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Every woman and girl has the right to choose and shape her own future. Gender equality shouldn't be the exception. It should be the norm, and should have happened by now, and we all need to work hard together to make that happen. #DayoftheGirl
A HUGE (yuge) thank you to everybody that donated to my #royalparkshalf run yesterday. Every penny goes towards helping @scopecharity support people with disabilities so that they can turn their potential into excellence. Also, sorry to the person going for their PB who I accidentally twatted because I was to excited to see my family at the finish line.

Well done to all of my friends who ran. Definitely got the bug, and I this won't be the last one, now I have a time to beat (2:14). 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻
So glad this track is now on Spotify. Overlooked. 🔥
Hello. Had a few minor tweaks whilst we were away.
Mutual respect, followed by a pile-in once they realised I had biscuits. 🦌
Seeing what humanity is capable of - the very worst and the very best - in one location. We all must work hard to listen to history, listen to others, and not just give in to our primal instincts, because our primal instincts now have access to some pretty awful machinery.
Japan is an amazing country, the people are beautiful, and we could learn a lot from them! 🇯🇵
Bullet Train out of Tokyo with @anabananarama. Next Stop: Hiroshima. 🇯🇵