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joleeqh 272w ago
Wow! That's how they keep it spick and span!

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joleeqh 10h ago
An early birthday pressie for this notti gal (spent at least 30mins deliberating inside Kiddy Palace) and of course she had to play with it NOW. I can't do #PlayDoh with my OCD-ness.
New installation at @natmuseum_sg and there's a disco ball cement mixer truck at the far right side! #Singapore
Bought 2 cans recently w/o realising that #AyamBrand has upped their chilli game. The 5 chilli version is like tears-inducingly good! Woohoo! Go try it if you can find the 5 chilli one. 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶
For a split second, I was wondering what the Chinese characters meant then it dawned on me. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. 🌙🍰 #庆中秋 #中秋节