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💥Zap them with #superlove ❤️ Remember energy is contagious when u shine, I shine. 🌟Have a beautiful day. 😘
Not a day goes by that I don't miss your crooked smile and your big heart. I hope you're up in heaven dancing & smiling down us knowing we love and miss you. @tmnk #NobodyLivesForever #Artismyweapon #RestInPaint #friendsforever #unconditionallove
"Life to short to live it just for you." Today I #dance for you @tmnk Dancing with my #SYOTDF family @floelbaz @victoriasobe #artismyweapon
#hurricanirma was one scary storm. Thank God #miamibeach was spared. Lost a lot of trees the brown color is actually caused by #windburn We are lucky to have power and water. If anyone needs a shower or a cool place to chill DM me. #onelove
Making the best of a bad situation. Christopher & Nicholas with these lovely #lego ladies. We Evacuated #Miami & are in #Orlando with my family. To all the friends back in miami, you are in my thoughts & prayers. Stay safe. I LOVE YOU MIAMI 🌴#staystrong #hurricaneirma
Brothers from different mothers. Listening to these talented #musician #jam for the first time was a real treat. The entire place was #dancing. The vibe was amazing. #1nightStand #miamibeach #1hotelsouthbeach
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We hold our universe between our hands
We decide how it rotates
Where it rotates
And who's on there with us
We attract what's meant to be
And we repel the things not meant for us
We control the flow of time
And the way things evolve in our world
It's all just a matter of how we spin it.

🎥 via @broken_isnt_bad
Life doesn't come with a manual it comes with a #Mother. #HappyBirthday 🎂Mom, thank you for teaching me how to live and give #unconditionallove.❤️ You are a #queen 👑 in everyone's heart because you are so loving & giving. I hope today and everyday you know how special you are. The world 🌎is a brighter places with your love and laughter illuminating it.
#tbt #myfamily Aunt Annie top left had sewn all these close for this photo. She looks bummed bc she didn't have time to finish her own dress. The beautiful baby in the middle of the photo is my #Nana. The biggest #lovebug of them all. #bloodline
#tbt This is my great aunt Annie born in 1902 by the age of 20 she had her own fashion illustration company before Photography was widely used in advertising and marketing. She would travel to Paris and Milan sitting in the front row sketching the latest fashion. Her illustrations of the presidential First lady inaugural gowns are in #Smithsonian museum. She met a poet named Morris Ruff that she would fall madly in love with. They Lived together before marriage at a time and that was not done. They did not care they were creative individuals living a life greater than the time they were born in. Sadly he was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 32. As Annie would nurse him back to health from the extreme cancer treatment she would take him to upstate New York to escape the cities hustle and bustle. They found refuge in Mount Pleasant near Woodstock, New York. They would stay at a bed-and-breakfast as he enjoyed the final days of his life. After his passing Annie bought the bed and breakfast on top of the mountain in Mount Pleasant as homage to Morris and The love that they shared. Annie would spend the next several decades of her life pouring all of her love and creativity into that home. She would never remarry and never have children. Her summer home became a place for entire family to join together and reconnect. Generation after generation she helped raise all the kids in my family. She instilled passion, creativity and a dream like sensation to my life. She was one tough lil lady She was a #feminist and a #peacenik before I even knew what those terms were. She did everything on her own terms. She passed away at the age of 99 on the same exact day her beloved Morris had passed 66 years earlier. #Herstory #Family #Feminist #Artist #MtPleasant #NYC #Woodstock #Summer photo by @abbygennet
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Motivational Thursdays people....wake up & get after it damn it!!!!! #LiveLoveLaugh #comedicrockstarshit