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  Posted: Jul 21, 2012 3:37 PM FEED
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The Doo is headed to the mountains.
After Tuesday night I am totally "feelin lucky!!!"
@ofa_nc Statesville has a full house! Full of folks getting out the vote for @barackobama ! #Forward2012 #Hills44
Posted: Nov 4, 2012 4:25 PM
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2 days out, middle of GOTV, no sleep, lots of caffeine. Leaving it all in the field. #Obama2012 #GOTV #GroundGame #4MoreYears
@ofa_nc The line is still growing as early vote draws to a close in Statesville. #NCVotesEarly
@ofa_nc A huge line in Statesville for the last day of early vote. #NCVotesEarly
@ofa_nc The Mooresville staging location is hopping this morning!! #GroundGame #GOTV #Hills44
@ofa_nc Dana just voted for because she witnesses the positive impact of #Obamacare everyday. #MyVoteIsIn #NCVotesEarly
@ofa_nc A long line of excited early voters in Iredell county! #NCVotesEarly
My dog is dressed up and ready to knock on some doors. #Obama2012 #6Days
@ofa_nc Staging Location Director, Lelia, reviews the first completed walk pack of the day #NCVotesEarly #hills44
Posted: Oct 25, 2012 10:40 PM
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A couple of busy @ofa_nc phone bankers in Mooresville. #NCVotesEarly
Annie C on voting: "Vote Democrat or you'll have to deal with my cuckoo-ness.""
@ofa_nc Mooresville staging location director, Lelia, plans out rides to the polls. #NCVotesEarly
@ofa_nc My mother voted early for @barackobama , now she is headed for a vol shift! #MyVoteIsIn #NCVotesEarly
@ofa_nc This mother and daughter just voted to keep us moving #Forward . #MyVoteIsIn #NCVotesEarly