHING. You will grit your teeth and dig your toes and will fall to the floor over and over. But you mustn’t quit! You’ve got this deep innate power that you’ve simply left dormant. It can be awakened at anytime. But you have to CHOOSE. You see I’ve been there. I’ve tried. I’ve failed. And I’ve LIVED. I take every breath in my lungs to breathe not only for myself but for those still learning to breathe. Those whose chest feels weighted by lead. You are not alone. I see you without seeing you. I love you without knowing you. I hug you without touching you. We all must anchor our weight better. We all must find ways to challenge ourselves and go to a place we didn’t think was conquerable. You have the POWER of generations that came before you; harness that shit. Pick one thing today that you promise to finish. Complete it all the way. Do better than you thought you could. Repeat!! For everyone who is struggling, I dig deeper every day for YOU! The other day I literally was lifting so intensely I was crying. Thank you to my badass trainer who pushes me to be better then even I believe. @chrisprice_cp you are a real one! 🔥Music by #DermotKennedy @dermotkennedy called Glory. Wearing @aloyoga 🖤 WE MUST NEVER GIVE UP!
I want to start this by saying I honor your pain. I am not immune to the ways in which women have been shoved down or abused. I am not a stranger to fear of the masculine; I simply do not wish to make a home there, in this false in-between where no one really heals. I grew up with a father who worked very hard but spoke very little. My mother was tough, stern and strict, and I went out in the world mildly confused about what I was supposed to show up as: Pretend to be tough as if the world never affected me, or to take a silent submissive approach. I landed somewhere in the hesitating middle. When you are submissive, you attract a dominator. When you are heavy in your masculinity, you attract massive amounts of femininity. What I never knew was that we all have both. So when a man came into my life and threw my head against a cement wall, I remember the feeling of sliding to the floor in utter despair. I let this moment make me weaker. When I was drugged and raped by a male, I let that activate an ongoing bomb inside my body. And it took me years to realize that I could live above all of that, by firstly understanding it. The greatest stories of our time include the moments where a great leader responded with peace and reflection to alchemize the abusers pain. If you asked me to be this when I was closest to my pain, I couldn’t have begun to guess how to start that. But I am here now. To remind every woman that responding to men in a detrimental way does not equal healing. In fact it detracts from your own health and healing. Does this mean I am saying keep your truth locked away? No never. But it means responding to a broken system with a broken answer is not the progressive changes in consciousness levels we should be striving for. Take a moment, and think of the person who has hurt you the most. Hold them in your heart, and think just for one moment, of the level of abuse and pain it takes to inflict that same trauma on another. Pain births pain, until the divine feminine stands in utter love and says enough with a softness in her heart, and a strength in her voice. I see so many women masking a masculine response as “divine feminine” action. It begins here🖤
User Image jadealectra Posted: Jan 9, 2018 11:08 PM (UTC)
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This world will consume you, if you let it. It will take its dirty fingers and wrap them around your neck. It will squeeze until the only noise you can make is a whimper. There are two ways out of this: One- you let it have you, squeezing with all its might until you black out. Or Two- you learn to relax in its grip. It seems counter intuitive; almost as if I’m asking you to submit. But it’s different. It’s the understanding of power vs. force. Of love vs. neediness. Of strength vs. lack of belief. You will cry. Many times. There will be moments when you won’t know how to go on. The answer is gritty. Its toes dug into the dirt. It’s head down and it looks a hell of a lot more like shaking than solidarity. But this is how the muscle is built- amongst the shaking. I scream it in my classes so many times. Because I see the people’s faces who do not believe in themselves. Who have every reason to quit in their mind all lined up until they give in and let go of the growth that was just a few moments and breaths away. You see I truly fucking love you. Every one of you. There is not a single soul on this earth that I wouldn’t bow to. I don’t care what you’ve said about me or what you’ve done, I bow to you. Because of you I have learned some part of myself I never knew was there. I forgive every single person who spoke out of their pain. It was a moment I could soften the blow that was normally directed inward to themselves. I see the trail of your blood. I see who wounded you last. A wounded animal will bite the one who tries to save them. The one who risks coming close. Because it lives only out of survival. It’s nervous system is running purely on fear. What is your reaction in those moments? You see? We can understand every single person around us. If we only consider the truest root of their words. Their actions. Their beliefs. So this is my call. My guttural scream that has been building since 2 days before New Years. I feel your struggle. I honor your pain. Now let’s transcend that shit like the fire breather you really are. It will take EVERYTHING you’ve got. The cross is just as heavy as your strength. You were made for this. 🔥
