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  Posted: Jul 24, 2012 6:00 PM FEED
4 Sierra
As if I didn't have enough completes already.

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2013, @johnnyturd, a personal favorite. That feeling of stoke when you see a photo come out is pure 👌🏼 I love skateboarding

Also, @not_decked
From inside a 4,000mph shadow. Mount Hood ♥️
Mason takes the urban approach to the Tigard bank wall. @masonmerlino
An experience too strong not to reiterate. Forever burned into my psyche. We are capable.
Thank you, Dad, for showing me. Even though we could not come here when I was growing up, I knew I would make it to @nasakennedy one day. Because you told me I can.
@musthrash posted a photo of Brooklyn in its current state and it had me reminiscing. Skateboarding is important, community is equally as important. Thank you everyone ♥️