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#kopiakannualfallphoto 2017 edition. These munchkins have certainly grown in the past year!
One of the things I look forward to most about school.. is the funny things that come home.
I am attempting to keep my palm tree (from outdoors) alive over the winter. Hopefully the lime tree and coffee plant enjoy their new neighbour! 🌴
This girl's crazy hair makes me smile 💕 #oceanelizabeth
Every time I drop out compost off at the greenhouse, I get 10% off one item. So naturally, I buy something every time. This week... a coffee plant! 😍☕️🌱
The first day was only an hour, and the parents stayed the entire time. But he loved it. He walked in confident, and was a great listener 💗 #cashdillinger
Our epic last weekend of summer. Fair on Friday, waterslides yesterday. Today was sooooo insanely smokey, so we took the kids to the movies! (It was the first movie they actually sat through). We came home, and Ocean put herself to bed 😂 maybe the big screen was a little over-stimulating #oceanelizabeth
Stocked up on all the good stuff in time for school to start! Thanks, @naturesfaremarkets
The start of our gallery wall in the foyer 😍 #kopiakcustomhome
I loved having my parents stay with us this past week
Gotta give my daddy a project when he comes for a visit. I am thrilled that he made my vision come to life! 😍
I am obsessed with the colour and depth of this rose! Loving how my sleeve is coming together 😍 thanks Jessie! @gaspedalstattoo
When you are at a stand-still on the highway, waiting for the pilot car to lead the way through a fire evac alert zone #prayforbc #forestfireseason