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Yep crazy for god and a beautiful loving life
You were forgivin before you did it so forgive thyself god is a loving god
God puts people in our lives to teach you! Because through us the people we are all teachers just be a good influence on those you reach a hand too
So find it get up n try try again till its done
The #world would have a #simple #compromise because we'd #love #each #other so much we all #climb to the #top as a #team n not #enemies trying to #live like #each-other because we'd be #simply #devoted to #helping each-other to become #equals n #not #enemies
Don't FERGET to appreciate those who cross your path n don't forget to thank them!!!
Truth so be it help us all god we all walk with anger but help us all manage it properly
I think all people have lost these simple morals! But if your at loss with the morals you were brought up with reteach yourself because these simple morals are still to this day important
I guess I don't know how to bullshit with the truth