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Oh my dear, deer! #Sretsis #Bangkok

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"Happiness is here" is the parade I never miss ! I just love how colourful and joyful it is ! Scroll to see more pictures and videos 💕
#cherryblossomgirlinjapan #cherryblossomgirlindisneyland #tokyodisneyland #happinessishere
For the first time this year, we didn't end but started our trip with Tokyo Disneyland. Totally jetlaged but it was lovely as always! Lila can't go on so many rides as she doesn't sit yet, still we saw so many things! The parades are my favourites, and the food... and the merch !
#cherryblossomgirlindisneyland #tokyodisneyland #cherryblossomgirlinjapan
So here is my @jetkidscom BedBox review! Our flight was made really easy thanks to this suitcase that turns into a bed. Iris spent the entire time at her seat watching movies and sleeping comfortably for 8 hours straight, while Lila slept the entire time as well in her bassinet ( thanks ANA for it ! )
One thing I realized pretty quickly when taking the plane with kids is that it's better to book a night flight as the children will fall into sleep much easily. The @jetkidscom suitcase is comfy and so easy to use, it will definitely follow us in our future long flights 👍🏻
PS: check before your flight that your airline allows the suitcase as a few unfortunately don't.
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"Lucifer est un monstre, Lucifer est méchant !"
My new Lucifer bag from @dnhandbags looks vicious and I like it! 😏
#cherryblossomgirlindisneyland #daniellenicolexdisney #cherryblossomgirlfashion #daniellenicole
Just a few of the amazing frames at Walt's restaurant. My favourite rooms are the Sleeping Beauty room and the Art Nouveau room ✨
#cherryblossomgirlindisneyland #waltsrestaurant #disneylandparis
Mon coup de cœur lors de la présentation Pandora x Disney: la collection Cendrillon !
Ces bracelets personnalisables donnent vraiment envie de porter ses Disney préférés au creux du poignet ✨
@theofficialpandora @disney #dopandora #doseethemagic #cherryblossomgirlindisneyland
First visit in @disneylandparis for 2 months baby Lila! The first time for Iris was at 4 months old so the question is... should I give birth directly in the park next time ? 🙈😂
PS: thank god for this @cybex_global double stroller. So incredibly useful and comfortable to go through the day !
#cherryblossomgirlindisneyland #irisandlila #iriskumiko #lilaemiko #cybex #disneylandparis #disneylandparis25
Pandora x Disney arrive bientôt en France ! 💙🇫🇷
Un grand merci à l'équipe @theofficialpandora pour cette journée de rêve passée à @disneylandparis !
#dopandora #doseethemagic #disneylandparis