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pltq8 273w ago
#Teaser, @amnaalsalem label launch at the Missoni Hotel July 28th.

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pltq8 3d ago
@rococoakw breakfast. From 9am starting tomorrow. Get it. 🍴✨ Homegrown brands that make you beam.
pltq8 1w ago
Final edits to @rococoakw's breakfast and all-day dining menu, then launches a feast for the eyes and belly 🍴
pltq8 1w ago
It's a tough tough job, but someone's gotta style and photograph pretty things 🍴
pltq8 1w ago
Hahaha heyyy, it's October yeah wuttt no need to panic nope I'm not panicking are you? Hahaha what? Yeah, me neither. 😅
pltq8 2w ago
[Sound on] When we explored the galaxies with @malmhna 🌚 🚀🌟
pltq8 3w ago
When the week starts looking up 🔺
pltq8 3w ago
I hope the music in me awakens the music in you 🌟
pltq8 4w ago
How do we feel about uncomfortably close closeups of what is essentially my makeup-free version of this emoji 😁? Currently serving: discomfort for all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
pltq8 4w ago
Yellow nail polish and stupidly talented friends. @malmhna 👶🏼👶🏻👶🏽
pltq8 4w ago
Quick life update: I'm back ☀️ I also have bangs now. Kay see you soon prolly 🌴
pltq8 9w ago
Bodega floral arrangements for brunch 🌺🌸🍃
pltq8 11w ago
Eight summers in a row. Still waiting for it to get old.