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  Posted: Jul 26, 2012 12:40 AM FEED
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@MarvinSapp ‘s CLOSE is available everywhere right now! #PressPlay ☝🏽 #Exclusive sneak peek #BehindTheScenes at his photo shoot for the record to get some insight into the concept!
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Posted: Sep 25, 2017 9:31 PM
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30 days in, a lifetime to go. Love you CC. Now who’s going to help us get featured in @Essence? #HappilyEverAnderson @chelsea_mone
Posted: Aug 12, 2017 11:55 PM
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#Repost @theactionjackson
Statues like these glorify the confederacy and the hate that inspires conflicts like today. Stand with Charlottesville and #Takedownhate #hoosagainsthate
Seriously, can we at least try a full season of this? #BlackFriends #ThatsTheDream

#Repost @questlove
You know, I'd accept the end of @thecarmichaelshow if Hov made this version of #Friends w this cast as its replacement. #Moonlight @JayZ
I got so much joy from this today. Honored to work with @marvinsapp & @realfredh now, who continue to change so many lives glorifying the gospel with their music.
Posted: Jun 14, 2017 1:46 AM
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This about sums it up. Pure Joy. Thank you to my incredible fiancé & best man for orchestrating a weekend filled with great company, laughter, great food, swanky surprise NYC locations (& a few cigars). 30 Years, wow. I've been almost homeless, I've been celebrated. I've been both lost & found. Thank you Lord. To everyone who's shown love & shared time & space with me in this life time I thank you. You've taught me over & over how to get back up when I fall with my head held high. Onward & Upward my friends. #RoadTo30 #2017 @chelsea_mone @imbarksdale @bwalker8386 @sageyg @dre_vox @chasay03 @bcamwebb @gatumbi @sue_meets_world @greyston @ughreaves @richard.a.duncan @asiaticman @lets_tlk_money @kazzalexander @runwithb @edrakeii @wheretobegin_ @nichelle982 @treyonce24 @tmmbaga @thawizeguy @chiiisochic @debonair06 @kingdavid228 @helenoftroy28 @_julianjackson @a_blessed13 @theactionjackson @roshard_bryant @rmypointofview @kirkfranklin #ColeWorld #KFeezy @mu5ik_luvr @fakeittilyounaked @all_en1 @paul4llen @gratefulapparel #wishicouldtag100more
This little lady turned 4 yesterday. I wish I could see you more often (not a baby anymore) Olive! Your God father loves you so much! #HappyBirthdayOlive
Yesterday my cousin (and brother really) gave birth to his first born son Noah. I'm so proud of the man he's become & helped me to be. You are a great father already fam. Special shout out to Medea, you've brought so much joy & refinement to J. Love you both. #HappyBirthdayNoah
This man is so full of life & encouragement. There have been plenty of days where I truly doubted myself & Jeff Grant just said "Stop it, sir. You're great." Takes one to know one I suppose. Thank you Jeff. You're the Boss. Pre-order his photo book - "Faces of Praise!: Photos and Gospel Inspirations to Encourage and Uplift" on AMAZON today! Believe me, it's dope!
Merry Christmas 🎄| Last Thursday I took a special someone on a date in Charlottesville where we stopped by Millers in the downtown mall to celebrate our two year anniversary. We'd tried to go on our first date nearly 10 years ago but couldn't get in - it was too packed. Well, we stopped in this time & luckily there was more than enough room for two. I ordered our drinks as the waitress mentioned their afternoon band had cancelled last minute (*wink wink*). I was so nervous I forgot to record 🎷but there was a sax solo & a speech (that I think was fairly decent) involved. God is great. My best friend said "Yes." #RealGoodHands
From each trial we learn. Thank you God for the many 🔥's! Each one is a new opportunity to begin again & shine brighter than ever. #PureGold #HappyMonday
Posted: Oct 22, 2016 6:40 PM
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"I am called to run my race with endurance and run it with my eyes on Jesus. That gave me so much clarity. I felt like I didn't have to prove any one thing. You have a purpose right here. You have a purpose that's given to you by God, no one else, and no one else can validate it because you're already validated through Him." @mrcanderson // Watch all the @c3brooklyn stories now (!

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