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Had an awesome time with my long lost brother Dakota @decoderfox I only met him once in the 90's and thanks to Social Media we finally found one another. He's 10 years younger and from Seattle. It was so cool to take him shooting guns and teaching him to ride a dirt bike. He's a natural. Truly a blessing to have him in my life now. 🍻to making more new memories. Next time we're coming up to Seattle. 😃💯👍🏼
Fuck you Father Time. I'm still kicking 💪🏼
Took Big Red for a ride today. 6X6 Water Truck going in for a new Trans. #heavyhaul #lowbedshit #trucker #peterbilt389 #watertruck
I need to get back to more Moto and less Trucker. 💯🤘🏼✔️😎
Doing what I love. When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. 😎✔️💯💰
Got her all dolled up for the weekend. #peterbilt
Today I ran into my brother from another mother Greg. And he blessed me with a couple bad ass company T's. Thanks again 👍🏼. @gmtruckin #trucking #peterbilt