When I was very little, my grandmother used to travel the world. She was gone more than she was home. And everywhere she went she would bring me something from the culture of the country she visited. When she went to Russia, she brought me back what’s called Russian Nesting Dolls. They are wooden hollowed out hand painted dolls that open in half to reveal another smaller version. One time she brought me back one that opened 8 times! The smallest version was hardly the size of a fingernail. Many years later I was showing my cousin and he opened all of them to this very last doll, and dropped it. Down to the porcelain hard floor it went and fell into what I thought were pieces. But I was wrong. Inside there was an even tinier version all those years I knew nothing about! I never forgot that story and the other day deep in Savanasa I decided to ask my subconscious something. I closed my eyes, deepened my breath and told myself: Show me Soul Mate. Suddenly I got the clear vision of the doll my grandmother gave me. A mans face popped up on the first doll. Then it opened and another mans face. And again with a new mans face and suddenly it was flying through the dolls so fast I couldn’t make out the face, until it stopped abruptly. And as the final dolls face appeared, I began to cry. It was my own. And in that moment I realized. I had been searching outside of myself through other people’s “love” to locate my own. But never found it because it was in that final doll. The one place we never look: Ourselves. So if you are stressing because you haven’t found a lover, become one to yourself. Treat every day as a date. One that you get to choose EVERYTHING about! What a beautiful time to get to know yourself. To think that you know everything and suddenly in the falling, you find a part of you you never knew was there. What is hiding in your 9th Russian Nesting Doll self? 🙈😘 I love you! And I love me. Finally. 🔮 Photo by @karmacaptures 🖤
User Image jadealectra Posted: Jan 5, 2018 6:58 PM (UTC)

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I want you to imagine you and I. Sitting knee to knee. I reach out my hands, and you place yours in mine. Our eyes find each other, and everything begins to soften. My gaze melts into yours as the breath deepens. The body relaxes. And suddenly it feels more like this is two beating hearts honoring each other’s existence. Without judgement, the soul can bloom freely. Bowing to every moment that ever brought you to your knees. To every scar you thought was ugly- somehow in this space of total understanding you see that this is exactly what makes you beautiful. It was never anything on the outside. Our breath syncs up and it’s like my inhale is your exhale. And your exhale is my inhale. In this moment we have never been this intimate with another. Because it took being this intimate and honest with ourselves. The past suddenly crumbles from anywhere it was hiding in your body. The future no longer has the ability to high-jack your breath. And suddenly there is a taste in your mouth, like wild strawberries picked next to a stream- you know this is what true presence feels like. It cannot be caught or trapped or begged for. It must be given as free as your heart feels now. You belong to no other. This is when you finally feel home. 🖤 Wearing @aloyoga feeling all the feels. I am deeply grateful to my life right now. To everyone who has left in order to make space for those to come. I bow heart to soil. Head to flowers. I am all I’ve ever needed. 🔮 And so are you. ⚡️#WomanPoetry 🔥
“I am afraid to go,” I said. “Why?” She asked. “Isn’t this everything you’ve been wanting? The other day you dropped to your knees and I watched your eyes swell with a wave as you spoke your deepest fear as equal to your biggest truth: ‘No one could ever love me for exactly who and what I am.’ Your heart in the sand, you let this painful secret live someplace outside of your body. This is what changed. You. You are a being of light who lived so long in the dark she forgot she wasn’t the night. You, who have been equal to every star that ever burned to its end. Who has walked through fires and refused to burn others.” And in her pause it was then I realized- I never asked myself if I could love myself for everything that I am. It had been so many years of being the too much girl- the too this or too that girl- the nothing anyone ever wanted girl, and I joined them. I stood in line behind everyone that felt that way about me and agreed. Silently. Subconsciously. But that affirmation of denial of self was deep. So deep that I never knew it was there. Running my thoughts in chaotic fashion, I never really had a real chance at love- until now. I remember the weight that secret held. It sat every morning on my chest and refused to leave. I hated it. Yelled at it. Cursed it in two languages. Because I figured it must be bad if it felt bad. But it wasn’t. All it wanted was to sit so long and squeeze so much air out of me I finally refused to be so small. Your every pain is a gift. But before that it is a burden. What is sitting on your chest? What makes you fight to breathe? Fight to believe? This is the breadcrumbs to your path. All the way back to you. 🖤 Happy new year sweet angels. Shot some new content yesterday with @karmacaptures in @aloyoga 🔮
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 28, 2017 3:55 PM (UTC)
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You keep looking at him through angel eyes, he said to me. And what you see in the deepest part of his soul is real, but it’s not the current reality. The reality is he is where he is. And you are not here to shift that. Nor hold steadfast to what he could be. This is pressure that wasn’t asked for. The biggest lesson you will ever learn is to let people be where they are. The strongest gift you can give is to act on their current status. This will cause you more pain than just side stepping around the reality for your comfort. But it will be the most honest thing you can give you both- and sometimes that means to walk away out of love. 🖤 Hardest lesson I’ve learned. Flowing #WomanPoetry at the @houseoftrestles badass spot ⚡️Wearing @aloyoga 💥Music by #MuraMasa #AreYouThere 🔮
