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malgal14 273w ago
Jennifer you will be forever missed and my you and your unborn baby RIP #imissyou #911attacks #sosad
  • I wen't the there and on the paper they gave us it said those two names

  • I'm so sorry for that just to make it clarifies thought did she died in the towers plz don't answer if u don't want to it must be reallllllly hard for u

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Hey you I guess it's national boyfriend day! So thanks for letting me cook for you and trusting it wouldn't kill you!! You pretty cool✌🏼
Quick life story, ready? Go! This May I met my biological mother, this weekend we went to her sisters wedding! I am so completely happy for the first time in a long time and my heart is so full, it's so amazing to be accepted and loved for who you truly are!! .
(Photo 1 is me and my siblings, 2 is my mom my aunt Virginia and their good friend Mel, 5 my uncle and I got photobombed😂 and last is my mom her husband Bob and all the kids!!)
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