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teedebbz 273w ago
9ja..hopin to put on a bit of weight😏

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It's my birthday tomorrow and her portrait kinda expresses how I feel. Or not. Maybe I just like this thing that looks like the painter and her paintbrush were having an epileptic fit 😏 but it's nice. I like it. #art #portrait #painting #hungarianartist
PS it says "PortrΓ©" - portrait (easy enough) and then "Nielly utΓ‘n" - after what? Mi a nielly? Can't be trusting Google Translate
PPS @google you're the best but you might want to do something about ur translator.
Come to Budapest, eat all the junk food and pay this guy a visit. Apparently, when you rub his belly you won't gain weight πŸ˜‰ #throwback #budapest #budapeststatues #holiday #vacation cc: @linchihying ❀
teedebbz 183w ago
Oral exams in dote πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
teedebbz 194w ago
Not my choice of words but heres to y'all mehn πŸΈπŸ˜›
teedebbz 214w ago
This hair! Hmm it has a mind of its own sometimes. #teamnatural all the way sha lol #summer #budapest
teedebbz 230w ago
@lolaizzie! this girl here is veeery annoying but i love her 😚😚