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 27, 2017 10:13 PM (UTC)
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ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A PHAT 🍑!!! Jk not really. But actually yes! Before I ever did a single stretch I was a basketball player and Pole Vaulter along with all the jumps and hurdles in track and field. My body used to be super strong with zero flexibility and my energy was super masculine rough to hide the truth in the exterior- that I was crumbling. That the tension was building. I wish I could say that I found a release before it exploded but I didn’t. I couldn’t hear anything going on in my body because I just kept going and going. I dislocated my knee during a kettle bell swing a few years ago and I still remember crumbling to the floor as my weight buckled under the knee shooting out of place. I fell to the floor and after screams and cries popped it back in on my own. You would think even THIS would have woken me up but it still didn’t. I kept training 5 minutes after the pain cooled down. I kept going until eventually I couldn’t walk anymore. I bought an all leg brace to physically hold me upright at work and eventually ate myself 60 pounds heavier. Depression doesn’t even describe the heaviness that became my life. A year later someone suggested I try Yoga. For the past couple years I only did Yoga. Even looking at the weights made me sick and cringe and every time I did this I reaffirmed my injury. I currently do not practice much yoga at the moment; I’ve finally realized the imbalance of strength that is missing from my life. It translates directly into the rest of my existence. How I show up on a date or as a friend correlates to if I am feeling strong or flexible in my life. Our bodies are direct reflections of the messages our brain is trying to send. So while I know this is just the beginning, for the first time in a long time I feel the limiting beliefs in my body melting away as I stay deep in the tension of weights. Thank you to my trainer @chrisprice_cp who makes me rediscover who I am and what I’m capable of every single time we work together. Find people who inspire you to do privates with. It will change your life. Sometimes you’ve gone so long without seeing yourself, you forget what’s really there. Be a badass. 🖤🍑🔥🔮 Wearing @aloyoga
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 27, 2017 2:51 AM (UTC)
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You are NOT who you follow. Do you remember this? Just in case you have forgotten, let me remind you who you are. You were born however many years ago in a million to one chance that you were chosen to breathe your magic into this earth. You fought to become and suddenly there you were born out of the ether; in arms that loved you- or in ones that didn’t. Both of these played a powerful part in the fire in your belly. You then created parts of your personality by playing imagination or with toys that led you beyond your ideas of yourself— for me it was imagining that I was always on the run in my backyard as a kid. I would make “food” out of the mud, leaves and flowers and a cardboard box would transform before my eyes into my castle. And then came school. This is where we unlearned lots of who we were, but it was a chance to recognize what it felt like to be cast aside for believing in yourself. There is a picture I posted the other day and I could have labeled every different kind of style from 9 different people I thought I could camouflage as to lower the bullying. It didn’t work but now I have used every pounding to burst into compassion. And then came college or just your early 20’s and maybe you found yourself or maybe this tossed you even further but you started to feel what the truth was in your bones. In your heart. Whether you followed your truth or not was an entirely other story. But regardless of the details of every moment before now, here we are and if you are reading this odds are you follow me. But you are not me. My beliefs are my own. Sometimes I’m even confused on them. I wish I could say I’m one of the sure ones. Always confident in the direction I’m headed and speaking but it wouldn’t be true and I’m still bleeding out the opinions and stories about me from others. It’s a long process but regaining yourself is a lovely battle worth everything. So the next time you read something you disagree with or you think you have to feel everything that person you follow feels, separate your feelings and use their words or pictures to tell a real story of how you really feel. Your emotions are magic and have the power to shift worlds. Use it. 🖤
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 26, 2017 12:56 AM (UTC)
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We are about to enter what I personally feel is the most sacred time of the year. For the past 2 New Years I have led a retreat that took place a few days before and a few days after the New Year hit. It was a hard sell for my partner Mandy to get me to give up that time I have always used intensely for myself, but for 2 years, we did it. These retreats were amazing and it’s such a special time to connect with other deep souls but we both decided this year to step back into our own lives and deliver the medicine solely to ourselves. I am this weird mix of extrovert morphed introvert that now believes in a sliding scale. I love spending intense time with people but have also come to a fork in the road that made me realize if I wanted to travel to great heights of service to others, I needed to sit large amounts of time with myself. I remember when I stumbled upon the work of poems by #rupikaur whom I quickly fell in love with. Then one day I found her Instagram and felt very disappointed that she followed no one. I have thought long and hard about this for several years now, and