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I do it because I’m worthy, not to make myself worthy. 👁 When I released myself from feeling like I needed to work out every day to be skinnier/leaner/lighter and eat healthy to punish my body into submission... everything changed. I don’t workout to become worthy. I take care of myself because I AM worthy. 💋
When you’re ready to stop pretending that losing 10 pounds will make you lovable, I’m here to help. I’ve got two more wellness challenges you can join through the end of the year that are focused on change the inside out. I believe that once your mindset shifts, the rest will stop being a struggle and will start to fall into place. Love you girl. I’m here. ❤️
Autumn art markets in Florida mean 86 degree sunshine and pretending you aren’t sweating through your shirt. But I bought the prettiest ceramic coffee mug and we hunted down some local honey from our favorite farm. First family of four outing success! 🍂
UPDATE: GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Thanks for playing! Man you guys loved this bag! I’ll have to find some@more of my fav things for giveaways this holiday season! Congrats @hellorachellynn, you are the winner!🍂 .
Some good friends of mine with big hearts started a really cool company called @intifinds and sent me two of their bags and I’m in love. They are leather and tapestry and so sturdy. I have been using the big tote as an everything bag- purse/baby bag/tote. And the clutch fits my laptop perfectly so it’s become my little office on the go bag. I tuck my laptop, my debit card, a lipgloss, and a book in there and I’m coffee shop ready. Part of the reason I wanted to build a #capsulewardrobe was to streamline and simplify and to have products that I love that are multifunctional. #sparkjoy The other really beautiful things that made me fall in love with these bags is that the company is set up to where a percentage from every sale goes to help bring education to kids in the developing world. ❤️❤️❤️ The founders of Inti are educators with a passion for bringing education to every child. It’s such a cool thing. So fashion, function and a beautiful cause? Of course I’m on board!
So Inti gave me a limited edition Diplomat clutch to GIVEAWAY to one of you! It’s the color combo of the tote in these photos but it’s the smaller clutch style 👌🏻
To enter:
1. Make sure you are following me and @intifinds
2. Tell me what you’d use the clutch for in a comment below
3. Get a bonus entry for every friend you tag and share this giveaway with in a comment 👯
A winner will be chosen on Monday morning! And even if you don’t win, Inti has offered my followers a 10% discount in their shop. Just use the code ARROWGIRLS10 at checkout. The discount is good through Oct 31st! Good luck!!!
Friends who snuggle together (in PJ’s with coffee)... SLAY together. 🤷🏼‍♀️🙌🏻😂
I am so happy that I can now say I’m that woman who has bunch of close girlfriends instead of being that girl that only is friends with boys. 🙈 I used to be so wary of other women, because of past experiences being hurt over and over again. Of making myself vulnerable and having them take advantage. I just didn’t trust other women at all anymore. Then I stumbled into a job that put me right smack dab in the middle of an entire network of women and I had to work through my trust issues. Haha. The Universe thinks it’s funny. 🙃
I never thought I’d have so many dear and close girlfriends that I talk to daily, that I trust with my heart and dreams, and who make me better each time I’m around them. Now if I could just get them all to move to live nearby me, I’d be golden! 👯

