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  Posted: Jul 23, 2012 3:52 AM FEED
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Neighbor A had a cat that neighbor B accidentally gave away to Crazy Cat Lady because neighbor B thought the cat was homeless. I heard the whole story as neighbor A gave me these tomatoes.

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I've never done a @atlasobscura outing good. This was a tour of artist Peter Lai's loft in the arts district. @mep1122 I know you've been here before right? This guy has not done any Swedish death cleaning. #tinywonderful #atlasobscura
Took me about half an hour to realize it wasn't the massage place playing Public Enemy's Fear of a Black Planet, it was in fact, my phone. 😐
Day one for Twistie. Welcome little buddy. Shout out to @northcentralshelter for the great work you do.
#adoptdontshop I was going to call him Speck but my mum just told me that is a lump of fat in Swedish 😐
Posted: Sep 2, 2017 1:37 AM
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Just look at Natalie Portman's leg for a bit. You're welcome.
#tinywonderful #badphotoshop #tookmeaminute
"The most popular art exhibition ever" by Grayson Perry. So good. What a beautiful, thoughtful, empathetic, absurd, self-deprecating mind. Everything from masculine stereotypes to Brexit.
#tinywonderful #graysonperry
Walthamstow, home to an early 90's pop band #brianharvey and this ridiculously great neon shop. Oh, William Morris is from here as well.
#tinywonderful #east17 #hipstersarecoming #lotsofbarbershops #andveganrestaurants
Bringing all the C-ssentials back from Sweden--coffee, candy, cups and clothes.
In the middle of a field, left of nowhere, is this huge plexiglass sculpture by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, called Anna. There was also some cute sheep wandering around. #tinywonderful #pilanesbergnationalpark
I've had six herring plates since I've been here. I will make you one when I get back @lewisantonia
#tinywonderful #sos #västkusten
Last of the summer cinnamon rolls. The local bakery that starts baking rolls and loaves everyday at 2am has just closed for the season. Don't panic, the freezer is full.
#tinywonderful #kanelbullar #västkusten #bovallstrand
Neuman house with obligatory uiqulo puffy jacket sighting.
Me: "hey, are you guys painting a mural for that movie Patty Cakes?" Mural guy: "How in the hell would you even know that?" Me: "because I've watched the trailer 5 times." #tinywonderful #pattycakes #clearlynoonebutmeisexcitedaboutthis