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hardwick 273w ago
So these are effing amazing and a half. #TX

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@trewrussellbrand was an incredible guest on the @Nerdist podcast and a heck of a lovely fellow. I greatly enjoyed chatting with him as you can hear if you download it! When I sent him this pic he noted our formidable sweat stains, and when I offered to shop them out he basically said, “No! They’re real! And reality keeps us humble.” And he’s right! There are sweat stains in life, my friends. Social media doesn’t always have to be about posting your Matrix ideal. So here we are! All sweaty and full of love for humanity. Also, I quite enjoy this pose because we felt it was important to have physical contact to express our budding friendship while being careful not to block the Halloween Tree that @lydiahearst spent so much time constructing.
We had THE BEST time at @depechemode last night! I don’t know how Dave Gahan does it. He’s constantly running around the stage for over TWO HOURS. I had to sit down after every few songs. We were in the row just behind the pit so we had a great view, which only helped to further fuel April’s obsession with Dave’s buns. They sold out the Hollywood Bowl 4 times (the band, not Dave’s buns, though a strong argument could be made for the latter). That’s insane!! Also I 🖤🖤🖤 @itswilwheaton, @aprilrich & @thomaspatricklennon. We were our own personal Jesi.
@danaigurira is amazing! If you haven’t seen the #BlackPanther trailer today yet, you should! That movie is going to be incredible and February can’t come fast enough. Danai is truly inspirational (in addition to film & tv acting she’s also a playwright) and it has been really cool getting to know her over the years. This pic is from the @amcthewalkingdead premiere last year. IT’S TIME AGAIN!! Sunday, we’re doing a live 2 hour @amctalkingdead from the @greek_theatre with about 20 cast members! It’s going to be epic and I’m very hopeful it will not rain again (although that was actually pretty fun). #AllOutWar #TWD8
Tonight is the season 3 finale of @feartwd! This pic is from a few weeks ago when @alyciajasmin rightly doped me up with morphine and stabbed my brain because I’d been bitten. The studio was running out of oxygen, you see, so she had no choice even though she looks pretty psyched about it. @aishatyler only looks shocked because she wanted her to take me out WITHOUT the morphine. “Why waste perfectly good morphine??” she said. Anyway I’ll be hosting the show as a ghost tonight w/ @kingofbingo (Colman Domingo) and @kjdickens.
Scroll through to see our fun date night @screamfestla watching the original Child’s Play on the big screen which was GREAT!! It totally holds up. And a surprise visitor! Sadly neither of us made it home and Chucky claimed the Halloween Tree. #FriendsTillTheEnd 👦🏼🔪 [photos by @kaelanbarowsky]
I’m so proud of @emilyvgordon & @kumailn for everything they’re accomplishing. Not only both so incredibly smart, talented and hilarious but just nice people! Tonight, Kumail is hosting @nbcsnl! Watch! Support! He is going to CRUSH IT. #butts
So this is a thing that happened this week! When I got a chunk of my time back after @midnight I vowed to myself that I would fill it trying new things I always wanted to do--I’ve been wanting to get into horror for a while. Beside the fact that @lydiahearst & I watch pretty much everything, having only worked in horror as an actor I know how much fun a horror set can be (DR. SATAAAAAAAN AAHHHHH). I’ve been working on a script with my brilliant friend @heatherannecampbell and was setting up meetings with film financers when we coincidentally set up a @nerdist podcast with Jason Blum of @blumhouse to promote Happy Death Day (a super fun movie btw) and to talk about the shit ton of amazing movies they’ve put out. Jason and I had never met before the podcast and none of the resulting deal was planned in advance. We ended up TOTALLY hitting it off. He’s a super smart, super cool guy and we bonded as horror fans and workaholics. Near the end, I was going to ask his advice about these finance meetings. I said, “So I want to make a horror movie” and he quickly said, “Let’s do it!!” “Seriously??” “YES” or words to that effect (you can hear it!). I really hadn’t intended to corner the guy to make a movie with me but here we were. At the end, we traded info and the next week I found myself sitting in his office with his top executives. Everyone was really cool and we kick around ideas. Ultimately, we landed on a 3 movie deal for a new production entity I’m calling “Spitball” (I bought it the URL a few years ago for just such an endeavor) under the Blumhouse umbrella. It’s insane how fast it all happened and I’m REALLY REALLY excited (and mildly terrified) to get into it. I’m hoping Heather & I will have this first script done by the end of the year but that’s the only timetable I know at this point cuz this is all new to me. This podcast has been the most substantial thing I have ever done because it has given me so much insight, a fantastic audience and opportunities like this one. I share this long story because my hope for you is that you follow you passions to the best of your ability. The process will be fulfilling, educational & you never know where it may lead you!