#arrowgirls #businessbesties #whatmyworktripslooklike
In my continued efforts to simultaneously spark joy and also level up my life by making better choices, I decided to eat ice cream for breakfast because that makes sense. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Okay that’s a half lie. It’s not traditional ice cream. Its’s actually my strawberry dole whip cloud cream recipe but it tastes like soft serve dole whip and I can eat this giant cup of it and have it still be a good choice so, you know, win/win. Recipe in my story, babes 💋 #icecreamaddictsanonymous #betterbecka #vegan
Oh hi. Just feeling feelings about my job today. (and also about this newest top in my capsule wardrobe from @anthropologie 😍) Maybe it’s my morning mindfulness routine making me more grateful. Maybe it’s my intentional hunt for joy. I don’t know- but happy things are magnetically coming to me today and I’m over here like a little bird with a french fry just as happy as can be over it all. This morning in my October challenge I woke up to beautiful posts from the women in there sharing the worries they are releasing this month related to their wellness journeys. Breaking loose! Yes. Let it go ladies! Then in a training group for my team I woke up to dozens of personal and passionate messages from my newer coaches sharing their beautifully vulnerable dreams and their visions for what they want to build and the impact they want to have for their families! You guys, the vision here is just incredible! Like change the world type stuff! THEN... I got a call from corporate asking me to take over the Orlando Market Council which is basically the group of leaders in a big metro area that represents the company at events except I want to do things even bigger so I asked if I could use that platform to do something new and build community in new ways and they said, “HECK YES! Run with it girl!” 🙌🏻 I mean... talk about in line with my own personal visions right now! I’m so excited. I feel so grateful. I feel so joyful that this is what my days are like. I cannot wait to build something really special here in Central Florida and beyond! 👯 #dirtymirrorsofinstagram #manifestingdreams #betterbecka
My capricorn born, old soul, tender hearted, sweet boy as a big brother to our new little leo lady. Earth meets fire.
Waking up to a baby who slept for eight hours and a house still full of eucalyptus and roses from a sprinkle baby shower our family threw for us yesterday = Monday winning. Thank you to @nicolegrahamevents for pulling together the prettiest decorations and then also for leaving them at my house so I could pretend my mantle just always looks like this 😂🍂 #thelittlestonelakehouse
Saturday morning art fest with my drawing buddy. I never really got to celebrate Halloween as a kid (one year I got to dress up in my ballet leotard after my mom fought my dad on it but that was about it and I’m not sure that counts since it wasn’t even a costume 😂) so I’m making up for it now that I have a kid by enjoying all the spooky fun! Today we start the Halloween movies!!! Hotel Transylvania for him and later tonight the Addams Family, Practical Magic, and Hocus Pocus for me. Isn’t his jumping mummy the best?! Yay October! 🍂🎃
Me and little miss decided to take this show on the road and check out a gem show (aka crystals!!!) that was rolling through town. We didn’t buy anything but it was fun to get dressed and head out. I’m still digging the whole capsule wardrobe concept. I feel like I’m finally developing a true sense of personal style and I feel more comfortable and confident in my clothes than I ever have my whole life. (Recovering constantly-self-conscious-girl right here 🖐🏻) once I lost the 70 pounds that held me hostage it was like I had this new body but I was still trapped in the mind of the girl I was before. Working on my capsule wardrobe has really helped me learn this new body. (New body, who dis?) I still haven’t found a baby bag that brings me joy though so I decided to use this tote and it was perfect! I downsized my tote bag collection considerably (how did I end up with so many?!?!) but this one from @intifinds Is a keeper. I have the honor of partnering with the talented and philanthropic duo behind Inti to tell you more about how their leather bags help bring education to children in developing areas. I’ll be doing that AND I’ll be giving one away along with some other surprises next week so make sure to check back in! Okay gotta run. I’m off to get my workout in and then make some pizzas for Friday family pizza night. #notyourmamaswellnesscoach 😂🤷🏼‍♀️❤️
So... on my quest to become a #betterbecka, I started a new workout program that has weights in it. It’s one I did years ago but have not done in a long time and I’m so sore you guys. Like... I look like a grandma trying to get up out of my sofa and hobbling around. But it feels good (in an odd way) to feel uncomfortable like this because even though it kinda hurts, I also feel kinda proud and strong. (Man if that isn’t just steeeeeeeped in metaphors for life...) I whipped up this recovery “ice cream” and it tastes like dole whip but it has branch chain amino acids and other goodies which help your muscles recover faster and so now I’m over here like... “is it working yet!?” Hurry up BCAA’s do your thing. I’ve got estate sales to peruse! (Recipe is in my story if ya want it!) TGIF! 👀
Fighting the urge to hang twinkle lights from every corner of every room of our house. I have them in our RV and I used to have them in our bedroom in our old house but I haven't put any in this house mostly because I've been trying to make this house feel more grown and also because no room in this house is done being decorated and twinkle lights feel a bit like a finishing touch to me BUUUUTTTT *inhales because this is a really long sentence* I am trying to focus on leveling up my life in all areas by making small but intentional better choices each day and incorporating things that bring me joy back into my life and twinkle lights are definitely one of those things. I made a list of some other things if you wanna see on my personal blog today (link in profile) What would you add to the list? ✨ #sparkjoy #intentionalliving #betterbecka
