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  Posted: Jul 25, 2012 11:11 AM
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  • @ianhonest good day Ian, this is the one I told u about, not sure if its any good.. Wat do u think?

  • Wow d(⌒ー⌒)! Air ship !!

  • Haha excellent... Nearly said to you yesterday I am on the lookout for a balloon....

  • ✨🙏✨nice shot! all ok?

  • Wow!!!

  • Neat

  • 😍😍😍 Beautiful capture !!!! 😁!!

  • Excellent !! Golden sky !! Many golden opportunity for your new chapter dear !!! 💢👊👊💢😍😘

  • And sweet dream !! 💤💤✨✨

  • hehe yeah its GoodYear zeppelin..   @yasunosuke1

  • Haha o good, Im glad you like it!!   I will be looking out for your ballon too!  @ianhonest

  • Thanks Eric, yeah all good, moving day tmr cleaning up day today, hehe!   I hope you are all good too!  @ericjfkleijssen

  • Thanks so much!   @osvaldopereira

  • Thanks so much!   @butchreinhart

  • Thanks Dan, you always have nice words for me! Wishing u a brilliant day!   @danieldxc

  • Where you goin' Laine..:))

  • Hi Kagan @juggler1 I'm moving to Latvia for a bit! U can lookout for my pics from there, haha!! :D

  • Looking forward...Have a nice trip..!:))

  • Thanks to my dearest, prettiest lady Yumi!! Thanks for your well wishes too!!  love love!!    @yumii4eva

  • Thanks so much Kagan! U have a lovely day too!! :D @juggler1

  • moving? from? to? wish u luck 😚

  • Thanks Kagan! U have a lovely day!! :)) @juggler1

  • I'm on the lookout @lainebubu I have just read you are moving... Hope all goes for you, good luck.

  • Thanks so much Ian, really nice of you!!   @ianhonest

  • Cool shot!

  • Thanks @linden_ca :D

  • I'm moving to Latvia from Cardiff.. Thanks so much sweet Eric!! U can expect some pics from there soon, haha!! :D  @ericjfkleijssen

  • hmmmm how come? work? Latvia is wonderful too, wish u good luck with the move! how r the friends and families? big hug 😚

  • Well, my hubby will finish his Masters soon so we decided to go to Latvia (he's Latvian) for a while before we head back to Singapore.. Thanks so much for your well wishes! Big hugs too    @ericjfkleijssen

  • ah ok 👍👍👍👌

  • Welcome Laine!!! We are Friends !!💓i am looking forward to see the beautiful Latvia!!! 😭😂😭😂😍have a nice day ✨🌟

  • haha thanks beauty!! I will be sure to find some for you..  flying off after a night sleep.. what a change!!      @yumii4eva

  • What's on your agenda today lovey? @yumii4eva

  • Thanks in advance my dear!! Just as you know I might not be the very first one to see it due to touring but I DEFINITELY will keep an eye to it if I access wifi !!! 🌟🌟✌😭😍🌟🌟😘

  • Probably will driving to have a river ride and try to snap some crocodiles :))

  • no worries my love, you just concentrate on your fun, thats the most impt!  your plan sounds like fun, ur holiday sounds like a ball!!  be careful and looking fwd to some crocs pics..      @yumii4eva

  • My friend must be out and explore her new place and snap some beautiful shots ...😊📷 I hardly see any croco as they are hiding well but did enjoy the ride along the river with all greens surrounding !! And stopped by for some beautiful grilled barramundi for lunch ! (๑◕ˇڡˇ◕๑)(((o(*▽*)o))) chic chat later dear ... 😊😘

  • Good evening my dearest!! I'm about to walk out of my house in Cardiff!! I will miss the house a lot, haha.. Wow ur lunch sounds awesome, hope u get some food too!! I will talk to u in a new country :D love love @yumii4eva

  • Hope I (I mean :p) @yumii4eva

  • Good evening dear !! So you must be in transporting to your new home Latvia!! Keep safe and yeah my lunch was super delicious :D talk soon dear ! 😊

  • Hi my dearest, Im in Latvia now But I dont have wifi on my phone or frequently so I still cant see my feeds.. :( hopefully will get soon.. hope you are having loads of fun..   @yumi4eva

  • @lainebubu thanks for all the likes... 🙏🙏🙏

  • of cos, nice work!    @angga_sastro

  • @yumii4eva lovey please see above (*hi my dearest..), I tag wrongly.. :s

  • @yumii4eva lovey please see above (*hi my dearest..), I tag wrongly.. :s

  • Dear Laine!!!! Happy to hear from you again!!!! Hope everything is settled!!! I am watching the Olympic open ceremony dear!!! You must have lots of funs outthere in the coming weeks !!! 😘😍

  • You must be tiring of unpacking stuffs ..., divine at the time and take rest and of coz your beauty sleep is most impt !!! Chat soon sweetest Laine !!! 😍😍😘💓

  • Hi lovey, I'm finally home, all day on the road!! Im so tired.. i will take a breather and will go to a party soon.. You must be having nice dreams.. Have a great week my dear!   @yumii4eva

  • Thanks again!

  • Hi honey! 😊😉yeah too tiring on a road trip ... And wow sounded pretty busy day and plans all lined up !!! Enjoy sweeties and snap your happy memories 😊📷😍😘💘🌟

  • I will lovey!! You have a great party today!! I want your cake!!   hehe..    @yumii4eva

  • Hehehe!! My cake actually looking so good tho ... Was thinking to post it .., but not in the mood .... ;'( maybe someday I would ... Very glad to hear again from you!! Hope you have a superb weekend 🌟✨✨🌟💛😘

  • Hahah, Im sure its awesome!! I finally have time to relax a bit and post pics.. :P we r trying to make ice cream today.. soo hot here!! I also wish u a brilliant weekend dearest!!    @yumii4eva

  • Fabulous!

  • Wow I just realised you had new pics posted !!! You looked so beautiful and s*xy !!! 😊😍😉😘 I love ice cream too!! What flavour did you have ?! 🍦🍦🍦💛😊 our Sun. Almost ends and now driving my parent back home ... But you just started yours ... Enjoy the ☀☀weather !! 💘💢💋

  • Thanks heaps Jenny for your likes and comments!    @jennycme

  • Hehe, not sure yet (havent started making yet, :P) but normally i like chocolate, what abt you? Drive careful ya!! Thanks my darling, u r the BEST!!    @yumii4eva

  • <3 your gallery :)

  • I love that u love it, thanks heaps Jenny! Enjoy ur Sunday! :)) @jennycme

  • Thanks so much Andre!  @andredantas31

  • Led zeppelin :))

  • Yeah its a stairway to heaven! haha!  @atomheartlycan

  • There was an iPhone app we all know, who don't use that app. Our photos are amazing, and If you look at them very hard. The perspective come in to your mind. And all photos are one and one photo is all to take a new photo not to download google photo. Lol hahahhaah lyrics cover for instagram. Led zeppelin stairway to instagram (Sorry about bad English)

  • ..and it makes me wonder... lol!! Good stuff! where are you from, Atom (your name?) u look like a rock star too!   @atomheartlycan

  • I'm from turkey. My name is Alycan (A-tom heart -lycan = Alycan and Atom heart Lycan and Atom heart Alycan ) 😊😊😊

  • .. She does... (Robert says it in new York concert)

  • Nice to meet u Alycan! Have a great week ahead! :D @atomheartlycan

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