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love lift us up where we belong. (or not. in his case)
that reminds me of the shakira song “rosehips don’t lie”.
we had big terrifying storm today in berlin. while i drove home from a doctor’s appointment i saw trees that had fallen, huge branches on the street, windows thay had been “blown” out of rooftops. a woman died in berlin. in total 5 people died in this region. i hope you’re all safe out there x
i took that photo a week ago when a storm was approaching illetas in mallorca 🌬🌴🌴🌴
i can encourage everybody to go on a short trip. even if it’s only for 5 days 🙏🏼🌄
since i‘ve been living here 17 years ago, this island is a place i always long to go back to. it offers so much. beautiful beaches, the mediterranean sea that smells like home to me here, not as rough and mysterious as the pacific ocean and not as wild and fathomless as the atlantic. palma de mallorca is a city unlike others i know on a relatively small island like this. it has an old pirate town area, great restaurants and cafés, excellent shopping and amazing galleries with and art scene that’s growing each year. and when you drive towards palma you see the cathedral from afar. to me it looks like a giant sand castle. i see it and i know, yes... i will always leave a little piece of my heart here.