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This is sure to make my friday unwind enjoyable! @dimemtl #skateboarding #awesomevideo

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RepostBy @brailleskate: "@oriontrucks now available at /shop
#sorryforfishing bft on the kite, blind squirrel on a little boat........ @airpilikia saw you out there today i think, you were just east of us takin a look.
This happens everyday but it never gets old, they are seriously looking right at you and playing with you every time, smartest animals on earth. Skateboarding stuff coming soon I promise! #sorryforfishing #evenmoresorryimnotcatching
@brandon_moore_ needs your deserved help, they killed it on this @oreo challenge, link is in Brandons bio!! #oriontrucksfam peep the edit on his page.
📷 @kubokrizo @marekzaprazny with a well executed nollie fs flip....... great shot Kubo! #oriontrucksfam. Yes thats a pigeon
The best i ever seen do it, straight up, @marekzaprazny pic- @selenaglomezz how do you fakie flip that...... seriously
RepostBy @marekzaprazny: "thank you for having me @twskate 🙏🏽❤️
*full edit at their web or in my bio
#transworld #skateboarding #oriontrucks #oriontrucksfam
RepostBy @dougdesautels: "Backside tailslide from my recent trip to Phoenix. Great times and great spots. Can't wait to make another trip back. Photo by @brianambs #thebeard"
#oriontrucks #oriontrucksfam
RepostBy @marekzaprazny: "if u'll have a minute, check my "AnimatingReality" video on @monsterenergy youtube channel🙏 big thanks to Jordan and @j_red_lucas for making this happened👊👐
🎥 @j_red_lucas
#oriontrucksfam #oriontrucks
@dougdesautels putting his @oriontrucks color way to good use! We are sold out but i think there are some on the @theshredquarters store. #reviveskateboards #oriontrucksfam photo : @brianambs
If your in the area come check out @oriontrucks newest professional @mynameisdeanpaul the rest of the crew, free stuff and awesome shredding, sounds good to me! #oriontrucksfam