PS. Hold me accountable friends. If you don't see me post some twinkle lights in the next few weeks call me out! 😜
"Life was not intended to be simply a round of work, no matter how interesting and important that work may be. A moment’s pause to watch the glory of a sunrise or a sunset is soul-satisfying, while a bird's song will set the steps to music all day long." - Laura Ingalls Wilder
Persephone under the songbird tree 🐦
I RECOGNIZE THAT I HAVE CHOSEN FEAR, AND I CHOOSE AGAIN, I CHOOSE LOVE. 💜 As a parent and as a business owner it's so easy to choose fear. In adoption it's easy to choose fear. In all of life really, it's easy to choose fear. It seems like everyone out there is constantly telling you the next thing you need to be afraid of. Fear sells. Fear perpetuates their agenda. But it doesn't feel very good to be living in it. I will be honest, I choose fear more often than not. I'm prone to worry. I like to be in control. If the last two months of my life have taught me anything, it's that choosing gratitude and love instead of fear is hard. But it's also so so important to intentionally work on doing it because then we can release anxiety and trust that we are in the right place doing the right things and that no matter what happens, we'll be able to handle it. It's hard in a world with a 24/7 news cycle that is vying for your attention. While we may not be able to control the scary things that happen out there, is always our choice how to respond. And if you chose fear, it's okay, you can always choose again when you're ready to step out of that. I choose again. I choose love. Choose again, y'all.
We need to taco about something awesome: today is #internationaltacoday. Many thanks to the tortillas who made this possible and the guacamole who kept the dream alive. Did you know a new study came out that said that just one hour a week of exercise can help lessen depression by 12%? I think that percentage would go way up if you spend that hour running to the taco shop. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️🌮
There was a time that I hated shopping. I hated every mirror. I would cry in fitting rooms in disgust. It felt awful to hate myself that much. People ask me where I find the motivation to continue my wellness journey after four years. That girl is my motivation. Today I loved my reflection in every fitting room. And that's not vain you guys, that's growth. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for prioritizing your own healing. 🖤 #lightworker #selfiesforselflove #fitnessmotivation #betterbecka
It feels like fall. And I feel so energized. This is my absolute favorite time of year. The next three months are my magic. I love every second. I love the crisp air, the smells, the music, the celebrations... all of it! The last quarter might stress other people out but for me, I'm coming alive!
I decided to start my morning mindfulness routine because I was feeling anxious, stressed, and full of dread during our tumultuous adoption and the transition back after with Hurricane Irma. As I started to prioritize my emotional and mental health as much as my physical health I was struck by the thought that the opposite of anxiety is not necessarily peace, but is gratitude. If you are thinking of the good you can't be imagining the bad. I promised myself that if I stuck with my gratitude journaling for a week, I'd reward myself with a solo day date to Anthropologie to window shop and smell all the candles and possibly sip a PSL while I do it. Basically I told myself I could unapologetically be the most basic as my reward. You gotta do what you gotta do. Broke out my capsule wardrobe (tap for sources) and I'm ready to Anthro! 🍂🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #capsulewardrobe #basic #happy #mentalhealthawareness
It kinda feels like a DREAM. Still coming down from that post retreat energy high. I usually come back from events like that with a social hangover but this time I just feel like my heart expanded to twice its size. This retreat might have been my personal favorite yet. I definitely felt as if I grew closer to my coaches who attended moreso this year than ever before. Maybe it's because I was coming out of such an intense season of my life and had so much less emotional space to be stressed out or frazzled or perfectionist about this retreat. I had to let so many ideas I wanted to do go and trust that the event would be amazing on its own without the "fluff". And you know what? I think it was the perfect thing.

Two of my girls surprised me with these beautiful bangles and beads. I teared up a little when they explained they chose the word DREAM because it's the gift I had given them. 💛

It hit me right in the heart because that's is the core of why I do what I do. It's not about losing 5 pounds or looking a certain way. It's not about eating less pizza or fitting into a bikini. The workouts and the discipline is just the VEHICLE I get to use to start working on deeper things like self love and acceptance, healing, vitality, and eventually the vision to begin to dream big things for yourself again! To think that things you had written off might actually be possible for you again. And to give you a safe space to start chasing them!

Watching women come back to life and get unstuck is my biggest joy in my career and it's why I'll never stop doing what I'm doing and building this community.

That's my DREAM. And I promise to keep sharing it to anyone who wants it. #imheretohelp
#thegoodlist | breezy mornings, my mindfulness routine with these books, a babe who slept through the night, peppermint mochas, pretty ceramics, beautifully deeper friendships with the girls who came to Utah with me, OCTOBER! 🍂
"I want to be around people who do things. I don't want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do. I want to be around people that dream and support and do things." 🏔
Find the people that will climb mountains with you, that encourage you to take up space, that remind who who you truly are. #arrowgirlsdoprovo