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Is it clear, relevant, achievable, fresh, true and shareable? That's what we're asking ourselves all day today as we're stunting around during our annual ЯETHINK+DEVELOPMENT DAY. #Я+D
Huge shout-out to @pbjellingson – Rethink design intern extraordinaire who made this piece of magic – for all the hard work and good vibes over the summer. Have an awesome final year at @capuidea !!!
#tbt to 2009 when we changed the way you looked at vanilla ice cream - and your Grandma - forever.
Happy Canada Day Long Weekend! Here's a clip from a video we made with @ccdigrams
#tbt to 2005 when we put $3 million in fake bills (with real bills on top) inside a transit shelter ad. Thank goodness for @3M Security Glass! #advertising #momoneymoproblems
Want to know how we work? Here's a sneak peek into our process. Full link in bio.
900+ eyeball illustrations later we are excited to be kicking off the DesignThinkers conference this morning with some amazing speakers! #rgddt #designthinkers
Deeply honoured to receive a Silver Pencil at the @OneShow for Ahlan Bear, a teddy that speaks Arabic and English to help welcome Syrian refugee children to Canada.
Ping Pong Ball Theory: Ideas are like ping pong balls. Throw five, they won't catch any. Throw one, they'll catch it every time. #PяOCESS
Happy Earth Day everyone. Here’s to using creativity in the fight for environmental protection. We made this piece in 2011. Using a water-soluble ink, we created “leaking” posters for the Dogwood Initiative’s No Tankers project, which aims to keep oil tankers out of BC’s coastal waters. #earthday2017
#tbt to 2010 and our design currency animation to promote ICOGRADA’s Design Week conference in Vancouver. To play off the ideas of currency and value, we designed and printed over 2200 custom “bills” and fed them through a money counter to create an animation that illustrates some of the different attributes that give design value.
What are you hoping the Easter Bunny hides for you?