while I maintain that it’s important to grow through each other’s work and lives, I also have come to realize that the deepest artists I know spend much of their time alone. They look up to other artists but to create something from within you can’t be constantly living in other peoples feeds. You have to be tending your own garden. You have to be falling in love with your own silence. I think I’ve grown more in this year than arguably much of my life, but I am ready to find out what setting the deepest intention and doing the most consistent work of my life will bring me. In the next year, I want to find love. There is no label in my mind what that will look like but my heart is open;I will recognize it when I see it. I want to feel more by minimizing the things I do but maximizing the breath and focus I do it with. I want to take my work into a whole new bracket and rise above even my own dreams and beliefs. And I want all this and more for you. So I encourage you to take these next few days between one year and the next and set your intentions. Reflect. Pause. Breathe. Sending you my 🖤
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 22, 2017 3:02 AM (UTC)
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This isn’t the story about how you decided one day to just change everything and it all became easy; it’s your reclaiming. It’s your birthing. It’s the first true time you asked the question: Who am I? And then went and created the courage to find out. What if the point isn’t to make sure the other person likes you back before you tell them how you feel. What if the point is actually to stand in your power and truth and honestly explore a real moment where you aren’t in control. Where you have to be in utter presence. One of the most powerful things I’ve ever done was tell someone who didn’t love me that I loved them. And it didn’t mean when they didn’t feel the same that what I did or felt had been wrong; rather it made it even more REAL. We have to get stronger and the only way to do that is as my trainer says, “fall in love with the tension.” I’ll be squatting and the moment it gets hard my reaction is to leave. But, as he reminds me, it’s within the uncomfortable shaking that the muscles get stronger. You don’t see weight lifters who never shake. They withstand the difficulty to grow stronger. I have been working silently on my strength after many years of only allowing my body to be flexible. Ladies it’s time to get after it. Whether that’s weights or telling the truth about our feelings, or quitting a job that is suffocating us. We have so much more ability than we’ve allowed. Time to find out just what we are workin with. 🖤 Next week I chop this mop. I know people get attached to my hair and it’s not easy but there are just too many shifts in my life to not allow my hair to mirror the changes. 🔥😍
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 20, 2017 6:54 PM (UTC)

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At some point you’re going to have this moment where you wake up and believe you are completely alone. That no one is there for you or could possibly understand you. This moment is why I do what I do. To create a safe and loving space for you to find a heart that won’t leave yours. I have felt what you felt in various different aspects. We all have pain we convince ourselves will not leave. But what if it could? Would you trust yourself to let it be felt and thus allow it to move through the body? I have wondered this question and put it into action in every aspect of my life. And now l get to share with you in a deeper way. I speak about relationships and sex and how it feels to be a woman. @lordskipworth is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met, and I am honored he chose me to be interviewed by him (and really it’s a raw conversation between two friends) as number 3 on his new podcast, Game Changers. I thought I would be nervous but the time flew and felt like magic. Thank you to everyone who has believed in me. It is my deepest work to channel that same believe right back into you. I love you all. Thank you @changethegameforgood for having me as a guest. You changed my life so deeply that day. Never stop your work. LINK IN MY BIO OR STORY! Let me know what you think😘 🖤🔥 #WomanPoetry
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 19, 2017 5:14 PM (UTC)
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One day I will make a YouTube video telling boys what not to do on dates 🙄 LOL. For now here is a miniature tidbit of life as a Jade on these mean dating streets! What’s your worst date story?? Let em fly!!! By the way - he’s right. Jade IS totally semi precious 🙈😂😂😭😦
User Image jadealectra Posted: Dec 19, 2017 6:34 AM (UTC)
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Last night I cried harder than I have in a very long time. I felt it building and like all things we ignore, it was only a matter of time until it blasted wide open. I have always heard people say the holidays are hard, but I’ve never felt that until this one. I feel like I ride so many waves; both my own and those around me. There is a boy in the rehab that I teach who clenches my hand and hugs me until he shakes. There is a boy who sent me a message the other day who told me he wanted to die. There is a girl who wrote me she’s not sure how to live with her depression pressing her against the walls every day getting a little bit tougher. I have the privilege of hearing many share their hearts but I hadn’t really found time to listen to my own until it was too late. Expect some changes on my page. Expect things to get even more honest. Expect nothing of me because I am continually peeling layers off that are no longer needed. I am here to help you peel some too. 🖤 If anyone is having a hard time feel free to share below. So that others may be strengthened by your truth. We are all doing the best we can. 🖤