This pic from @unistudios taken by @sethgreen was shortly before @breckinmeyer took off all of our heads in a Highlander style “there can be only one” kind of thing. I know he was pretty wound up from the incredible mazes at @horrornights and probably had some sugar on top of that, so I guess it’s cool. @itswilwheaton & @jamesgunn took it well too. Also hats off (with heads still in em) to @petewentz for an exceptional photobomb. #UniversalHHN
I mean YEAH I guess I COULD have been Thor but then, ya know, @chrishemsworth is such a nice guy that I thought “Let’s let him have one” right? In any case, Ragnarok is FANTASTIC. It’s almost kind of a Thor/Hulk buddy comedy but with heart in the right places. And Korg will end up being one of your favorite characters in the @marvelstudios universe. Also Cate Blanchett is perfect in everything. The thing that’s so cool about what Feige and Marvel are doing is that each film has its own identity based on the director’s POV. Amazing work, @taikawaititi!! Also, my snazzy retro suit was made by @viviennewestwood so that’s neato. (photo by Jesse Grant for @gettyimages)
I bought these @diesel shoes and had these @rickandmorty patches sewn on. I removed the laces and had elastic sewn inside securing the tongue to the sides so they could just be slip-ons. Thanks to wardrobe stylist extraordinaire @kitscarbo for helping to manifest this dream into a wearable reality! And that’s the WAAAAAY the shoes goes!
THANK YOU @newyorkcomiccon!!! What an incredible experience to be at @thegarden with thousands of wonderful folks who waiting in line to see some @walkingdead__amc goodness. Apologies to @galeannehurd who hopped in the next pic I took, but my arm was shaking from stretching so far to fit everyone in that it was blurry! I mean I sawed @bigbaldhead’s face in half there on the left. Season 8 is Oct 22nd followed by 2 hour @amctalkingdead LIVE from the @greek_theatre in LA with something like 20 casts members. Looking forward to our Sunday night family time y’all. #SexyAsshole #ThatHashtagMakesSenseIfYouWereAtThePanel
We had THE BEST time at @elvira.mistressofthedark’s show @knottsscaryfarm! It’s the last year she’s doing it so go to the park cuz the mazes are FANTASTIC and then check out her show! Thank you for having us, Elvira!! Love, @lydiahearst, @itswilwheaton, @annewheaton & me...🖤🖤🖤🖤 #scaryfarm
@steveaoki took my glasses so where’s the camera now??
Doing my best American Apparel posing w/ @drawfour who knitted these @mst3k sweaters WITH HER HANDS. Got to meet her at my show @acmecomedyco tonight! I get called a sell out a lot and that’s cool because this weekend THESE SHOWS ARE ALL SOLD OUT.
This Mr. Stay Puft’s ok! He’s a sailor, he’s in New York...we get this guy laid we won’t have any trouble! This pic is at the top of reddit right now and making me exceptionally happy. Practical fx wizardry at its finest! Coincidentally @prop_store had Venkman’s jumpsuit up for auction today and I REALLY wanted to bid on it but it ended up going to someone other than me for about $47k + 22% auction fees. So BE GOOOOOD for goodness sake...whooAHHHHoooooh somebody’s comin!
THIS GUY IS THE BEST. @perlmutations came to record the podcast again today at the house. I love having him on! Ronnie has the best stories. Yeah I call him Ronnie now. It’s a thing we have. Will post soon!
@lydiahearst is VERY PATIENT with my dumb sense of humor. We had an amazing time at @michelemorrow & @weitzly’s INCREDIBLE wedding yesterday. Lyds had not been to bed the night before because she flew straight to the wedding from a shoot in Mobile, AL. She was delirious when we signed the guest book right before we left, so naturally I thought it would be hilarious to grade her work. The mouth agape reaction with the “FUUUUUUCK YOUUUUUU” confirmed that it was. Her fierce determination and strength of will made her yank the cap back off the pen to write another beautiful message but she was still miffed that she still only got an A-. HEY I DON’T JUST HAND OUT A+’s YOU GUYS. I’m tough but fair. #marriage
A camera at @michelemorrow & @weitzly’s beautiful wedding was left unattended on a table so @itswilwheaton & I had no choice but to put this pic on it for later discovery. We were right to do it.
These Donald Duck sneaks by @moa_masterofarts were the perfect footwear for @disneyland the other day. This isn’t an ad and I don’t know anyone at that company but they make some pretty dang cool shoes. (If you zoom in you can see that images are embroidered on as opposed to printed.)