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  Posted: Jul 21, 2012 11:18 PM FEED
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It's purple! It's furry! It's sleeveless! It is the perfect thing when your purple-colored alma mater is launching their new Mammoth mascot and it's predicted to get to 75F tomorrow! πŸ˜‚πŸ’œ
Greedy bird trying to eat the remains of a pastry bigger than it.
Summer's heat and humidity persist, but a few of the trees are starting to shade canary at the tips. #Foliage in our corner of New England is laaaate this year, what there is of it.
Goodnight, you canyons of steel and light.
Ten minutes ago, the heavens opened up, and now these stragglers from the soccer fields are squelching home through knee-height runoff. ⚽️🌧#lifeinafloodplain #rain #igersboston #arlingtonma
Fluffy little flying bison of a dandelion.
About a 45-minute walk north of the official memorial, those who died 16 years ago today are remembered, too. The names are starting to fade from the stickers, but we can remember and honor without letting jingoism and fear get in the way of being our better selves.
Final #OpenNewbury of the year; aka, how much better an experience Newbury Street is when we eliminate passenger cars from it. This should be a weekly thing year-round.
Shopping bonus: spotting @bostonbikeparty just outside the supermarket.
#solareclipse2017 was mostly clouded over, but it was fun anyway. @flannfry pointed me to an #impossiblygood stash in the Ville (what else would I drink during a solar eclipse but #unicornkisses ?), Steve and Cris supplied us with safety glasses, and I charged out bearing my Iron Pasta Spoon and Scroll of Eclipse Summoning.