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  Posted: Jul 22, 2012 5:25 AM FEED
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When he finds out Buster is starting, but no Dodger are... 😒
"I wish that they'd swoop down in a country lane.
Late at night when I'm driving
Take me on board their beautiful ship.
Show me the world as I'd love to see it"
Posted: Feb 13, 2017 6:11 PM
10 Clarendon
LA, I like you so much I've decided to build you a light rail. 🚊🚇 #electrician #ibewlocal11
Now Playing : Tame Impala -Innerspeaker "Said the voice from afar:
Don't you know it doesn't have to be so hard?
Waiting for everybody else to agree,
Might take too long".
Now Playing : @strfkr_music - Reptilians "I know
Nothing ever keeps you safe for sure
No one ever dug down so far"
Now Playing: Jaga Jazzist - Starfire (if you want my MP3 download of this album, go to and enter the code: 2275DB3D) 🙃
Now Playing: Omar Rodriguez Lopez -Xenophanes "el tiempo es una calle transversal, en ella perdemos el sentido del hogar."