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A girl and her fire hydrant. My lovely, best, and only girl cousin Tali is wonderful and helps me with Zoey when I have to work and let me know that this fire hydrant is Zoey’s favorite. Every time she walks past it she says “Aawwwwww” and gives it a hug. 😭 you’ll notice on the next photos how she’s gently caressing the hydrant as well 😂 she’s full of love this girl of mine 😍 📸: @talias_tales
Obi’s sending me photos of them playing at the playground across the street.... they’re so perfect. #zoeyobioma #colorstory #toddlerlife
This girl HATES and I mean utterly despises getting her hair wet..... apparently we're gonna have to start bathing outdoors because she took it like a champ 😂☀️💦 side note: my dad is so proud of his little grand baby watering the yard... if you know my dad he is obsessed with his yard. Oh and side note part 2: if you need someone to water your yard (or part of your yard... more like one spot on your yard) this girl is open for hire. She's gotta start paying rent. #mortgagelife #waterbaby #batheoutdoors #zoeyobioma
This is what my life looks like right now. Isaiah asleep on me in the @mywildbird sling and zoey being zoey anywhere and everywhere we go #mywildbirdwoodpecker #zoeyobioma #isaiahchikala
We went to Lylah's birthday party today and they did a dance routine at the end of the party... I cannot get enough of #zoeyobioma interpretive dance moves in the back right corner on her own tiny stage 😂😂😂 I love her so damn much. #toddlerlife #happybirthdaylylah
"Don't mind me mama.... just breakin it down into the robot. 🕺🏿 #zoeyobioma #toddlerlife #colorstory #robotbaby
Saying bye the planes. This girl loves her some airplanes. #zoeyobioma #toddlerlife #butdidyouseeherjump 😂
These two love each other so much. (Even tho Zoey's facial expression would lead you to believe otherwise) #jujuandzoey #zoeyobioma #colorstory
Oh these tiny fingers. And just pretend you don't see how long his nails are.....I hate cutting baby fingernails. It's a treacherous job. #isaiahchikala #colorstory
May I never forget these special moments. ✨
And then there's this smiling little ball of squish #isaiahchikala #8weeksold