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Ja what time init

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The waves are firing!!!! Can't wait for my heat this afternoon ! @wsl 📷 @edsloanephoto @ripcurl_aus
Rnd 1 got errr done rnd 3 come at me. With raps like that I may as well call out Eminem too. Let's battle white boy! 📷 @edsloanephoto
Little frontside fun drift. Finding sneaky lefts in this world of rights makes for a happy goofy footer. 📷 @edsloanephoto
Bobbing in the hot tub. How sick is this steamy ocean shot 📷 @badboyryry_
Hanging with the miso soup in cape st Francis @annajordan89 shot on film 📷 @nickpollet
Stoked to be partnering with @holdenaustralia. Had an awesome time designing and testing my new set of wheels. #colorado
My shadow is a bigger man than me. But I am not sad. 📷 @edsloanephoto @ripcurl_aus
Big dawggggg got a room with a view !
PAC man with a big nose chewing through biaritz
It was sunny above the clouds today. !