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Where Snapchat does an amazing job removing bags and dark circles from around eyes.
Trying to eat their way branch at a time.
Feeding this poor wee one who has been through the wars.
Maybe this will fill Florence up! 😂😂😂
Where you find the toy you bought for the angel baby you lost and you feel instantaneous pain deep inside your belly along with a deep gratitude for your blessings. #rainbowbaby #allthefeels ❤👼👶💔
Smiling on and off for the last well as a lot of growling and talking, this afternoon she has had a lot more control.
Six weeks ago today that this girl completed our family. 😍
Where life feels like an endless circle of holding this wee one trying not to move so she gets some sleep, feeding and comforting her, tiredness deep in your bones, prayers that her pain eases and the smell of sour milk on her breath breaking your heart. #stillgratefulformyblessings #silentrefluxsucks #sofreakingtired
Riley with all the babies on his knees. 😍
Cuddles with the two newest members of the family, cousins born 6 weeks apart. We missed you @hayleysmithy 😘
Riley sharing all his teddies with Florence as she enjoys cuddles with her Great Grandfather.
There is something delicious about a sleeping baby. 😍