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jennystu 273w ago
Put another shrimp on the barbie!

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These kids cut up. All damn day. 😆
Every time u try to get ur shoes on to leave. #pleasedontgo
Wash and blow dry. He loves it. 😁 who would’ve thought????
The boys got to meet Mr. Pulisic last night! Very nice man. ☺️
Sebastian. So easy to please. 😆
❤️❤️ I actually did not force them to hug this time. ☺️
When your running errands and see your son on his field trip in uptown Mt Lebanon. U take a one handed drive by snap shot. And nail it! Lol. 😂
All of young Mt Lebo boys with the varsity team. Plus Ella. ❤️ and of course Mr. Photogenic. Bazzy. 😂
And just like that little B turned 5. Hope it was a great bday Sebastian Lee. 🎉🎁⚽️🍩🎈🍕🏃🏻
Just one of the reasons why I ❤️ @timk2121 😂
Thank you to my photographer @meesiepieces for this great pic! Happy 5th bday Bazzy Lee! Love you!
Bazzy first day of 5 yr old pre k! 😌
Our annual block party had some excellent entertainment this year. Bravo guys!!🙌🏻